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Tesla reduces the price of Tesla Model Y and increases range to 291 miles

Tesla is no stranger when it comes to cutting the prices of its cars. Last year, Tesla slashed the prices of its Model S luxury sedan and the Model X SUV by a considerable margin of almost $18000. Then again in May this year, Tesla again cut the prices of Model S, Model X and Model 3. Now they have done the same to the Model Y their entry-level SUV by $3000, this is done to boost sales at present to make for the loss of sales during the Covid19 pandemic, Model Y was launched in March this year. The Model Y now starts at $49,990, earlier it was $52,990, this is a drop in prices by 6% according to Tesla.

Tesla reduces the price of Tesla Model Y and increases range to 291 miles

Tesla reduces the price of Tesla Model Y by $3000

These aggressive price cuts by Tesla has attracted a fair amount of backlash from its customers, as good as it sounds for a new customer, for the people who have already bought the car prior to the price drop was furious because the values of their cars plummeted overnight. This did lead to a few protests by angry customers last year especially in Taiwan and China where these cuts have been even more aggressive than in the US.

Tesla increases Model Y Performance range to 291 miles

Tesla Model Y is getting an increase in the total range for the performance version. The range rated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has gone from the 280 miles of the current model to 291 miles. This was achieved when the vehicle was equipped with a new set of 21-inch wheels called Überturbine wheels. The vehicle will not have any distinguishing hardware differences and the increase in range is just 3.9 %. The Model Y long-range still retains its EPA claimed 316 miles of range according to the company’s website.

The primary reason for the range addition can be attributed presumably to a bunch of software updates that are aimed at improving the efficiency of the Model Y’s dual electric motors. This is an assumption and Tesla hasn’t revealed the reason for this improvement. The software algorithm for stop-and-go driving can be improved, it’s basically intended to work with the heavy Überturbine wheels Model Y Performance is at present offered with only the heavyset 21″ Überturbine wheels, which weighs in at a rather heavy 75 kg per wheel. The heavy rotational mass of these wheels is the main reason for the decrease in range.

Tesla used to offer smaller 20-inch Induction wheels for the Model Y Performance. When the car was fitted with the smaller diameter and lighter wheels, the already impressive acceleration figures 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds saw an improvement. Tesla can improve the efficiency of the dual motors that work in tandem, this in turn can decrease the amount of energy needed to accelerate the vehicle from a standstill. The changes made to the software can result in an overall improvement in the driving range as per the WLTP cycle of the car while retaining its power output and acceleration times.

Tesla has time and again improved the efficiency of their fleet through very meticulous software upgrades over the years. Model 3 underwent a software patch which contributed towards to a 4.1% increase in range after the company released a new over-the-air. Earlier this year even the company’s flagship luxury sedan the Model S got a range upgrade, which increased the range of the car to a terrific figure of 402 miles on a single charge, this was achieved through several small improvements for the Model S Long Range Plus version.

The new improvements were mainly a significant weight reduction due to Tesla’s advanced manufacturing techniques, a new set of aerodynamic wheels called the “tempest”, an increased drive unit efficiency which was changed in the oil pumps and the gearbox in the front motors and maximizing the regenerative braking by introducing a new feature called HOLD.

Final Thoughts

The improvement for the Model Y was announced on the same day Tesla cut the prices for the same, Tesla seems to be really eager to boost the sales of the Model Y by giving an even more efficient car at a lower price. Although independent tests need to be conducted to verify whether there is an actual improvement in range.  That said the Model Y already has quite a respectable range for an electric SUV.

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