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Bugatti Veyron Vs. Tesla Model S, Model 3 Performance, Model X P100D – Drag Race

It is common knowledge that EVs are very fast in a straight line. The instant torque that the batteries generate allow the EVs to build up speed rapidly. However, Bugatti has been making seriously fast cars for a long, long time now. Bugatti have set land speed records on multiple occasions with different versions of the Veyron and now the Chiron as well. So a showdown between a Bugatti Veyron which makes 1001 bhp and 4 different Tesla models is an intriguing prospect. While the Bugatti was manufactured in 2008, the quad-turbo 8L engine in the Veyron has been a legend in the automotive world for some time.

This meant that the race would definitely have a lot of implications regarding the everlasting Electric power Vs. Petrol power debate.

Bugatti Veyron Vs. Tesla Model S, Model 3 Performance, Model X P100D – Drag Race

The Contenders

The cars that are going to face-off with the Bugatti are a Tesla Model 3 Performance, Model X P100D, Model S 100D, and a 2021 Model S Performance. All these cars are seriously fast in a straight line and have the potential to upset the Bugatti. Their speed off the line and the sustained acceleration level makes them a real handful in a race like this. However, what makes the Bugatti a contender is the serious thrust that it generates after the turbos spool up. The stage is set.

Round One – Tesla Model 3 Vs Bugatti Veyron

In the first race, the $60,000 Model 3 takes on the $880,000 Veyron. Due to a mistake, while launching the car, the Veyron has a sluggish start. The small Tesla takes off with its motors working relentlessly. However as expected, the Bugatti’s turbos steal the show with the insane amount of power that they generate. The ferocity of the Bugatti despite a botched launch is commendable and the ability of what is now a 12-year-old engine is straight up ludicrous (pun intended).

Round Two – Tesla Model X Vs Bugatti Veyron

The Model X is up. While it may seem out of place on a drag strip, the Model X crossover in P100D spec is actually a very quick machine. However, the 5,500+ lb (2500+ kg) weight of the X could reduce its chances of giving the Veyron a real fight. This time at lights out the Veyron launches properly and is neck to neck with the Tesla for the first couple of seconds. However as in the first round, once the turbos took over, the Bugatti was unstoppable. The amount of speed that the Veyron generates over a quarter-mile is practically insane. The Bugatti with a perfect launch hit 130 mph (210 kph) in this round. 

Round Three – Tesla Model S Vs Bugatti Veyron

The Model S is in a relatively meek 100D spec, meaning it doesn’t generate as much power as the Model X did. However to give it a fair shot the Veyron didn’t use launch control. This means that by the time the turbos start singing, the Model S could build a healthy lead. Without launch control the Bugatti is lethargic off the line and as expected the Tesla sprints away without a complaint. But the big 8L engine is just too good for the 100D. It makes light work of the lead that had been built up by the Model S and then builds a healthy lead.

A trend is forming in all of these races, which is that however bad the launch of the Bugatti maybe, the turbos make up any distance that any of the three Teslas have managed to gain on it. However, the final round is going to be close

Round 4 – Tesla Model S Performance Vs Bugatti Veyron

For the final round, we have a 2021 Model S Performance version. This car has all the latest bells and whistles, including Cheetah and Ludicrous mode. This should make the final race a close affair. The Tesla’s staggering launch overshadows the Bugatti. The spanking new Model S just sprints away off the line and is seeming too quick to catch. But the crazy engine under the hood of the Veyron gets going and the Bugatti passes the Tesla to take the win. However, the final round was the closest one out of any of the rounds so far. The Tesla was properly quick and for a split second it seemed like it could upset the Veyron.

However, the Bugatti and its sublime engine were too hot to handle for the Teslas. They have another go at the Veyron in the Model S Performance but this time the Bugatti overwhelms the Tesla without any problems.

What it means

While this wasn’t a fair comparison by any means, it was definitely an entertaining one. What made the races more intriguing was that the Bugatti costs more than twice the cost of all the Teslas put together. It makes more power than any of the cars. But it is a 12-year-old car and that gave the Teslas a better chance than one might think. The slow, old school build-up of power by the turbochargers was the main advantage that the EVs had. A 4160+ lb (1880+ kg) kerb weight doesn’t help either. But the way it decimated the Teslas made this competition very entertaining. Overall the video is an enthralling watch and makes us respect the work that Bugatti did in 2008. But it also shows us that Tesla is catching up, and it is not far behind.

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