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Joe Rogan Tests the Bulletproof Capabilities and Durability of Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck is not just another entry in the burgeoning EV market, it’s a revolutionary take on what a truck can be in the 21st century. With its angular, futuristic design and a host of unique features, the Cybertruck has captivated the attention of both automotive enthusiasts and critics alike. One of the most talked-about aspects of this electric behemoth is its bulletproof capabilities and remarkable durability.

These features were recently discussed in detail by none other than Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, during a podcast with Joe Rogan. The conversation provided valuable insights into the design philosophy and the science behind the Cybertruck’s robust construction.

Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof Capabilities and Durability

Bulletproof Capabilities and Durability of Tesla Cybertruck

According to Elon Musk, the Cybertruck is designed to withstand a range of bullets, including those from a 9mm handgun, a .45 caliber weapon, and even a Tommy Gun.

The ability to withstand bullets of this caliber is unprecedented in consumer vehicles. Typically, bulletproofing is an aftermarket modification that can be both costly and labor-intensive. Even then, most bulletproof vehicles are designed to withstand only small-caliber rounds. The Tesla Cybertruck raises the bar by offering this level of protection as a built-in feature. It’s a game-changer in terms of vehicle safety, potentially setting a new standard that could influence the broader automotive industry.

Real-world Durability Testing

In a bid to showcase the Cybertruck’s robustness, a unique experiment was conducted during the podcast with Joe Rogan. An arrow was shot at the vehicle, a test that would likely leave most cars with significant damage. However, the Cybertruck emerged virtually unscathed, sustaining only minimal damage.

The arrow, which was shot at a speed of approximately 275 feet per second and weighed around 545 grains, barely left a scratch on the Cybertruck. This real-world test not only substantiates Tesla’s claims about the vehicle’s durability but also serves as a testament to its exceptional engineering. The Cybertruck’s ability to withstand such an impact with minimal damage is remarkable and adds another layer to its already impressive list of features.

Design Philosophy

Elon Musk succinctly captured the essence of the Cybertruck’s design philosophy when he stated, “trucks are supposed to be tough.” This simple yet profound idea is the cornerstone upon which the Cybertruck has been built. Every feature, from its bulletproof exterior to its robust performance capabilities, reflects this underlying philosophy.

The Cybertruck’s design is a departure from conventional trucks, not just in terms of its electric powertrain but also its overall construction. Its angular, almost militaristic appearance is a visual representation of its toughness. The heavy-duty materials used in its construction, including the metal that contributes to its weight, are all chosen to make the truck as durable as possible.

This philosophy extends beyond just the physical attributes of the truck. The Cybertruck is designed to be a reliable and enduring vehicle that can handle a variety of conditions and challenges. Whether it’s withstanding bullets or shrugging off the impact of an arrow, the Cybertruck embodies Musk’s vision of what a tough truck should be.

Tesla Cybertruck Schematics

The Science Behind Bulletproofing

Elon Musk didn’t just stop at saying the Cybertruck is tough; he went on to explain the scientific principles that contribute to its robustness. One key concept he mentioned is “energy per unit area,” a metric that is crucial in understanding the vehicle’s bulletproof capabilities.

In simple terms, “energy per unit area” refers to the amount of force exerted on a specific area of the vehicle’s surface. This concept is vital in determining how well the Cybertruck can withstand impacts, whether from bullets or other objects. The higher the energy per unit area that the material can withstand, the more durable and bulletproof it is.

This scientific approach has had a significant influence on the Cybertruck’s design. It’s not just about making the vehicle look tough, it’s about engineering it to be tough. By focusing on the energy per unit area, Tesla has been able to create a vehicle that offers unprecedented levels of protection and durability, setting it apart from any other consumer vehicle on the market.

Implications for the Auto Industry

The Cybertruck’s groundbreaking features aren’t just a milestone for Tesla, they could very well set new standards for the entire automotive industry. The vehicle’s built-in bulletproof capabilities and its proven durability in real-world tests could redefine what consumers expect from a truck, or even a car, in terms of safety and robustness.

For competitors in both the traditional and electric vehicle markets, the Cybertruck poses a significant challenge. Companies will need to either match or exceed these features to remain competitive, potentially leading to an industry-wide shift towards more durable and safer vehicles. This could be particularly impactful in the electric vehicle market, where Tesla already holds a dominant position. The Cybertruck’s features could serve as a differentiator that further solidifies Tesla’s leadership in the space.

Moreover, the Cybertruck could influence regulatory standards, pushing for a reevaluation of what is considered “safe” in vehicle design. As a result, we could see a ripple effect that leads to more stringent safety requirements across the board.


The Tesla Cybertruck is more than just an electric vehicle, it’s a revolutionary statement on what trucks can and should be in the 21st century. With its bulletproof capabilities, proven durability in real-world tests, and a design philosophy rooted in toughness, the Cybertruck is setting new benchmarks in vehicle safety and robustness.

Elon Musk’s insights into the science of “energy per unit area” reveal the depth of thought and engineering that has gone into making the Cybertruck a fortress on wheels. These features are not just novelties; they could very well become the new industry standards, challenging competitors and influencing regulatory frameworks.

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