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Tesla Model 3 Highland Hype Is Real: Spotted at Many Places, New Leaks Unveiled

The Tesla Model 3 Highland project is no longer a secret hidden behind the curtains of Tesla’s innovation labs. It’s a reality that’s taking shape, and the automotive world is abuzz with excitement. The Highland update represents a significant evolution of Tesla’s popular Model 3, and the anticipation is palpable.

From mysterious covered cars spotted at Gigafactory Shanghai to leaks revealing new features, the hype surrounding the Model 3 Highland is real and growing by the day. The project has been the subject of speculation, rumors, and now, concrete evidence that points to an imminent launch.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland is expected to be more attractive than even the Model S, with particular praise for its new headlights. The trial production phase has ended, and the ramp-up is on the horizon. The whispers of hardware updates, pricing strategies, and manufacturing innovations have only fueled the excitement further.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla Model 3 Highland Production Updates

The Tesla Model 3 Highland project has reached a significant milestone, marking the end of its trial production phase. This transition signals Tesla’s readiness to embark on the next exciting chapter of the Model 3’s evolution.

End of Trial Production Phase

The trial production phase served as a critical testing ground for the new Model 3 Highland, allowing Tesla to refine and optimize various aspects of the vehicle. With the successful completion of this phase, the company is now poised to move forward with full-scale production.

Production Ramp-Up and Stress Testing

Starting on August 25th, Tesla will begin the production ramp-up of the Model 3 Highland, accompanied by rigorous stress testing. This process will ensure that the vehicle meets the high standards of quality and performance that Tesla is known for. The stress testing will provide valuable insights into the car’s durability and reliability, paving the way for a smooth and efficient production process.

Expected Daily Production Capacity

By early September, Tesla’s daily production capacity for the Model 3 Highland is expected to reach approximately 1,200 units. This impressive figure reflects Tesla’s commitment to meeting the anticipated high demand for the new Model 3. The company’s ability to scale production at such a rapid pace is a testament to its innovative manufacturing techniques and operational excellence.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Price

The Tesla Model 3 Highland project is not only about innovation and aesthetics but also about strategic pricing and efficient manufacturing. Tesla’s approach to the new Model 3 reflects a well-thought-out plan that aims to make the vehicle more accessible without compromising on quality.

Significant Decrease in Manufacturing Cost

Tesla has managed to significantly decrease the manufacturing cost of the entire vehicle compared to the older Model 3. This reduction is a result of several key manufacturing innovations that have streamlined the production process.

Single-Piece Casting

One of the standout features in the manufacturing process is the use of single-piece casting. This technique allows for the creation of large components in a single piece, reducing the need for multiple parts and welds. The result is a more robust structure, fewer chances of failure, and a reduction in overall manufacturing complexity.

Reduction in Wiring Harnesses

Tesla has also achieved a significant reduction in wiring harnesses within the vehicle. By minimizing the amount of wiring required, the company has reduced both the weight and the complexity of the car. This not only contributes to a more efficient manufacturing process but also enhances the vehicle’s performance.

Use of New Materials

The Model 3 Highland project has seen the introduction of new materials that contribute to the vehicle’s overall efficiency and aesthetics. These materials, carefully selected and tested, align with Tesla’s commitment to sustainability and performance.

Estimated Pricing

Despite these advancements in manufacturing, Tesla maintains an estimated pricing for the new Model 3 that is competitive and appealing. The pricing is expected to be around 200,000 RMB, which is approximately 28,000 USD. This price point, coupled with the impressive features of the Tesla Model 3 Highland, is likely to resonate well with consumers.

Tesla Model 3 Highland FSD Hardware

The Tesla Model 3 Highland project is not just about aesthetics and manufacturing efficiency; it’s also about the underlying hardware that powers the vehicle. The hardware details reveal a strategic approach by Tesla, focusing on optimizing existing technologies rather than pushing for the latest version. Here’s a closer look at the hardware details of the Model 3 Highland.

FSD HW 3.5, Not 4.0

Contrary to some expectations, the Model 3 Highland will be equipped with Hardware 3.5 (HW 3.5) instead of the latest Hardware 4.0. This decision may reflect Tesla’s confidence in the capabilities of HW 3.5 and its suitability for the specific needs of the new Model 3. It also aligns with the company’s approach to provide a high-quality vehicle at a competitive price point.

Removal of All Radars

In a significant move, Tesla has removed all radars from the Model 3 Highland. This decision is in line with Tesla’s shift towards a vision-based approach, relying on cameras and sophisticated algorithms rather than radar technology. The removal of radars simplifies the vehicle’s sensor suite and aligns with Tesla’s minimalist design philosophy.

Implications for the Vehicle’s Capabilities

The hardware choices for the Model 3 Highland have several implications:

  • Optimization of Existing Technology: By choosing HW 3.5, Tesla is leveraging a proven technology that has already demonstrated its effectiveness in previous models.
  • Vision-Centric Approach: The removal of radars emphasizes Tesla’s commitment to a vision-centric approach, relying on cameras and machine learning to interpret the vehicle’s surroundings.
  • Cost Efficiency: These hardware choices may also contribute to cost efficiency, aligning with Tesla’s goal to reduce manufacturing costs.

Model 3 Highland Spotted at Various Locations

The Tesla Model 3 Highland is not just confined to secretive labs and hidden production lines, it’s making its presence in the real world. The vehicle has been spotted at various locations, adding to the excitement and anticipation surrounding its launch. Here’s a closer look at where the Model 3 Highland has been seen and what these sightings reveal.

Details of Sightings at Giga Shanghai

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai has become a hotbed of activity related to the Model 3 Highland project. Recent aerial footage revealed a growing fleet of fully covered vehicles in the factory’s logistics lot. These mysterious covered cars are believed to be facelifted Model 3 sedans, part of the so-called Project Highland.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Covered Giga Shanghai
Picture by @TSLAFanMtl via X

The sightings at Giga Shanghai are not mere coincidences, they are strong indicators that Tesla may have already started production of the Tesla Model 3 refresh. The covered cars, the buzz within the factory, and the alignment with the reported production timeline all point to the imminent launch of the Model 3 Project Highland.

Information on High-Temperature Testing in China

In addition to the sightings at Giga Shanghai, the Model 3 Highland has also been spotted undergoing high-temperature testing in China. This phase of testing is crucial to ensure that the vehicles can withstand extreme weather conditions, particularly the scorching heat that can be prevalent in certain regions.

High-temperature testing is a standard part of the vehicle development process, but it takes on added significance for electric vehicles. Ensuring that the battery and other components can function optimally in high temperatures is vital for the vehicle’s performance and reliability.

Tesla Model 3 Highland high-temperature testing

Tesla Model 3 Highland Market Expectations

As the details of the New Tesla Model 3 continue to unfold, the market expectations are shaping up to be as impressive as the vehicle itself. Here’s an insight into what the market anticipates from the new Model 3.

Summary of Tesla Model 3 Highland Features

The new Model 3 Highland comes packed with features that are bound to catch the eye of consumers and industry experts alike:

  • Attractive Appearance: With a design that’s even more appealing than the Model S, especially the new headlights, the Model 3 is set to turn heads.
  • Efficient Production: The end of the trial phase, ramp-up in production, and expected daily capacity reflect a well-oiled manufacturing machine.
  • Innovative Hardware: The use of HW 3.5 and the removal of radars signify a strategic and innovative approach to vehicle technology.
  • Competitive Pricing: With significant reductions in manufacturing costs and an estimated price of around 27,000 USD, the Model 3 is positioned to be a value proposition.

Anticipation of Market Reception

The anticipation surrounding the Model 3 Highland is palpable. The combination of innovative features, attractive design, and competitive pricing is expected to resonate well with consumers. The vehicle is not just meeting market demands; it’s shaping them, setting new standards for what an electric vehicle can be.

Prediction of an Explosive Increase in Orders

Given the impressive features and the alignment with market needs, the new Model 3 is expected to lead to an explosive increase in orders. The vehicle is poised to be warmly welcomed by the market, and if the pricing aligns with expectations, the Model 3 Highland could trigger a new wave of interest and adoption of electric vehicles.


The Tesla Model 3 Highland project has transcended from the realm of speculation and rumors to a tangible reality that’s poised to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle market. The sightings, the leaks, the impressive features, and the strategic decisions all point to a well-thought-out and meticulously executed plan by Tesla.

The excitement surrounding the launch is not just about a new car, it’s about the continuation of Tesla’s journey towards innovation, sustainability, and accessibility. The Model 3 Highland represents a step forward in Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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