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Tesla Enhances Sentry Mode with Real-Time Video Preview on Mobile

Tesla is set to introduce a significant update to its Sentry Mode feature. Tesla owners will gain the ability to view Sentry Mode clips directly from their smartphones, providing instant access to footage of events surrounding their vehicles. This feature is coming with an upcoming update to its Tesla App, version 4.32.0.

Introduced as a security feature to deter and document potential threats to parked vehicles, Sentry Mode uses the vehicle’s external cameras to monitor the surroundings. If a threat is detected, the mode activates and records footage to capture any malicious behavior or damage.

Tesla Sentry Mode Mobile Preview

Tesla Enhances Sentry Mode with Mobile Preview Clips

Details of this new feature were initially discovered in the code of the Tesla App version 4.32.0, hinting at its imminent release. Subsequently, Tesla confirmed the feature via a tweet.

The forthcoming update promises a more integrated experience. “When Sentry Mode records and sends you a preview of an event, those preview videos will appear,” Tesla announced. This update will allow users to view clips from their phones immediately after they are recorded, adding a layer of real-time monitoring that was previously unavailable.

Highlighting their commitment to user privacy, Tesla has ensured that these preview videos are end-to-end encrypted. This means that the videos cannot be accessed by Tesla or any other third parties, ensuring that only the vehicle’s owner can view the footage.

This enhancement is highly anticipated by the Tesla community. The ability to quickly view and assess the severity of an incident could not only offer convenience but also aid in faster response and decision-making. However, Tesla has not yet announced a specific release date for this update.


Tesla’s continuous improvements to its vehicle features demonstrate its commitment to user safety and technological innovation. The upcoming Sentry Mode update is yet another testament to Tesla’s dedication to enhancing user experience and security. Tesla owners worldwide await with bated breath for the roll-out of this promising feature, ready to embrace the next level of automotive security.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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