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Leaked Tesla Cybertruck Final Design Reveals Futuristic UI, Steering, and Seating

Tesla Cybertruck has been at the center of the electric vehicle conversation since its first announcement, with enthusiasts and critics alike eagerly awaiting its release. The anticipation has only grown as Tesla has teased various aspects of the truck’s design and capabilities.

Recently, a series of high-definition images that give a glimpse into the final design of the Cybertruck have surfaced on Xiaohongshu platform, a prominent Chinese social media platform. While not officially released by Tesla, these images provide the most comprehensive look yet at what we can expect from the Cybertruck design, stirring conversations and excitement within the global EV community.

Tesla Cybertruck HD

Tesla Cybertruck Final Design

The images that have emerged on the social media platform offer a detailed preview of the Tesla Cybertruck, revealing several key design features that align with the company’s innovative ethos. The design is highlighted by its sharp, angular lines and a body that reflects a futuristic vision, reinforcing the notion that the Cybertruck is not just a functional utility vehicle but a bold statement in automotive design.

The final design showcases the Cybertruck exterior with its signature polygonal shape and stark, metallic finishes that have become synonymous with the vehicle’s concept since its introduction. The interior images reveal a similarly futuristic aesthetic, with a dashboard and user interface that break away from traditional automotive design norms.

These images are instrumental in providing a tangible understanding of the Cybertruck’s final look. They serve as a bridge between the initial concept sketches and the production version that customers will eventually experience. For prospective buyers and the broader audience, these visuals are pivotal in setting expectations and fueling the narrative around Cybertruck’s place in the automotive landscape. They not only confirm several speculated features but also offer new insights into the design direction Tesla has taken with its most anticipated EV.

Material and Build Quality

A close examination of the materials featured in the leaked images suggests a dedication to durability and quality. The Cybertruck’s exterior showcases a robust, stainless steel skin that is both striking and functional, designed to withstand the rigors of both off-road and urban environments. The interior materials, from the seating fabric to the dashboard, exude a premium feel while also promising to be hard-wearing.

Tesla Cybertruck Exterior HD

Tesla’s choice of materials for the Cybertruck indicates a vehicle that’s built to last, aligning with the brand’s sustainability goals. The use of high-quality materials not only elevates the driving experience but also ensures that the Cybertruck can endure the test of time and maintain its futuristic appeal for years to come.

Side Mirrors

The images from Xiaohongshu illustrate side mirrors that defy traditional designs, complementing the vehicle’s geometric aesthetic. Their sharp edges and angular form factor integrate seamlessly with the overall design language of the Cybertruck, maintaining the futuristic and rugged look that Tesla has promised.

Beyond aesthetics, these mirrors are expected to house advanced functionalities, possibly including integrated cameras or other sensor-based technologies that enhance the driver’s situational awareness.

Seating Configuration

The images showcase seats that embody a sleek and modern aesthetic, with a clear emphasis on creating a cabin that is both visually striking and comfortably ergonomic. The use of premium materials appears to be a given, considering Tesla’s track record with interior quality.

The seats are designed to support the body comfortably, crucial for both day-to-day driving and the more rugged demands of truck usage. Furthermore, the style of the seats reflects the angular design language of the Cybertruck, maintaining a consistent theme throughout the vehicle. The balance between comfort and style is a testament to Tesla’s dedication to a holistic approach to vehicle design, ensuring that the Cybertruck’s interior is not only functional but also a pleasure to be in.

Cybertruck User Interface (UI)

Within the realm of Tesla’s design innovation, the Cybertruck’s UI is garnering particular attention. The newly leaked images disclose a user interface that is both minimalistic and highly functional, adhering to Tesla’s reputation for intuitive design. The interface presents a clean, uncluttered look with a focus on ease of use, suggesting that Tesla aims to enhance the driving experience by simplifying the driver-vehicle interaction.

The UI features suggest the integration of Tesla software specifically made for Cybertruck with crisp graphics and responsive touch controls. The vehicle controls displayed are seamlessly incorporated into the central console, promoting a driving environment free from the distraction of conventional knobs and buttons. The inclusion of the Cybertruck font in these interface visuals is yet another touch that bespoke the UI to this particular model, although it’s unclear if this design element will make it into the final product.

Tesla Cybertruck UI HD

While the actual implementation of the display UI and the unique Cybertruck font remain speculative, the potential they represent is in line with Tesla’s forward-thinking brand image.

Cybertruck Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of the Cybertruck is more than just a component, it’s a design statement that speaks volumes about Tesla’s vision for the future of driving. The images reveal a steering wheel that is decidedly unconventional, with a futuristic and minimalist design that resembles an aircraft yoke more than a traditional car steering wheel. This bold choice suggests a commitment to a more engaging driving experience, potentially incorporating features like haptic feedback and quick-access controls.

The design aligns with Tesla’s philosophy of reimagining the driver’s interaction with their vehicle. It challenges the status quo and pushes the envelope on what can be expected from a vehicle’s control center. This steering wheel could be indicative of the Cybertruck’s advanced autopilot capabilities, hinting at a future where manual driving is an option rather than a necessity.

Public Reaction and Expectations

Recent Tesla Cybertruck images on social media have sparked a flurry of reactions from the public and the media. The overall response has been a mix of admiration for Tesla’s audacious design choices and skepticism about the vehicle’s practicality in everyday use. Enthusiasts have celebrated the bold departure from conventional truck designs, while critics have questioned the feasibility of certain elements, such as the durability of the exterior in real-world conditions.

Expectations for the Tesla Cybertruck performance are high, with Tesla’s reputation for delivering high-quality, high-performance EVs setting the bar. The market reception to the Cybertruck will be a crucial test of how ready consumers are for a truck that redefines the segment. As Tesla prepares for the official release, all eyes will be on how the Cybertruck translates its bold design into real-world functionality and customer satisfaction.

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