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Tesla Rolls Out New Software Update To Increase Existing Vehicles Range, Efficiency & More

Yesterday we reported that along with the announcement of the Tesla Model 3 2021, existing models were about to get an upgrade. The beneficiaries were the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model X, Model S Performance. The mentioned models got a range increase. Tesla has confirmed that the increase in range doesn’t come with a price hike. There are no additional parts, no change in tractive or the energy systems, no tampering with the overall trim of the car as well. The reason for the increase in range is rumored to be a new “efficiency package” for the Model Y, Model S, and new Model 3.

Tesla Rolls Out New Software Update To Increase Existing Vehicles Range & Efficiency 

Tesla Rolls Out New Software Update To Increase Existing Vehicles Range & Efficiency

Speculations are the Model X 2021 is set to get a new Panasonic battery with higher energy density. The summary of the range increase is as follows:

Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor 316 325
Tesla Model Y Performance 291 303
Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motors 323 353
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus 250 263
Tesla Model 3 Performance 299 315
Tesla Model S Performance 348 387
Tesla Model X Long Range Dual Motor 351 371
Tesla Model X Performance 305 341


As mentioned before the range increase is without any changes. No need to take your Tesla to the nearby outlet for these upgrades as well. These improvements are brought about with the help of A software update. These software updates have been tagged as Over-the-air updates and only require a wifi connection. To initiate these changes owners simply have to open the ‘Software’ tab on the touchscreen. If a new update is available, the owner will receive a notification on their center touchscreen display, with the option to install the update immediately or schedule for later. To ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery of software updates, owners have to connect their car to Wi-Fi. The latest update is the 2020.40.7 software update. This update comes two months after Tesla released the 2020.36 software update. The following additions were guaranteed through the update:

  • Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta)
  • Navigate on Autopilot (Beta) – Exit Passing Lane
  • Auto-steer Stop Sign and Stop Light Warning
  • Green Traffic Light Chime
  • Driving Visualization Improvements
  • Auto-steer Stop Sign and Stop Light Warning
  • Speed Assist Improvements
  • Suspension Instrument Panel Display
  • Cruise Set Speed Improvements
  • Pedestrian Warning

New 2020.40.7 Software Update

Today Tesla released the 2020.40.7 and is pushing to bring it to all customers as early as possible. A Tesla owner has released the images that include the notes regarding the updates.

The update includes:

  • Improved Efficiency

The update coincides with the range increase we reported yesterday. This update appears to be targeted towards the Model Y, as announced by Tesla an increase of about 10 miles to the range is expected

  • Charge Port Inlet Heater

This feature is only found on the Model 3/Y. Cars will now be able to utilize a heater in the charge port to defrost the inlet whenever you activate preconditioning or use the rear defroster.

  • Priority Bluetooth Device

The option to set what Bluetooth device you want your Tesla to prioritize so that you can avoid having your car trying to connect to three different phones at the same time.

  • Glovebox PIN

Tesla has already incorporated a ‘PIN to Drive’ feature to add a level of security to your car in case you lose your keys. The feature has now been expanded to allow you to secure your glove box with a pin to keep any prying hands away from your valuables.

  • Speed Assist Improvements

Tesla has proved they are efficient and ruthless in bringing about updates; the timing of the updates being the key.

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