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Tesla to Upgrade Model 3 and Model Y Headlights with Defined Beam and Squarer Pattern

Safety is a big factor for potential buyers in all segments. Safety, or the lack of it, can be a potential dealbreaker for buyers. Hence, lately, a lot of improvements are being made to ensure that cars are safe and will keep their occupants secure. Headlights contribute a large amount towards how high a car’s safety rating will be. Hence all carmakers, Tesla included, have to put in a bit of thought while designing the headlights for their cars. When Tesla launched the Model 3 in 2018, the headlights weren’t up to the mark. This meant that the Model 3 missed the top safety mark from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). However, following a subsequent change in the headlights, the Model 3 secured a better score.

Tesla to Upgrade Model 3 and Model Y Headlights with Defined Beam and Squarer Pattern

For the 2021 update, Tesla is changing the design of the Model 3 headlights. Though this change has only been seen sporadically in the new models, reports suggest that all Model 3s will receive this update by early next year. The update has significantly improved the Model 3’s headlight system. Not only is the pattern completely different, but it has also improved the focus of the headlights. This change could also potentially open up new features in future software updates. This updated headlight setup has a more powerful and defined beam. Compared to the previous Model 3 headlights, the new ones have a squarer pattern. A video posted on Youtube is very informative about this new update.

Information provided in the video

The video shows the difference between the headlights of the 2020 Model 3 and the 2021 Model 3 very well. Initially, both models are parked alongside each other so that we can compare them directly. It shows that the new headlights have a sharper focus as compared to the older ones.

This is followed by a standalone shot of the 2020 Model 3. In this clip the Model 3’s slightly round headlight beam and lower level of focus are apparent. The 2020 Model 3 does provide a good amount of illumination and is by no means inadequate. But the 2021 version takes things to the next level.

In the clip for the 2021 version, we can see the significantly squared off pattern of the headlight beam. This is even more apparent when the high beam is switched on. The headlights provide much better illumination. They are definitely an improvement over the 2020 version. The squared-off pattern is much sharper than the older car’s lights. The 2020 Model’s headlights seem distorted in comparison to the new car’s lights.

An interesting feature provided in Model 3

We reported a few days ago about all the changes made in the Model 3 for the 2021 version. Among all the other updates, an interesting feature might have slipped under the radar. In the video, the Model 3 used is in RHD (Right Hand Drive) guise. The headlights seem to be focused more on the left-hand side than the right for that car. Now whether that is a feature that the driver can set or if it is linked to the GPS is currently unknown. But this does provide Tesla with the opportunity to add a feature in a future software update. Such a feature might actually be very handy, especially in Europe where not all countries follow the same rules.

This feature also gives Tesla an opportunity to provide another extra feature that most mainstream manufacturers don’t think about. The level of thinking and the attention to detail is simply mind-boggling. It shows that Tesla is willing to go the extra mile to give their customers features that are not seen anywhere else. Another great feature of the headlights is the ability to change the position of the focus. The driver can change the position of the headlights to suit his liking. They can increase or decrease the height of the beam. On top of that, each headlight can move around individually as well. This can further help in improving visibility in less than ideal situations.

Future-Proofing by Tesla

In the 2021 Model 3, the well defined light beam makes one wonder whether it is possible for the car to project the lights at different focal lengths. It also opens up the possibility of having cornering lights. Tesla can provide all these features using software updates. This will enhance the value of the car and the impression of the brand. These kinds of features have set Tesla apart since the beginning and it is good to see the brand ensuring its status and position in the market.

Our Opinion

While most buyers might not realize it, the new headlight setup is much better than the older one. What makes it even better is that it’s a change that is almost subtle while still drastically improving the car. Tesla is cementing its place as the dripping edge in-car tech by providing such features. To top it all off, the already outstanding system can be further enhanced by Tesla’s famous OTA updates. All this does increase the sense of aura that surrounds all things that Tesla does.

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