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Tesla Model Y merges spacious comfort with Tesla’s signature electric efficiency, ideal for family and travel.

Tesla Adaptive Matrix Headlights

Tesla to Rollout Adaptive Matrix Headlights OTA Update for All Models

Exciting news for Tesla drivers in Europe! Soon, existing Model Y and older Model 3 will get an upgrade with Tesla matrix headlights. This...
Tesla Solar Panel Car Roof

Tesla Owner Built a 2kW-4kW Solar Panel Car Roof for 20-60 Miles Daily Charging

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, innovation remains key to advancing sustainability and convenience for users. A remarkable example of such ingenuity is...
Tesla Model 3 Repaired

New Tesla Model Y Owner Faces Shocking $14,000 Repair Bill After Just One Day

Shreyansh Jain, an electronics engineer from Cambridge, England, experienced every new car owner's nightmare. Just one day after purchasing a brand-new 2023 Tesla Model...