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Sun-Powered Savings with Lightyear 2 Solar EV, 800 KM Range for Only $40K

Lightyear 2 is coming, and you can join the waitlist for FREE!!!

Don’t be fooled, the Lightyear 2 is not a sequel to Pixar’s hit movie, but instead is the all-new car from Lightyear — a Dutch automaker.

Following in the footsteps of their first model the Lightyear 0 this solar-powered electric vehicle takes innovation and convenience to new heights!

Lightyear is now offering a waitlist for their second solar-assisted electric vehicle model, which promises affordability and easier access to the masses.

The first car has come off the assembly line of the contract manufacturer, Valmet’s automotive factory in Nystad, Finland. This is the same factory that used to make Saab, Porche, Opel, and Fisker.

The brainchild of a Dutch startup company, Lightyear 2 shows research efforts and how they are paving the way for ultra-efficient vehicles in an entirely new automotive industry.

Even though the first model hasn’t been out for very long, pictures of the upcoming second model are doing the rounds. This next upcoming SEV is designed to appeal to a wider range as it was ‘somewhat’ revealed and showcased in CES 2023, available for pre-order.

Here is everything that we know so far ahead of the upcoming Lightyear 2 launch in late 2023!

Lightyear 2 Solar EV

Solar EV Lightyear 2

Lightyear 2 Solar Electric Car is the latest buzz in the auto industry. This revolutionary car is set to change the way we drive, allowing us to get around with zero emissions and rely on solar energy for a long-range extension on our electric car.

Lightyear 2 is equipped with a large solar roof and battery pack providing enough power for up to 800 km of range, making it convenient for long-distance trips.

Moreover, the SEV is supposedly going to come with advanced autonomous driving systems, an ultra-lightweight design for improved aerodynamic efficiency, and a unique battery cooling system to ensure maximum performance.

The official website promotes joining the waitlist and discovering more about the upcoming launch of the second Lightyear saying:

“Our next model is coming. All the innovation of Lightyear 0 at a fraction of the market price.”


The upcoming model from Lightyear will continue to boast the minimalistic design ques. The design of the Lightyear 2 looks remarkably similar to the first model but a bit shorter and higher in height.

The muscular bonnet of Lightyear 2 and the sleek grille of this SEV, along with the swept-back LED headlights featuring DRLs and an elongated coupe-like sloping roofline, make it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, with the impressive low drag coefficient, the aerodynamics seems to continue from the Lightyear 0.

Not much is revealed about the interiors of the beautiful sedan, but we expect it to be following the clean-chic vibe like its predecessor.

The makers did a great job concealing the Lightyear 2 Concept behind wooden slats at the Lightyear booth at CES 2023.

We do expect a sophisticated minimalist dashboard design, eco-friendly upholstery similar to the one on the first model, and automated climate control for personalized comfort.

For interiors, soothing ambient lighting accents, a multifunctional steering wheel with easy access features and buttons, and an expansive infotainment panel are expected.

Range & Specs

The Lightyear 2 EV, a solar-powered vehicle from the automaker, has yet to disclose its technical specifics. The SEV makers claim that the solar car would be able to offer a real-world efficiency of 500 miles on a single charge. Something that could revolutionize the way we think about affordable electric cars and range anxiety!

It is yet to be determined whether the Lightyear 2 will contain in-wheel motors, which are allegedly the most effective and efficient powertrain available today.

Lightyear might enter the league of upcoming models using in-wheel motors along with the popular Lordstown Endurance and Aptera.


According to reports, the U.S. version of this electric vehicle could potentially start and be available in different trims, but all under a price tag of $40,000.

Impressive and definitely making it one of the most cost-friendly options on the market here!


Lightyear is heading into the production of its 2 model car in 2025, with ambitions to reach the United Kingdom, Europe, and America with sales.

Their goal? To move a mighty 100,000 units annually!

Lightyear is offering their waitlist for free, and those who have signed up will have priority access when retail pre-orders begin.

It’s possible that the commercial fleets may be prioritized over regular customers since Lightyear has already received 21,000 pre-orders from LeasePlan, MyWheels, Arval, and Athlon.

Signing up for the waitlist might just increase your chances of being among the first people to acquire a Lightyear car. However, nothing is said about the tentative dates since there is not much information available if Valmet will produce the Lightyear 2 as well.

The Lightning Buzz Of Lightyear 2

Somewhere around six years ago in 2016, Lightyear was born from a group of engineering students who won the World Solar Challenge competition with their solar project Stellar.

Originally, they were working to solve the problem to provide a family car that is well efficient as well. Now they are revolutionizing transportation with their state-of-the-art solar and electric technology and sustainable vehicles!

Their debut car, Lightyear 0 (formerly known as One), was constructed to minimize charging needs through its usage of solar cells and energy-saving components.

After winning World Solar Challenge a few years ago, they have gone on to create the first model. A revolutionary Solar Electric Vehicle equipped with solar cells and low energy consumption, drastically reducing charging times – truly an awe-inspiring feat!

With no need to plug in, the Lightyear O solar electric vehicle can keep you on the road for months. This revolutionary solar-powered automobile was specifically crafted with extended use and sustainability at its core; a prime example of innovation from its manufacturer.

EV start-up Lightyear celebrated its first achievement after receiving an impressive 150 pre-orders for their solar-powered sedan, the 0 SEV.

Koenigsegg, renowned for their high-performance cars and innovative mobility technology, has taken the plunge with Lightyear – a tech company based in the Netherlands, actively developing and revolutionizing solar vehicles.

Investing in the solar EV automaker company in 2022, this investment marks the beginning of a revolutionary technology-sharing partnership that grants access to each car manufacturer’s patented and proprietary information.

The collaboration can bring in a great amount of technical expertise for the new SEV startup, and hope to continue with the production of the second mass-production model by Lightyear.

What To Expect In the Future?

The Lightyear 2 has a sleeker silhouette, does away with the rear wheel fairings, and uses an aerodynamic wheel design that is different from the Lightyear 0. Moreover, the power outlet is located just behind the front passenger side tire.

Initial photos and teaser of the Lightyear 2 indicate a sleek four-door with embedded solar panels in its roof and hood like the first SEV car.

At a time when most electric car producers are increasing their battery capacity to increase range, this new idea looks incredibly attractive. Lightyear definitely can change the dynamics of EVs by tapping solar energy to lengthen range while using fewer batteries and lesser need for electric charging.

You will be very surprised to learn that a car can generate its own energy to move it forward. In the future, this will become a reality. The vehicle harnesses the power of sunlight to create energy for propulsion, meaning it can run on solar charge along with plug-in charging.

With the ability to run for months without recharging, Lightyear 0 is a revolutionary feat of engineering. It’s no wonder that this solar-powered car was designed with such an ambitious concept in mind – and it truly is the world’s first!

Lex Hoefsloot, Lightyear’s CEO and co-founder, said in a statement that they might have been the first ones to succeed in making a SEV but certainly hope and wish that they are not the only ones.


Lightyear 2 looks better, stronger, and far more efficient than the Lightyear debut model launched last year.


The first solar car from the SEV came with a whopping price tag of $262,000, making it unreachable to the masses. Moreover, a mere number of 946 Lightyear 0 would be made available to be purchased by customers.

Lightyear has a stunning way to encapsulate solar charging panels that gives an impressive look to the SEV.

Lightyear 2 came as a refreshing relief for everyone desiring the SEV but with an affordable price tag. With a starting sticker price of $40,000, Lightyear 2 is going to delight people interested in a Solar EV!

While the 0 SEV is somewhat of a limited-luxury-edition proof of concept—was never destined for the North American market, the Lightyear 2 will make it to American soil if all goes to plan for the SEV.

So far, this is all we have discovered at CES 2023, about the exciting new Lightyear 2, and you can join the waitlist too to secure your very own pre-order!

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Purnima Rathi
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