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Guide to Buy a Car During Christmas

Christmas is one of the most awaited season for people as many companies provides good offers, Vehicle makers also try and capitalise on this positive sentiment of buyers by offering them various offers including cash discounts, buybacks and gift hampers during this period, But there are some certain factors where we have to give more concentration about buying car during festive period.

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Factors that you should consider during buying car-

Car Loans-

This is the most important factor during buying a car because most of the people buy a car by taking loans from different banks. But sometimes rate of interest is high during festive reason so even if you get a good price cut from car company, the final price that you will get may be same or more than its initial price.

Offers from car companies-

Many of the companies are announced huge discounts this includes offers like free insurance, exchange bonuses, lower interest rates, free accessories, discounted annual maintenance contracts, gold coins and free EMI holidays.

Maruti is offering discounts on its models like  Alto, Brezza,  Wagon R, Swift, Celerio, Ignis and Ertiga. Customers can get benefit of over Rs 19,000 compared to their ex-showroom price.

Hyundai has also announced a “December Delight” offer where they provide 100% on-road finance.

Online Sales-

“Purchasing a car online cuts middlemen out of the offline sale chain and it can also save you more money than buying it in the showroom during holidays in December.”

Many companies also provide you cash back offers, heavy discounts and best packages for payment made using debit or credit cards so you should definitely consider this.

Do your research-

Don’t buy a car just because you are getting it at least price, do your research on it. Research is especially important, of course, when it comes to used cars and reliability. Here’s an insider’s tip from Calland: A few manufacturers have been using a mileage-boosting technology called a “continuously variable transmission [CVT].” In theory such a feature sounds great, but in reality some older systems can be faulty and may lead to trouble down the road.

So these are some factors that you should consider during buying a car at Christmus or any festive season.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
Saurav is a distinguished expert in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, known for his in-depth knowledge and passion for sustainable technology. With a particular focus on Tesla, he provides insightful analysis and comprehensive reviews that make complex EV topics accessible and engaging.


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