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Tesla Cybertruck Has 77% Less Wiring Than Traditional Cars, Here’s How

For the past 80 years, we have imagined the undercovers of automobiles as a tale of tangled wire that can never be touched because for each function a new wire is being birthed and you would be surprised to know every different connector, so lengths, accessories, wires connected to central Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and box connections would also be different.

You’ll be surprised to know that Tesla has reduced this business to just 23% in the new Cybertruck. Tesla’s Cybertruck takes a bold departure from this conventional system.

Tesla Cybertruck 48v Architecture

Tesla Cybertruck 48V System

The company has discarded the intricate web of wiring harnesses and adopted a cutting-edge solution. The Cybertruck now relies on gigabit ethernet cabling, incorporating a 48v Power + Data Controller Area Network (CAN) bus that serves every component. Remarkably, this means all components share the same cable.

The gigabit ethernet cabling facilitates a daisy-chain connection, linking components such as speakers, window motors, ambient lights, and even the steering wheel—all on the same self-contained cable interface. By doing this, Tesla was able to translate a significant decrease in the need for copper, a resource traditionally abundant in wiring harnesses.

The 48V is also why Tesla’s Cybertruck is priced so low. See when we use less equipment then we incur less cost. Another aspect of this is Tesla’s steer-by-wire system, a breakthrough that not only saves on materials and weight but also delivers superior performance while contributing to cost reduction.

Cybertruck Rear-Wheel Steering

Cybertruck’s Four-Wheel Steering is an innovation that brings a touch of agility to your drive. At lower speeds, the rear wheels gracefully work in the opposite direction to the front ones, making tight spots like offices and parking lots a breeze to navigate.

Tesla Cybertruck Rear-Wheel Steer Feature

But that’s not all – at higher speeds, the front and rear wheels join forces, letting you effortlessly glide between lanes. This isn’t just about turning – it’s a symphony of movement designed to elevate your driving experience. This technology will make you feel the increased stability, say goodbye to boring body rolls, and relish in the comfort that comes with every twist and turn. The road is your canvas, and Cybertruck’s Four-Wheel Steering is your brush, painting a masterpiece of seamless motion.

We have gone through a long saga of how Cybertruck is bringing a revolution and Tesla has managed to achieve the Cybertruck’s latest model but whether Cybertruck is here to stay is a big question. Why would I say that because the market is suspicious and they are making their own respective apprehensions.

Tesla Cybertruck Prototype vs Production

Tesla’s Cybertruck, a concept that stretched an impressive 230 inches in length, made waves upon its debut. With a cargo bed spanning 78 inches (57 inches wide with no wheel intrusion) and a wheelbase of 149.9 inches, it promised a paradigm shift in the world of trucks. However, its initial reception was subject to controversy.

The concept version of the Cybertruck dared to be different. Showcasing traditional door/wing mirrors, it boasted a flatbed floor—a departure from the norm in the truck market. However, this design choice raised eyebrows, especially for its unique tail light placement on the tailgate, which disappears when open. The unconventional approach sparked criticism and intrigued enthusiasts in equal measure.

Customization of Tesla Cybertruck

If you are not a fan of stainless steel, then Tesla can come up with the option of specialization. You can enroll your truck for paint jobs and get the desired output. If you check the website of Tesla then you’ll find a $6,500 paint job that is being offered. The purchases for the same can be done using the Tesla Application. (Disclaimer: you can get only black and white colors for now.)

Cybertruck Safety

The commitment of Tesla to produce stainless steel body panels capable of stopping 9 mm bullets added an element of intrigue and toughness. However, the live demonstration on stage took an unexpected turn when the so-called shatterproof glass failed to meet expectations, casting a momentary shadow on Cybertruck’s ambitious claims.

Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof Test

This bulletproof feature can also hint that Cybertruck can be taken up by the leaders of the countries, and organizations who are targeted or to ensure their safety. It would be interesting to note which leader would adopt Cybertruck.

In a recent social media post, it says that the doors of Cybertruck have so much force that they can cut through ice, it would come as an added advantage as most of the states are frozen and hence it makes it difficult to access the cars. But Cybertruck is here as a solution to even the smallest human discomfort. With a single push, you can enjoy your ride down a snowy lane.

Bumpy roads in Cybertruck’s journey

In an unexpected twist, a document from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2023 unfolded a different narrative for the highly anticipated $39,900 Cybertruck. Initial speculations in 2019 hinted at a more budget-friendly version with a single rear-mounted electric motor, but recent revelations suggest a shift in Tesla’s plans. The NHTSA document steers the spotlight toward dual and tri-motor configurations, leaving the quad-motor setup in the shadows.

Cybertruck Suspension

NHTSA isn’t alone in making such a remark because in the Summer of 2023, a German Report laid claims on the same; it highlighted substantial hurdles in the development process, with braking issues taking center stage. The laundry list included concerns about excessive brake pedal travel, brake dive, and inconsistent stops. The air suspension system faced accusations of being too wallowy, while the all-wheel steering system grappled with input and feedback delays. The body construction, initially lacking the anticipated stiffness, added another layer to the challenges faced by Tesla.

Cabin noise became part of the Cybertruck’s narrative. The distinctive angular shape that caught the world’s attention was reportedly a contributing factor to increased interior noise levels.

Closing Remarks

The world is being wooed with the new technology introduced by Cybertruck but at the same time are we ready yet? Is the question that is looming at large. The wiring, wheel, and door technology is something out of the box but at the same time cabin noise, braking issues, and build quality issues are making the market at large suspicious. It seems a bi-polar view and therefore we have brought you this mid-centered article so that you can find your way in.

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