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RAM Reveals Electric Pickup Truck With Over 800 KM Range

On July 8th, the international EV day, Stellantis the multinational automaker that owns companies like Ram, Jeep, Maserati, and Dodge revealed that they are joining the electric vehicle revolution. They teased their new lineup and showcased their plans for the future. Ram has promised a complete portfolio of e-technology by 2030. They gave the audience a slight peek at their design for the main vehicle that will be at the forefront of this electrification drive, the RAM 1500 BEV (Battery – Electric Vehicle) pickup truck. The expected date of arrival of this Ram 1500 BE is 2024. Compared to its competition, RAM is rather late in the Electric Pick-up Truck genre. The Ford F150 electric pickup truck is scheduled to arrive in the market next spring, also the Cybertruck, Hummer EV just a few months away from its sale.

RAM 1500 BEV Electric Pickup Truck

RAM eTechnology

Stellantis teased an early preview of the car. Right of the back there are some major differences that the RAM fans could spot instantaneously. The new RAM BEV 1500 has a tall grille, an illuminated badge, and narrow lighting elements. The car seems very sleek and modern. CEO Mike Koval did say, “We are not following in the footsteps of our competitors.”

RAM Electric Truck Specs
Stellantis also revealed they are launching 4 electric platforms, they are calling these the STELLA platforms. They are gonna cover from small to body on cover to include all the cars across the Stellantis portfolio. For the RAM BEV, the battery will cover a range of 500 miles. It will come with fast charging capabilities of 150 KW/hr onboard power. SAS RAM goes into production, further details are going to reveal. These future upcoming models will also inherit Stellantis’s latest driving assistant system and infotainment tech.

RAM Variant Pickup Truck

Stellantis is in the right direction with this electrification drive. Seeing how advanced the electric pickup trucks are right now, it’s hard to say if RAM will be able to compete with the market in 2024 when the car is released in terms of pricing and range. Only time will tell us but as of now RAM has proved that being late doesn’t mean a thing, provided you do it right.

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