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Model S With Steering Yoke Spotted As Tesla Prepares For Deliveries

Tesla revealed the refreshed design for Model S and Model X late in January following a lot of speculation regarding the same. Tesla made the announcement following the Q4 Earnings Call and brought in a lot of changes to the interior of these premium models. While most changes excited the prospective customers and fan base, the steering ‘yoke’ received some polarizing opinions.

Following this, there were reports of a Model S with a normal steering wheel, not a steering yoke. This led many people to believe that the steering yoke might have been a tactic to gain attraction. A service centre also mentioned that the yoke will be an option, not a standard piece. Now, Tesla YouTube influencers The Kilowatts have spotted a prototype with an actual steering yoke. This incident has given fans a first look at this new ‘stalkless’ steering column.

The Latest Spotting of Model S

A deep blue metallic Model S with a refreshed interior and Tesla’s highly-anticipated yoke steering wheel was spotted in downtown Redwood City in Silicon Valley. This model included the wraparound wood door trim, revised instrument cluster display and horizontal centre touchscreen. Photos captured by The Kilowatts reveal a Model S with manufacturer plates. This indicates that the company may be in the final stages of public testing before rolling out the updated steering wheel design to production vehicles.

The absence of the steering stalk is the most notable feature of these images. While many people debated the shape of the steering, the absence of stalks also infuriated many. The use of buttons instead of using levers is something that doesn’t quite make sense, according to them. An already-convenient habit is taken and being converted into something much harder.

Tesla Model S 2021 Interior

The prototype seems ready for delivery, with the refined interior in Tesla’s famed virgin white colour. The presence of the new touchscreen for the rear row also makes a striking first impression. The button for folding the split seats in the rear row is visible, as is the more prominent side camera.

Our Opinion

It’s interesting to see Tesla actually going forward with the stalkless yoke. The rest of the changes in the interior were welcomed quite warmly by the public. But people were skeptical about the lack of a round steering profile and gear-changing stalks. Following last week’s news about the Model S with a normal wheel, we thought that the yoke may have been a customer-engaging strategy. But it seems that Tesla is actually going forward with this, even if it’s just as an option. We’ll have to wait and watch how many people actually opt for this “futuristic” design.

Mihir Tasgaonkar
Mihir Tasgaonkar
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