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Tesla Model 3 Highland Expected to Hit Markets Within 15 Days as Pre-Orders Quietly Open

The automotive world is buzzing with excitement as reports indicate that the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 Highland is on the verge of hitting the market. Refreshed Model 3 is expected to make its debut within the next few weeks, adding a new dimension to Tesla’s impressive lineup of electric vehicles.

Adding to the anticipation, select Tesla stores have discreetly opened up pre-orders for the upcoming Model 3 facelift, allowing enthusiasts and customers to secure their spot among the first to experience this cutting-edge vehicle.

As the automotive community eagerly awaits the arrival of the Model 3 Highland, the stage is set for a new chapter in Tesla’s journey toward sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Launch

Imminent Arrival of Tesla Model 3 Highland

The automotive landscape is abuzz with anticipation as sources close to Tesla hint at the imminent arrival of the updated Model 3, dubbed the Model 3 Highland.

Timeline for the Launch of Tesla Model 3 Highland

According to recent reports, this eagerly awaited facelifted version of the Model 3 is poised to hit the market within the next 15 days, adding a fresh wave of excitement among Tesla enthusiasts and prospective buyers. With the launch date drawing near, the automotive community is eager to witness the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 Refreshed and explore the enhancements and innovations it brings to the electric vehicle realm.

Secret Pre-orders for the Upcoming Model 3 Highland

Adding to the excitement, Tesla stores have quietly begun accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Tesla Model 3 Highland. Enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for this refresh can now secure their place in line, ensuring they are among the first to experience the updated version of this popular electric vehicle.

The pre-order process comes with an interesting twist, offering potential buyers two options. Customers can opt to prepay ¥1000 or ¥3 to reserve the Model 3 facelift. The first option allows customers to take delivery of the Model 3 Highland immediately, reaping the benefits of insurance subsidies and recommendation gifts.

The second option provides the flexibility to choose another Tesla model and still enjoy the advantages of a friend recommendation gift. With Tesla stores quietly opening their doors for pre-orders, the countdown to the Model 3 Highland’s official launch is in full swing.

Model 3 Highland Confirmation From Insider Sources

A reputable source of financial and business information has shed further light on the upcoming launch of the Model 3 Highland. Citing individuals well-versed in Tesla’s affairs, the publication has affirmed the anticipated timeline for the launch of the Refreshed Model 3. With insiders providing valuable insights, the news of the impending arrival of the Model 3 Highland gains credibility, fueling the excitement that surrounds this eagerly awaited release.

As per the reports from those with insider knowledge, the Model 3 Highland is poised to make its debut on the market within an astonishingly short span—likely within the next two weeks. This revelation has set the automotive industry abuzz, with enthusiasts and industry experts alike speculating on the enhancements and features that this facelifted version will bring to the table.

The countdown has officially begun for the Model 3 Highland’s launch, and the anticipation is palpable among Tesla fans and the broader electric vehicle community.

Pre-Order Options and Incentives

In preparation for the imminent release of the Model 3 Highland, Tesla stores have commenced the pre-order process, providing prospective buyers with two distinct choices. Interested customers can secure their place in line by placing a deposit of 3,000 yuan, presenting them with the opportunity to be among the first to own the Model 3 Highland.

Under the first pre-order option, customers have the chance to secure their Model 3 Highland at an attractive rate while enjoying a range of incentives. Those who opt for this choice and fulfill specific conditions can benefit from an 8,000 yuan insurance subsidy, a 3,500 yuan insurance gift, and a 22,040 friend recommendation gift. This comprehensive package further sweetens the deal for potential buyers, making the prospect of owning the Model 3 Highland all the more enticing.

The second pre-order alternative offers customers unique flexibility. Buyers can opt to reserve their favorite Tesla model within a window of 60 days. This option permits customers to explore various offerings and choose the model that best aligns with their preferences and requirements. Additionally, those who go with this choice can still benefit from a 3,500 yuan friend recommendation gift.

Sneak Peek of Tesla Model 3 Highland

Recent sightings of a camouflaged white Tesla Model 3 on a Xinjiang highway have sparked excitement and speculation. The vehicle’s front and rear sections were concealed by black fabric, indicating that it could be a test model for the upcoming Model 3 facelift.

2024 Model Y Tail Lights

Interior and Exterior

The facelifted Tesla Model 3 has received noticeable enhancements in both its exterior and interior. Spy photos reveal adjustments to the front bumper and headlights, suggesting a refreshed and refined appearance. Beyond exterior modifications, the model is also anticipated to feature a cleaner and more updated interior design.

Tesla’s commitment to innovation is showcased in the incorporation of its latest Hardware 4.0 self-driving computer in the Model 3 Highland. This advanced technology is expected to elevate the vehicle’s autonomous driving capabilities and enhance overall safety. Furthermore, the cleaner interior design reflects Tesla’s continuous efforts to provide an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly driving environment.

Model 3 Project Highland Leaks

66 kWh CATL battery in Model 3 Highland

Amid rumors and discussions, there has been speculation about the battery capacity and its supplier for the Model 3 Highland. Enthusiasts and analysts alike are keen to unravel the details behind the power source of this eagerly anticipated model.

Among the various speculations, there is talk of the Model 3 Highland being equipped with a 66 kWh battery, potentially supplied by CATL. This battery is expected to contribute to the vehicle’s performance and range, aligning with Tesla’s commitment to providing cutting-edge electric mobility.


The impending arrival of the Tesla Model 3 Highland has ignited a palpable sense of excitement within the automotive community. With news of the facelifted version’s imminent launch, customers and enthusiasts are poised on the edge of their seats, eager to experience the next evolution of Tesla’s innovative electric vehicles.

Tesla’s strategic approach to pre-orders and incentives underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering vehicles that transcend expectations. By accepting pre-orders and offering enticing incentives, Tesla is not only creating a buzz but also setting the stage for a successful launch. The two pre-order options, each accompanied by their own benefits, reflect Tesla’s dedication to providing a range of choices that cater to varying customer preferences.

As the market eagerly awaits the Model 3 Highland, Tesla’s continuous pursuit of excellence shines through. The improvements and enhancements, both inside and out, promise a vehicle that goes beyond the expected, raising the bar for electric mobility yet again. From cutting-edge self-driving technology to refined interior design, the Model 3 Highland is primed to set new standards in the world of electric vehicles.

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