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Streamer Tests Bulletproof Claims by Shooting Up His Cybertruck

Adin Ross, a streamer who is known for boundary-pushing content, recently embarked on an audacious experiment that captured the attention of both his followers and the wider tech community. He decided to turn his attention to one of the most talked-about vehicles in recent years: the Tesla Cybertruck. Among Cybertruck’s many claims to fame is its bulletproof exterior, a feature that Ross aimed to put to the ultimate test.

Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof Claims

Streamer Tests Bulletproof Claims by Shooting Up Cybertruck

The stage for this daring experiment was a shooting range, a setting far removed from the usual backdrop of video games and chat streams that Ross’s viewers are accustomed to. The choice of location was apt, considering the gravity of what Ross intended to test: the Cybertruck’s ability to withstand gunfire.

It was a live demonstration of the Cybertruck’s resilience, or potential lack thereof, against real ammunition.

The setup for the experiment was meticulously planned. Ross, along with a team of professionals transported the Cybertruck to a designated shooting range, ensuring that all necessary safety measures were in place. The range was chosen for its controlled environment, allowing for a safe yet effective assessment of the vehicle’s bulletproof capabilities.

Cybertruck Bulletproof Test

The test itself was as thorough as it was dramatic. A variety of firearms were selected to challenge the Cybertruck’s bulletproof capabilities, ranging from handguns to rifles. Every firearm provides a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle’s defensive capabilities. Safety was paramount throughout the process, with professional oversight ensuring that every shot fired was accounted for and executed with precision. The entire experiment was streamed live, allowing Ross’s audience to witness the spectacle in real-time.

Initial Reactions and Observations

The initial reactions to the experiment were a mix of disbelief, excitement, and apprehension. Viewers watched with bated breath as each round was discharged, waiting to see if the Cybertruck’s armor would hold up to its bulletproof billing. Ross’s own reactions mirrored those of his audience, oscillating between confidence in the vehicle’s capabilities and nervous anticipation of the results. The live stream captured every moment of the test, from the preparation of each firearm to the impact of the bullets against the Cybertruck’s steel body, providing a raw and unfiltered look at the experiment’s outcomes.

Public and Elon Musk’s Reaction

The live stream of Adin Ross testing the bulletproof capabilities of the Tesla Cybertruck created a significant buzz on social media. Viewers and tech enthusiasts alike were captivated by the audacity of the experiment, leading to widespread discussion and speculation about the outcome. The event quickly transcended the boundaries of Ross’s usual audience, drawing in a diverse group of viewers intrigued by the intersection of technology, entertainment, and sheer unpredictability.

The highlight of the public reaction came when Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and a prominent figure known for his engagement with both fans and critics on social media, responded to Ross’s tweet about the experiment. Musk’s reply was succinct yet impactful: “Nice.” This acknowledgment from Musk not only validated the significance of the experiment but also added a layer of credibility and visibility to Ross’s endeavor.

Adin Ross’s excitement was palpable upon receiving Musk’s response. The streamer’s reaction, a mix of disbelief and jubilation, was shared live with his audience, further amplifying the engagement around the event. The online community rallied around this interaction, with fans and followers expressing their amusement and support through likes, retweets, and comments. Musk’s engagement served as a catalyst, transforming the experiment from a daring test to a viral sensation.


The analysis of the Cybertruck’s performance against the gunfire revealed a vehicle that largely lived up to its bulletproof claims. The majority of the rounds fired during the experiment were successfully repelled by the Cybertruck’s armor, showcasing the vehicle’s resilience and the effectiveness of its design. This outcome was met with a mixture of relief and admiration, as viewers and tech enthusiasts acknowledged the engineering prowess behind the Cybertruck.

However, the experiment was not without its surprises. A pivotal moment occurred when one of the bullets managed to penetrate the Cybertruck’s armor, causing visible damage. This unexpected development sparked a flurry of reactions, with discussions centering on the implications of the penetration for Tesla’s claims about the vehicle’s durability. The incident highlighted the limits of the Cybertruck’s bulletproof feature, prompting a reevaluation of what such a claim entails.

In a humorous twist, Ross seized the opportunity to request a replacement Cybertruck from Elon Musk due to the damage sustained during the experiment. This request, made in jest, underscored the streamer’s flair for entertainment and his ability to leverage the situation for further engagement. While the request was not made with serious expectations, it added a layer of humor to the event, endearing Ross further to his audience and sparking speculation about Musk’s potential response.

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