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Another Tesla with 300,000 Miles, Tesla Torture Test is Completed!!

There was a time when electric cars weren’t really considered as long-termers, they were mostly sidelined as city run-a-bouts for a short term. This is no longer the case, with the advent of Tesla electric cars became the type of vehicle you can cover long distances in and keep for a long time. But as time passes by, Tesla’s with six digits numbers on the odometer became a common sight, there are a handful of Tesla vehicles with over 50000 miles and even one with a whopping 700000 miles on the clock.

This is the story of a Tesla with just 300000 miles, at first glance it doesn’t seem that interesting, but this particular one has quite a story attached to it, it has experienced things no other Tesla has ever before, this includes the cars with higher mileage than this one.

This car’s history has been documented in two other articles, these articles have been quite riveting in the motoring world and these two were released after the car hit the 100000 miles and the 200000 miles milestone.

100,000 miles memoir: “How I Used & Abused My Tesla: What a Tesla looks like after 100,000 Miles, a 48 State Road Trip, 500 Uber Rides, 20 Turo Rentals, and 2 Airbnb Sleepovers”.

200,000 miles memoir: “7 Tesla Myths Busted after 200,000 Miles, Two 48 State Road Trips, 1800 Uber/Lyft Rides and 150 Turo Rentals”.

These two articles are quite lengthy but fascinating read.

Now the car is sitting at 300000 miles, what mind-blowing things have happened in the last 100000 miles?

After a 5 year long relationship with the car, the owner finally sold it on August 26, 2019, for $26000. He had put 214,072 miles during his tenure with the car. The owner described the departure as bittersweet, he loved the P85 Model S all through his ownership but finally decided to sell it as he owned a Model X and a Model 3 performance, he wanted to focus on Tesla’s having autopilot that will be eventually upgraded into full self-driving through updates when the Motoring regulatory body approves it. The P85D did not have an AutoPilot feature as this is an old car.

The Highlights of the owner with his P85D Model S:

  • Gave the 1st Uber Ride of any car ever in the Flagstaff AZ market.
  • Listed Car on AirBnB as “World’s Fastest Hotel” to World-Wide Press, including CNN, Today, ABC World News Tonight, and many more.
  • 2015 Road Trip: 27,615 Miles to all 48 states and Canada – interviewed amazing people in the Tesla all across our great country.
  • Became first Tesla ever to visit 200 Superchargers.
  • Gave a ride to a former NASCAR driver who was blown away when I floored it without warning him. The fact a race car driver was impressed definitely impressed me, and a P85 is a “slow” Tesla now.
  • 2018 Road Trip: 12,100 Miles (42 states – 6 with Model 3) – visited all 107 Telsa Stores and met over 500 Tesla employees.
  • 2019 Road Trip: 5000+ Miles to Cape Canaveral for SpaceX Launch as a prize for Tesla Referral Program, broke 200K on the way back to AZ.
  • Gave 2000+ Uber/Lyft rides & turned tons of skeptics into believers.
  • Rented on Turo 167 times – including a couple of fender-benders.
  • Used the car as a work truck for my Vacation Rental business.
  • “Camped” in the car about 50 times, saving $5000 in hotels.

Eligibility to buy this Model S

The owner however was too attached to this car that he was reluctant to sell it to some mundane individual. He wanted to sell his beloved Model S to a person who has done even crazier adventures with their electric cars because the age of the car shouldn’t be a bar for adventure. Eventually, he found a deserving person to become the heir of his Model S, it was a gentleman called Brian, who shares similar eccentricities, Brian once did a 48 state road-trip in a Nissan Leaf, now this a feat that deserves a standing ovation.

The Model S under Brian’s command did 85,928 miles in just 11 months. In fact, at the time he crossed 300000 miles he was in Key West Florida after just being in the farthest possible corner of the USA, in North West Washington state just a few days earlier. It is definitely possible that he might hit 100K in the first year of ownership if this trend is followed. The second owner also added a tow-hitch to his used luxury sedan. If we talk about the money spent on maintenance, Brian spent $5000 on various repairs over the 86000 miles that he drove, pretty reasonable for a 300000 luxury sedan which also houses a lot of sophisticated tech.


To conclude, Tesla’s are proving to be extremely reliable in the long run, even though some cars suffer a few minor niggles, especially with the touchscreen and other vehicular controls. The lack of an internal combustion engine means there are only a few parts to go wrong and almost no oil leaks to be patched.

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Vinaayak Menon
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