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Tesla Cybertruck Leaked Specs Reveal Its High Utility and Performance

Tesla Cybertruck has been shrouded in mystery and anticipation since its initial announcement. However, recent leaks have provided us with a tantalizing glimpse into the official specifications of this futuristic electric vehicle. Here’s what is uncovered about the Cybertruck’s design, capabilities, and how it measures up in the competitive EV market.

Tesla Cybertruck’s exterior is a radical departure from traditional truck design, embracing a futuristic aesthetic with sharp, angular lines and a stainless steel body. The sloped sides and angular design cues are not merely for show, they contribute to the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency, which is crucial for maximizing range.

Tesla Cybertruck Leaked Specs

Cybertruck Dimensions and Utility Features

Tesla Cybertruck’s leaked specs reveal the presence of a 220-volt outlet alongside two 110-volt outlets within the bed. This setup is not just for powering tools or camping equipment, it’s robust enough to charge another electric vehicle, albeit at a slower rate. The inclusion of these outlets transforms the Cybertruck into a mobile power station, ready to supply electricity for a variety of needs, from construction sites to outdoor adventures.

The Cybertruck’s dimensions place it firmly in the full-size truck category, with an overall length of 18.6 feet, making it slightly longer than the Rivian R1T and just a few inches shorter than the Ford F-150. Its width is a notable 79.9 inches, just shy of the regulatory limit that would require additional marker lights. The height remains variable due to the adjustable suspension system, which is a feature that adds to its adaptability.

Tesla Cybertruck Power Outlet

Cybertruck Performance and Capacity

The leaked specifications suggest that the Tesla Cybertruck will have a curb weight ranging between 6,670 and 6,890 pounds. This weight class is particularly noteworthy because it is significantly lighter than some might expect, especially when compared to other electric trucks on the market, such as the GMC Hummer EV. The lighter weight of the Cybertruck could have several implications, including potentially better acceleration, higher efficiency, and longer range.

It also suggests that Tesla may have employed advanced materials and engineering techniques to shave off unnecessary weight without compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity or capability.

Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is a critical metric for any truck, and the Cybertruck’s reported 11,000-pound capacity is a strong entry into the electric truck market. This figure puts it on par with the Rivian R1T and slightly ahead of the Ford F-150 Lightning‘s 10,000-pound capacity. However, it falls short of the promised 14,000-pound capacity that Tesla initially claimed and below the projected figures for the upcoming electric Ram 1500.

For potential buyers, this towing capacity indicates that the Cybertruck will be capable of handling most conventional towing needs, from boats and trailers to other vehicles, making it a viable option for both work and recreation.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

Storage and Passenger Space

Interestingly, the Cybertruck’s ‘frunk’ (front trunk) volume is a modest 7.1 cubic feet, smaller than both the Rivian and the Ford F-150 Lightning’s front trunks. However, the rear legroom is generous at almost 41 inches, suggesting a spacious passenger compartment.

Powertrain and Engineering

The Tesla Cybertruck is rumored to feature a sophisticated motor configuration, with leaked images suggesting a three-motor setup – two motors at the rear axle and one at the front. This tri-motor arrangement is expected to provide all-wheel drive, enhancing traction and handling across various driving conditions. The presence of multiple motors allows for advanced torque vectoring, which can improve the vehicle’s agility and stability by dynamically distributing power to individual wheels.

This setup is indicative of Tesla’s performance-oriented approach, ensuring that the Cybertruck will deliver the rapid acceleration and responsive handling characteristic of the brand’s lineup.

Tesla Cybertruck Motors

The engineering of the Cybertruck appears to include a comprehensive cooling system, essential for maintaining optimal performance of the electric motors and battery pack. High-voltage cables visible in the leaks suggest a design that prioritizes efficient power delivery and thermal management. Efficient cooling is crucial for electric vehicles, particularly trucks that may be subjected to demanding tasks such as towing and hauling, which can generate significant heat.

The combination of a lightweight structure, advanced motor configuration, and efficient thermal management points to a vehicle that will excel in both performance and efficiency. The Cybertruck’s powertrain is not just about raw power; it’s also about the intelligent use of that power to provide a balance of speed, range, and utility. The speculated weight of the vehicle, coupled with Tesla’s track record of high-performance EVs, suggests that the Cybertruck could offer exceptional acceleration and handling for a vehicle of its size.

Furthermore, the efficiency of the powertrain could translate into longer range per charge, making the Cybertruck a practical option for both daily driving and longer trips.


Tesla Cybertruck stands out as a bold reimagining of the electric pickup truck, merging Tesla’s signature performance with a design that’s both provocative and functional. Its potential lightweight design could yield significant benefits in efficiency and performance, potentially offering a range and agility uncommon in the truck segment. The Cybertruck’s utility features, such as the versatile inverter system and innovative tie-downs, are poised to make it a highly practical choice for a variety of users, from tradespeople to outdoor enthusiasts.

Moreover, the spacious interior and practical bed dimensions suggest that Tesla is committed to delivering a vehicle that meets the everyday needs of a truck owner without compromising on the futuristic appeal that the brand is known for.

However, the true impact of the Cybertruck will hinge on Tesla’s ability to translate these leaked specs into a production vehicle that lives up to expectations. The reported towing capacity and advanced powertrain setup indicate a truck that’s ready for both work and play, but it will be Tesla’s execution on quality, reliability, and delivery that will ultimately determine the Cybertruck’s place in the EV market.

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