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Tesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous Spotted with New High-Performance Bucket Seats

Tesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous versions are getting a serious upgrade in the seat department showcasing key improvements and a design that aligns with Tesla’s commitment to luxury and efficiency.

The new bucket seats for the Model 3 Performance edition are a significant leap from the regular seats and are designed to enhance the driving experience. These seats feature more bolstering on the sides to provide better support during high-speed maneuvers and sharp turns which is a crucial aspect for a car designed for performance.

Tesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous Bucket Seats

Adding to the allure, the seats have the iconic Plaid logo, a nod to the model’s exceptional capabilities and Tesla’s racing heritage. The headrests have been redesigned for extra support to ensure comfort and safety, especially at the high speeds the Ludicrous/Plaid model is capable of achieving.

Interestingly, these seats are not entirely new to the Tesla family. They resemble the ones that appeared in the Model S Service Manual some months ago (For the Tesla Model S Plaid Version), suggesting a cross-model design strategy by Tesla. This move not only maintains a consistent design language across Tesla’s lineup but also allows for the sharing of innovations and features between models.

Tesla Model S plaid sports seats
New Model S Plaid sports seats

The recent spotting of these seats came from a low-quality image, yet it was enough to excite Tesla enthusiasts and industry observers. Despite the image’s quality, the distinctive features of the seats were noticeable, confirming speculations and leaks that have been circulating for some time.

With enhanced support and distinctive design, these seats are set to elevate the comfort and performance of what is already considered one of the most dynamic electric vehicles on the market. As Tesla continues to innovate and improve its vehicles, these kinds of upgrades underscore the brand’s commitment to excellence in every detail.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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