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1100HP Tesla Model S Plaid vs 1500HP Chevrolet Silverado – Drag Race

The title of the article may be a little off-putting. Why is a pickup truck racing the Plaid? Well, this isn’t an ordinary pickup truck. It is a fire-breathing monster that makes 1500 HP (400 more than the Plaid) and weighs 4000 lbs. (the Plaid weighs 4858 lbs.). It puts down the power to all 4 wheels through a 3 speed Rossler transmission. All in all, it is scarily fast.

This brings us to the Plaid. The term ‘scarily fast’ is best associated with the Tesla Model S Plaid. This car is a record-breaking machine. It goes from 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds, does the quarter-mile run in 9.23 seconds and it reaches a cool 155 mph during the quarter-mile run.

1100HP Tesla Model S Plaid vs 1500HP Chevrolet Silverado - Drag Race

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Chevy Silverado – Drag Race

These are the contestants for the drag race. A quick look at the specs reveals that the Chevy has more power and it weighs less. However, Tesla has a better transmission and benefits from the instant torque that any EV generates. This Silverado holds the record for the fastest Silverado with an LS engine. Now the race makes a little bit more sense.

It wasn’t a quarter-mile race, but it was a 1000 ft (304m) race. This, in theory, could benefit the car that gets off the line quicker but isn’t as fast at accelerating to its top speed.
A best 2 out of three systems was agreed to and the races commenced.

First Round

In the first round, both cars left the line at the same time and the Silverado smoked the Plaid. There was no real battle between the two cars. The Chevy lead the race from start to end, finishing 5 car lengths ahead of the Silverado.

Second Round

To make things more interesting, the second round had a difference. The Plaid was given a 3 car length advantage, but the race would commence when the Silverado left its starting spot. The Plaid would have the benefit of going a slightly shorter distance but would require excellent reactions to win. This race ended up being even less competitive than the first one. The Plaid ended up leaving its line AFTER the Silverado crossed its position. Thus negating any advantage and in fact, having to catch up to an already on-song Silverado. No chance of winning for the Plaid.

Third Round

With the competition wrapped up in two races, the third and bonus round had a different stipulation. For this round, Tesla Model S had a rolling start of 30 mph whereas the Chevy had a standing start. This time Tesla won! By a very nervy quarter length of a car. The Tesla finally won against the monstrous Silverado. Albeit with highly favorable odds.

This race is not a very big indicator of Plaid’s real-world abilities. The other car has an engine that does not even have a cooling system. It may be making 1500 HP but it is barely drivable on a drag strip, let alone on the normal roads. As per the owner and maker of the car, the Silverado can bend/break its axles if the grip is sub-optimal. The car is a beast. But it is only a beast in the right conditions. It requires highly specific conditions and a perfect environment to showcase its brilliance. The driver needs to know how to drive a car with a racing transmission. They need to have sufficient experience in drag racing to handle the car and the immense torque it generates. It is fun to watch, but very hard to master it.

On the other hand, the Plaid is plug-and-play. You don’t need to be a seasoned veteran to enjoy the Plaid. Its performance is accessible to all owners. There is no major requirement of being a professional racer to drive it. And above all else, this car can be driven on the road. It has creature comforts like air conditioning. It can do the job of being your everyday car. The Plaid (with better brakes) is the ultimate definition of “Drag racing on Sunday, daily driving on Monday”.

The amount of work needed to beat the Plaid is truly mind-blowing. The Silverado is running a demonic engine. It doesn’t have a cooling system of any kind for it. It uses a heavily modified transmission. The racing intentions of the truck are visible to the untrained eye. The Plaid is virtually indistinguishable from a regular Model S. The yoke is the only real giveaway. Hence its supernatural speeds are incredible. The Model S Plaid may have lost this drag race, but it deserves a lot more respect.

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