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Tesla Discontinued Model Y Standard Range Just A Few Days After Price Drop

Something weird is going on with the Tesla Model Y Standard Range variant. Just a few days ago, we reported that Tesla had slashed prices of the Standard Range variant for Model 3 and Model Y. This came as a surprise for Model Y, given that Tesla introduced the Standard Range variant just a month ago. Now, the company has taken this variant off the online configurator on its website. The variant isn’t available through the Canadian configurator either.

The Model Y Standard Range Story

When Tesla launched the Model Y, many expected them to offer all three variants of the normal Tesla lineup – Standard Range, Long Range and Performance. At the time of the launch, Tesla mentioned that the Standard Range would arrive in Spring 2021. However, the company then took down the variant from its website. When asked about it, CEO Elon Musk stated that they have decided to drop the entry-level variant.

This came as a surprise to many. Tesla had advertised the Standard Range variant with a range of around 230 miles (370 km) from the beginning. Perhaps, it was the company’s ploy to reduce the entry-level price of the Model Y in the eyes of the media. Model Y Standard Range had been advertised at a cost of $37,990 at the beginning. Till the end of 2020, Model Y was available only in the two main variants, namely, Long Range and Performance. The cheapest of these was the Long Range, which cost $48,990.

Then came another twist in the tale. Tesla introduced the Standard Range for the Model Y, and it cost $41,990. Despite Musk having denied it, many expected this entry-level Model Y to sell like hotcakes. A few days ago, Tesla slashed the prices of this particular variant, along with Model 3’s base variant. The Model Y Standard Range was available at $39,990.

Tesla Discontinued Model Y Standard Range Just A Few Days After Price Drop

Now, just a month in, the entry-level variant has been taken off the configurator. According to the website, the estimated delivery time for the Model Y Standard Range was 2 to 5 weeks. Tesla managed to deliver some orders for the same, but the actual number is unknown yet. The company hasn’t stated the reason behind taking the Standard Range variant down.

Model Y Standard Range: An Overview

The most interesting aspect of the Model Y Standard Range was its range. Musk had mentioned that a range of less than 250 miles (402 km) was unacceptable. But the final range of the Standard Range was 244 miles (393 km), which isn’t all that lower than the “unacceptably low” mark. That is why many people are asking why it was taken down from the site.

Apart from this, the entry-level variant had decent performance specs. A 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) timing of 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 153 mph (246 km) was quite good. It featured a rear-wheel-drive powertrain driven by a single motor. At $39,990, it offered a good deal.

The Other Update in Model Y Prices

The Long Range variant was the only one with unchanged prices last week. Tesla has now rectified that by dropping its price by $1,000. The new entry-level variant of the Model Y now costs $48,990. While the now-unavailable Standard Range saw a price drop last week, the Performance model saw a $1,000-price-hike.

Our Opinion

To be very frank, these constant cost updates from Tesla are hard to keep up with. The reason behind this latest move is quite hard to understand. It is also unclear whether the Standard Range is permanently discontinued or just paused. It could very well be possible that Tesla received an overwhelming response for the entry-level variant, and to cope with the sudden demand, they have taken it down from the configurator temporarily.

Things will definitely be clearer if Tesla decides to comment on this topic. Until then, all of it is just speculation.

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Mihir Tasgaonkar
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