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BMW 3 Series vs Tesla Model 3 Comparison- Which is Better

Before the launch of the Tesla Model 3, all Vloggers, YouTubers were comparing the Tesla Model 3 to the Chevy Volt because they thought that both are electric cars and they pretty much have the same range that they would be compared, competitors. After when Tesla launched Model 3, we came to know that the main competitors of Tesla Model 3 was going to be the Audi A4 or BMW 3-series. The BMW 330i can go 0 to 60mph in about 5.5 seconds whereas Tesla Model 3 can go 0 to 60mph in just 5.3 seconds. Here we picked up the regular base model of Tesla Model 3 and BMW 330i which is sort of most popular and kind of middle of the road 3-series.

BMW 3 Series vs Tesla Model 3

BMW 3 Series vs Tesla Model 3 Comparison

Advantages of Buying Tesla Model 3 over BMW 330i

Another advantage for the Tesla Model 3 and really old Tesla cars is the over-the-air update because basically, this is the way how your car will actually get better over time. if you just buy a regular car like a BMW 3-series, you will have whatever you got when you bought the car. the over-the-air updates will make your car better in many different ways. some of the features will get better your range or will get better as they update the efficiency of the way the software regulates the batteries so its a huge advantage for Tesla Model 3. Another advantage for Tesla Model 3 is BMW just does not have the autonomous driving hardware and even their driver assist is really not as advanced as the one that comes with the Tesla Model 3. The fact is Tesla Model 3 comes with a hardware (autopilot hardware) that you can activate later or whenever you’re buying that obviously makes it a better car because when software catches up that, you could easily activate it and all the hardware is already going to be there. the other thing is the navigation, the rear backup camera, and the Blind Spot Assist, it’s all it’s all for the additional price when it comes to BMW and those are standard in the Tesla Model 3. Now another thing is, if you’re going to be driving a Tesla Model 3 in the next year or so, you will definitely be driving a more rare car because you know we all see BMW 3-series on the road so you’re going to be driving a more exotic car because there are less of them on the road.

Advantages of Buying BMW 330i over Tesla Model 3

Let’s compare the features that BMW 330i have but Tesla Model 3 does not have, The first thing is the extra price that you have to pay if you want the color other than black on Tesla Model 3 so you have to pay at least $1500 for that color. for the BMW, most of their colors and most of their wheel designs kind of come with the car or you can choose whatever you want and don’t have to pay extra. so that’s another advantage for BMW. Another thing that comes to mind is the heads-up display, a lot of people were disappointed that the Tesla Model 3 was not going to have the heads-up display, In the future, people may realize that it’s not that big of a deal so people will get used to it.


Now, let’s talk about pricing, the regular Tesla Model 3 starts at $49,000, the 330i starts at $41,245. now there is a $7,500 tax credit that you get for the Tesla Model 3 in the US, however, is going to be phased out in the next couple of quarters really all the way to 25 percent. on top of that, some states like California have a rebate of $2,500. but in California now you have to be making less than $150,000 to qualify so it’s kind of tough to tell how much money you’re going to be getting back in different incentives for the model 3 because it depends on which state you live in which country you live in but also when you are going to be getting your Tesla Model 3.


Now of course because the Tesla Model 3 is an electric car, you will also be saving money on gas. even even if you don’t drive that much and your electricity prices are not that great you should still be able to save you know 50 to 100 bucks a month. on top of that even though the BMW usually has a free maintenance plan after it expires the maintenance is actually pretty costly with oil changes, tune-ups the transmission, oil flushes and all that stuff that adds up and it’s pretty expensive. there is not much to maintain with an electric car like the model 3 so yet another way to save money when you own an electric car. BMW also had the fully electric car called BMW i3 which has the battery range of 180 miles so don’t forget to check our comparison of Tesla Model 3 with the BMW i3.


The clear-cut winner is the Tesla Model 3, Tesla just because of the just great features and the autonomous driving traffic capability and the whole technology and the fact that it’s an electric car. Tesla can also do 0 to 60 mph faster than BMW 330i. So, at a cheaper price with a decent amount of range and an overall very competitive design, we believe that the tech here in Tesla Model 3 is pretty awesome. The BMW is also a very reputable brand that a lot of people love so let me know what are your thoughts about these two vehicles.

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