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Why Cybertruck Accidents Are Surging Despite Fewer Vehicles on the Road

You’ll have to agree on the fact that Cybertruck is born out of thousands of controversies and hiccups. In fact, Tesla nearly struggled to deliver when the coveted electric pickup was first launched.

People bashed harshly on its ambitiously unique design and Franz Von Hozhausen’s steel ball incident is something that will never be forgotten.

Anyways, the increasing number of accidents and goof-ups on Cybertruck part are surely going south. It took years for Elon to finally bring the beast truck from the production floor to your driveway. But, the Cybertruck is sure going big on screwups way too fast.

Here’s everything that has gone wrong with Cybertruck.

Cybertruck Accident

Unpacking the Surge of Cybertruck Accidents

Things were always not very smooth for Cybertruck but people went crazy right from the first day Elon announced the Tesla pickup truck.

Highly ambitious but unconventional all-steel boxy appearance raised eyebrows, and then there came bold claims about its durability and off-road capabilities.

However, most of these claims were quickly proven false when a steel ball shattered its window during its official demonstration. Maybe that should have been a signal for Elon to consider the Cybertruck more as a concept than promising a practical pickup.

Despite its rocky debut, the Tesla Cybertruck has still gone into production and has been delivered to customers from late 2023.

Challenges for Pickup Drivers With Cybertruck

Adapting to changes, especially with a unique vehicle like the Cybertruck can be tough for pickup drivers. While the differences aren’t huge compared to regular car interiors, some folks would struggle with anything new. But these changes actually bring some cool perks: a sleek interior, lots of legroom, comfy hand positions, and a cool steering wheel.

Compared to other fancy cars or even regular trucks, the compromises aren’t that bad. It’s a bummer to think that people’s resistance to change might make Tesla ditch cool features like the yoke steering wheel. But yes, it’s true that the Cybertruck might not be the best for wearing work gloves-it’s more of a lifestyle vehicle than a workhorse truck.

The yoke steering wheel in the Cybertruck looks cool and feels comfy. Although it might take a bit of getting used to for slow maneuvers, especially for seasoned pickup drivers.

But the younger lot? They would quickly adjust. Even though the yoke feels different, it looks fairly easy to find the turn signals without looking given the steer-by-wire tech.

No Stalks

Transitioning to the Cybertruck presents pickup drivers with some unique challenges. One of these is getting used to the stalkless steering, which is different from what they’re used to in traditional pickups.

Is the Stalkless Steering Wheel in Tesla a Logical Way to Use the Turn Signal

A Reddit user summed up the issues faced by regular folks driving pickups quite well. They mentioned the lack of accommodation for people working with trucks while wearing gloves or in freezing temperatures. They pointed out that having a physical gear selector would have been crucial, especially when trying to align while pulling a trailer. It seems like they went out of their way to make it more difficult to operate compared to other trucks.

byu/thegm90 from discussion

Another Reddit chap seemed quite ready for the change and shared a positive perspective. The absence of stalks seems to be a non-issue during their test drive of the Cybertruck.

“I test drove the X and I loved not having stalks, I was fine without them.”

byu/thegm90 from discussion


Getting used to the Cybertruck’s newer tech involves a bit of a learning curve, especially with its yoke-shaped steering wheel. Unlike regular cars, the Cybertruck doesn’t have a direct link between the wheel and the steering mechanism. It’s the first vehicle to use a steer-by-wire system, something planes have had since the 1980s.

The Cybertruck’s square steering wheel controls the front wheels through two connected motors. A signal from the steering goes to a computer, which decides how much to turn the wheels and tells the motors what to do.

  • Steer by wire is safer in frontal collisions as the steering wheel isn’t mechanically linked to the front axle.
  • More cabin space is available.
  • Driving experience improves with the absence of vibrations from the front wheels connected with the steering wheel.

The Cybertruck’s drive-by-wire system means it has a tighter turning radius compared to regular pickups, which is something drivers will need time to adjust to. This change offers better maneuverability but requires drivers to rethink their steering habits.

Unconventional Design

When it comes to the Cybertruck’s design, there are good and not-so-good parts. The good side is that its futuristic appearance and tough build draw in people who like new and strong stuff. But, its unusual look might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who like things more traditional like existing pickup trucks.

Even though the Cybertruck brings cool new stuff, drivers have to get used to its special features, like its unique bed, towing, and off-roading abilities, which can really change how they drive every day.

Things That Could Be the Reason of Cybertruck Accidents

People have an unrealistic love-and-hate relationship with Cybertruck which is evident with its record pre-orders. However, it hasn’t been without its fair share of mistakes and mishaps along the way. Here’s why we think Cybertruck is in an accident every now and then.


Let’s face it Cybertruck is not at all your ordinary pickup with a pretentious bulky bed and curvy silhouette. Its radical design, unlike any other vehicle on the market, immediately sparks your attention.

Some folks love its futuristic look, while others think it’s too bulky and impractical. It’s kinda in-between the size of a Rivian R1T and an F-150 Lightning. But there are some problems. The windshield is really steep, and those boxy edges can be trouble.

Plus, those thick pillars make it hard to see other cars when you’re turning. Even though the Cybertruck has become a bit of a celebrity, not everyone’s used to seeing it on the road yet. Seeing behind you is tough too—the slanted roof and low-mounted rear cross member make it hard to see far-away cars, even with the tonneau cover open.

Tesla decided to put the rearview camera on the big screen inside, which might save money, but it takes some getting used to. This makes the physical mirror feel like it’s just there because it has to be. You can move the camera feed to different spots on the screen, but getting used to checking it on screen in the middle will take some sweet time and effort.

Production Challenges

Tesla has had trouble increasing its production because it can’t keep up with the demand. Since they started making cars in 2008, Tesla has become the biggest maker of electric cars in the world.

Tesla sold over 1.8 million cars last year only. They now have six Giga factories in the US, Germany, and China.

But even with all these factories, Tesla still can’t make as many cars as bigger companies like Toyota. Last year, Toyota made 9.23 million cars in many factories all around the world.

Customers who had waited for four years finally got their hands on the truck. But now, Elon Musk might always be remembered for a flashy, expensive truck that’s a sucker for controversies.

There have been numerous reports of mechanical issues and accidents involving the Cybertruck. The problem is that this seems to happen quite often, even though Tesla hasn’t made many of them yet. It’s not the kind of attention the truck or Tesla wants.

A Reddit user recently shared some problems they noticed with their Cybertruck after getting it delivered. They mentioned hearing road noise from the driver’s side when driving over 80 mph, possibly because the roof metal sticks out more on that side. They also found that the steering wheel rubbed at the bottom and made a plastic sound when turning, especially noticeable when there was no music playing.

Also, they noticed slight waviness in the metal on the back panel of the driver’s side under certain lighting conditions and angles. These issues show there might be some quality control problems with some Cybertrucks.

Delivery defects noticed
byu/sandstorm4788 incybertruck

Technical Flaws

The Cybertruck is still new in the market and comes with many cutting-edge technologies, but it also has its share of teething problems. With an untested manufacturing process and the pressure to deliver as many units as possible in a short time, the Cybertruck is facing challenges.

CT incorporates unique features like massive megacastings, a stainless steel outer shell, a 48-volt electrical system, and a steer-by-wire system, which are not commonly seen in the automotive industry. However, expecting it to be flawless might lead to disappointment.

Recent reports shed light on the pressing issues with the Cybertruck’s technical flaws. While some owners have praised its comfortable suspension, spaciousness, and features, others have faced more serious problems, including misaligned body panels and software issues.

A user Tyler shared his disappointing experience with the premium Tesla pickup on X. He recounted how his Cybertruck broke down during his first road trip with his family, leaving them stranded. The back motor malfunctioned, rendering the vehicle undrivable, and they had to call for a tow truck to take them back home, which was a two-hour journey.

Many reported experiencing breakdowns on the road while driving in the Cybertruck. These recurring problems have raised concerns among owners about Tesla’s quality control processes.

Human Error

Not every accident involving the Cybertruck is the truck’s fault. Sometimes, it’s just because the Cybertruck is new and catches people’s attention. For instance, one person on Reddit got rear-ended even before driving 500 miles in their Cybertruck. The other driver was distracted because they were FaceTiming to show the Cybertruck to someone.

What’s interesting about the Cybertruck’s turning circle is its steer-by-wire system, which allows for completing a u-turn with just one full turn on the steering wheel, known as a “squircle” in the Cybertruck, instead of the usual hand-over-hand steering motion in traditional cars.

According to the owner’s manual, the Cybertruck has a curb-to-curb turning circle of 43.5 feet (13.26 meters), while the Ford F-150 Lightning’s turning circle is 47.8 feet (14.57 meters). This difference might not seem like much, but it’s quite significant in real-life situations.

Driving a unique truck like the Cybertruck can take some getting used to. A lot of Cybertruck owners are unsure about its turning radius and have some complaints about it. But accidents don’t just happen because of the vehicle itself. Sometimes, it’s because of mistakes people make while driving. This can include things like not paying attention, going too fast, driving after drinking alcohol, or not knowing all the things the Cybertruck can do.

Unreal Expectation

Elon Musk spent a lot of time doing publicity stunts or making those, not very great PR events successful. Steel ball window-breaking incident generated way too much media attention and controversy. While such incidents can attract publicity, they also invite scrutiny and criticism, contributing to Cybertruck’s controversial image.

We covered the Cybertruck’s bulletproof reclaim in our article:

Streamer Tests Bulletproof Claims by Shooting Up His Cybertruck

Also, who could forget the infamous promotional video where Cybertruck beats Porsche 911 while towing another Porche 911 in a drag race? But, the problem is expecting way too much from a well-built gourmet-worthy electric pickup truck.


Tesla has been talking about how the Cybertruck’s structure can handle crashes well. The CEO even said he’s very sure it’ll be safer for people inside and pedestrians compared to other trucks. But safety experts are worried.

They think the Cybertruck’s tough stainless-steel body might be bad news for pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars on the road. During the launch event, Tesla showed videos of crash tests, but experts want to see more data before they can say for sure how safe the Cybertruck really is.


New car models often have problems when they first come out. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to wait a bit before buying one. This gives carmakers time to fix any issues with the software or hardware and make improvements.

The Cybertruck brings some cool new features but also some challenges for drivers to adjust to. While it has its fans, there are also people who find things like visibility and turning a bit tricky. But just like with any new ride, it takes time to get used to it. And remember, accidents can happen because of mistakes people make while driving, like not paying attention or going too fast.

If you wait, you won’t have to worry about saying, “I love my Cybertruck, but…” and then listing all the problems with it. This applies to Tesla too.

As Tesla keeps working on the Cybertruck, we’ll see how it fits into the world of trucks and if it can overcome these challenges.

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