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Tesla Holiday Update Right Around the Corner, Tesla is Ironing Out a Few Bugs

Tesla’s OTA updates were one of the headline features when the Model S was launched. Since 2012, Tesla has released multiple updates to provide customers with new features. These updates comprise of features the customers wanted, and features they didn’t think they needed. These updates are one of the USPs for any potential customers. The fact that Tesla is listening to the needs of its users makes it a very attractive proposition. Any new update is a cause for excitement among Tesla owners and fans.

Tesla’s OTA updates

Tesla and their OTA updates have garnered a lot of fans over the years. The way Tesla cars can dramatically change because of these updates makes them really special. The attempts to “add features you didn’t know you wanted” are appreciated. The feeling of getting exactly what you want is a very satisfying one indeed. On top of that being given features that make your life in the car even better are simply too good. In 2019, Tesla gave the following features in updates:

  • Integrated dashcams
  • Improved Performance
  • Tesla Smart Summon
  • Sentry Mode
  • FSD Visualization Preview
  • Driving Visualization Improvements
  • Tesla Theater (Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, YouTube in the US)
  • Save Dashcam Clips to Honk
  • Voice Commands
  • Camp Mode
  • Navigate on Autopilot with Automatic Lane Changes

While most of these are features that customers wanted, some of them are ones that most of us cannot fathom. On top of that, customers didn’t pay even a single dollar to install any of these features in their cars. All of these were updates that were common to all users across the world.

How Tesla stands apart from Legacy Manufacturers

In China, Tesla released an update that included an air quality indicator. This showed the owners the air quality in their city and the air quality at their destination as well. Since Youtube doesn’t work in China, Chinese Teslas received Baidu in its place. Then in Europe, Tesla tweaked the Autopilot on Navigation system to suit the European traffic. Such updates are where Tesla overtakes Legacy manufacturers. Their inability to adapt to this new growing market has left them far behind Tesla. Some manufacturers like Jaguar attempted to release OTA updates in the I-PACE. However, their updates were neither as feature-rich nor as detailed as Tesla’s updates. The inexperience of the Legacy manufacturers when it comes to in-car tech doesn’t help them either.

The speed and efficiency of Tesla are hard to match. Their ability to dramatically improve their car is also unmatchable. However hard the Legacy manufacturers try, they simply cannot keep up.

Tesla’s Holiday Updates

in 2019, Tesla’s Holiday Update brought a preview of FSD. Along with this, they also added improved voice commands and increased the functionality of the phone app. These features were a part of the Holiday Update on 24th December. Earlier this month, Elon Musk teased the update on Twitter.

The overall consensus is that the update will be hot.

Tesla is ironing out a few bugs in the update

Elon tweeted saying that they are ironing out a few bugs in the update. Considering the speed with which Tesla updates its cars, the update should be right around the corner. Add to that the various features that they have added over the years, this makes the update an even more exciting prospect.

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