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Tesla UK Website Code Leak Reveals Model 3 Performance With 500+hp, Track Mode V3, Not Called ‘Ludicrous’

Tesla is set to redefine performance standards in the electric vehicle market with its latest iteration, now named the Model 3 Performance (as per source code). Initially rumored to be the ‘Ludicrous’ model, recent insights from a UK website source code reveal a shift in branding towards a more refined identity.

Here’s a look at the features that are leaked in the source code that make the Model 3 Performance a standout.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance

What’s New in the Model 3 Performance?

Tesla Model 3 Performance introduces several groundbreaking enhancements that push the envelope in automotive engineering and design. Here’s what potential buyers can expect from the revamped Model 3 Performance:

High-Performance Drive Units

At the heart of the Model 3 Performance lies its newly engineered drive units, which collectively deliver an impressive output of more than 500 horsepower. These units have been meticulously developed to enhance power delivery and efficiency, offering an exhilarating 0-60 mph acceleration time that positions the Model 3 Performance as the most potent Model 3 variant yet.

Tesla UK Website Code Leak Reveals Model 3 Performance
Source Code

All-New Adaptive Suspension

Tesla introduces a groundbreaking adaptive suspension system with this model. Powered by proprietary software, this system dynamically adjusts damping to provide exceptional body control and comfort. Whether on daily commutes or spirited drives, the adaptive suspension ensures the car remains responsive and stable.

Driver-Focused Innovations

The Model 3 Performance is engineered with the driver in mind. The latest generation driving mode integrates the adaptive suspension with a performance-optimized powertrain to deliver a more responsive and engaging driving experience. This setup allows drivers to fully exploit the vehicle’s capabilities, enhancing both joy and confidence behind the wheel.

Track Mode V3

For those who dare to take the Model 3 Performance onto the track, Track Mode V3 offers a transformative experience. This new mode recalibrates the powertrain and suspension for track use, allowing drivers to customize handling balance, stability controls, and regenerative braking settings to suit individual preferences and track conditions.

Ventilated Sports Seats

Inside, the Model 3 Performance features all-new sports seats designed to support and comfort. With enhanced side and cushion bolsters that hold occupants securely during high-speed maneuvers, and ventilation to keep them cool, these seats blend functionality with luxury.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Interior

Performance Chassis and Wheels

The bespoke chassis and suspension hardware are finely tuned to provide intuitive and sharp responses to driver inputs. Complementing this are forged lightweight performance wheels that offer improved turn-in response, enhanced traction, and optimized aerodynamics, making every corner and curve a smooth and predictable encounter.

High-Performance Brakes

To match its high speed, the Model 3 Performance is equipped with high-performance brakes designed for consistent braking across a broad range of speeds and temperatures. The enhanced pedal feel and improved heat management contribute to a safe and reliable driving experience, crucial for a car of this caliber.

Carbon Fiber Details

Rounding out the enhancements are exquisite carbon fiber details throughout the vehicle. The refined weave pattern is unique to the Model 3 Performance, adding a touch of elegance and sportiness to its interior.

Tesla Model 3 Performance is a complete reimagining of what an electric performance car can be. With its blend of power, precision, and plushness, this vehicle is designed to attract a new wave of consumers.

Looking Ahead

With the introduction of the Model 3 Performance, Tesla continues to lead the charge in the evolution of electric vehicles. Combining state-of-the-art technology with robust performance enhancements, this car is designed to offer a superior driving experience that aligns with Tesla’s vision of the future of transportation.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve towards more sustainable solutions, Tesla’s innovations not only respond to current trends but also set new benchmarks for what consumers can expect from an electric vehicle.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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