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Jeep Renegade- Another Budget Jeep in India

This is a list of all the current compact crossovers currently on sale there’s all the names that you’d be familiar with Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki. the list long isn’t it ?, but there’s always been one name missing Jeep. that iconic American brand Jeep with its gilt edged heritage has never had a compact crossover until now. The renegade the first compact crossover the aims to be the first proper SUV in its class. there’s no mistaking it for anything other than a Jeep. there’s the 7-slot grill that has appeared in every Jeep since the 1940, there’s plenty of ground clearance and a rough and tough stance. the only problem is, this isn’t actually a Jeep. it’s based on and is built in the same factory as the Fiat 500X so that means the renegade is the first Jeep to be built outside of North America so that means it’s been styled by the Americans and built by the Italians hardly a pleasing prospect.

Some Specifications of Jeep Renegade that You Must Know

Jeep Renegade
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Now all cars come with air conditioning, Bluetooth, six airbags and touchscreen in the middle but you’ll have to step up to longitude if you want alloy wheels and roof rails. now if you want to have leather seats and larger touchscreen you’re going to have to go for the limited and trailhawk versions. according to some sources, Jeep Renegade will launch in India with price of around 11 lac Rupees but there you’ll find these models are a little bit pricey. if you want one you’re going to have to fork out for Nissan Terrano and that’s the car from the class above. so you’ll notice the renegade pinches all sorts of switch gear from the Fiat parts pin but it’s no real problem it’s all well made if lacking in any real style. if you want some Flair you’ll have to raid the options list there’s plenty of storage and practical touches though bank of charging ports is handy the renegade passes the car buy a big bottle test and there are other useful cubbies too. there also a number of design features dotted around the car, Jeep calls them Easter eggs and they’ve been designed to make owning the renegade that little bit interesting. they’re amusing but it could also be proof that Jeep is trying a little too hard to inject some fun that was missing in the first place. now you’ll have noticed by now the renegade is boxier than most crossovers and you would think that would equal lots of space now while that’s true at front but it’s less good back here. the flat roof means there’s lots of headroom but knee room which isn’t particularly good. this car can fit three people what the person in the middle is going to be sitting on a very narrow seat which is going to cause a bit of problems on a long motorway journey.


now it doesn’t get much better around the back here either you would think boxy shape of Jeep Renegade would equal lots and lots of boot room but in actual fact there’s less boot room here than in this sand Juke you can’t make it a little bit larger by lifting boot floor and slotting it up against the rear seats. if you do that it allows you to load massive suitcases. the only big problem though is the fact is only the highest spec models get the 40:20 split rear seat which let’s face it isn’t particularly good.

jeep renegade

Driving Abilities & Experience

it’s a little dull to drive on the road though there’s nothing inherently wrong with the way the renegade dries but it does nothing to excite you it’s not as fun to drive as a MINI Countryman or Mazda CX 3 with the Renegades suffering from steering that doesn’t have much feedback. that said it is pretty grippy it’s very comfortable and this letterbox windscreen and square doff bonnet means looking out is a little bit more interesting. that squared of styling does come at a cost though cruising along the motorway means it’s very noisy this car has all the aerodynamic properties of a large brick. the engines are from fiat company so there’s the familiar 1.4 litre and 1.6 litre petrol engines. most are them are of two wheel drive diesel though which returns  point 1.4 mpg and emits 120 g/km of CO2.

Jeep is famous for its off road prowess and if you want oil drive you’re gonna have to go for the 1.4 petrol or the 2 litre diesel it’s the latter we’ve got here with 140 brake horsepower it’s a pretty good engine. now at down, a little knob to change driving modes. Jeep Renegade also comes with four wheel drive lock which gives lots and lots of grip which is fantastic in terms of gearboxes. We would suggest game for the six speed manual it’s a really slick unit but Jeep will also Sally a 9 speed automatic and that gearbox isn’t quite so good whilst it sounds very clever and the type of gearbox you’d get on a Land Rover in the Jeep it feels a little bit hesitant as though it doesn’t really know what it’s doing.


Jeep renegade is a worthy addition to the compact crossover class the fact that it offers true off road abilities means it has bragging rights over some of its competitors. is it good looking? that’s debatable it’s pricey and there are a few question marks over some of the fiat sourced parts but if the renegade ticks your boxes then you’ll need to check out some of the reviews of this cars competitors. Jeep renegade coming to India on late 2018 so stay tune for your new SUV.

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