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Drive On Sunshine: Tesla App Revolutionizes the Way You Charge Your Car with Excess Solar Energy

Tesla is always at the forefront of innovation, and their latest feature is no exception. The company is now introducing a new feature that allows owners to charge their cars using surplus solar energy from their own homes.

By taking advantage of any excess energy being generated by your home, Tesla vehicles can be charged for free! This revolutionary new feature will help revolutionize charging technology and provide a convenient, efficient way to power electric vehicles.

Tesla has just made the new version of its app more exciting with the addition of its brand new “Drive on Sunshine” feature. It allows both Tesla owners and non-Tesla owners to take advantage of their clean energy charging capabilities.

The latest 4.19 update on the Tesla app offers information about charging speed and capacity, plus the extra solar power that’s been generated by Tesla. This follows in the footsteps of brands like Apple who have also implemented versions of this kind of clean energy charging for their products, such as iPhones.

Drive On Sunshine

Drive On Sunshine

Tesla is bridging the gap between solar energy and electric vehicles with their new release, “Drive on Sunshine”. The feature, which will be available through the Tesla app soon, will allow drivers to charge up their EVs using any surplus energy generated from their solar panels, a clean and convenient solution.

Tesla is making waves with their upcoming feature that allows car owners to charge up their vehicles with the surplus energy generated by their homes. No longer will you have to worry about a lack of electricity – your home’s excess energy can now be used to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.

Solar panel owners were always left in a bind whenever their panels are producing more energy than necessary. Until now, the only option was to direct this surplus energy into the Powerwalls, but once these have reached capacity, any leftover electricity had to be sent back to the grid.

With Tesla’s upcoming feature, car owners can finally make full use of this extra energy and charge their cars with it. Twitter account @Tesla_App_iOS Updates gave an insight on the coding strings of the upcoming features in a tweet. Let’s see how real-world applications make waves for EV owners.

How It Will Work?

With the Tesla app, you now have more control over your electric vehicle than ever before. The introduction of the new ‘Drive on Sunshine’ feature gives drivers the opportunity to charge their vehicles with clean, renewable energy derived from their own solar panels.

This enables two charging sliders within the Tesla app where you can set a minimum and maximum charge limit for your EV – allowing you to decide how much clean solar energy is used to power up your car each day.

Setting limits on the amount of charge your electric vehicle can draw from a solar system is essential for managing energy resources responsibly. A maximum limit should be set daily, such as 60%, ensuring that no more energy than necessary is used.

However, setting a higher limit, such as 90%, allows your car to charge to capacity when your solar system produces extra energy that cannot be stored. By doing this, you are taking advantage of available resources and reducing strain on the electrical grid.

Tesla owners can ensure their vehicles are always fully charged and at the same time, reduce strain on the grid by specifying their desired charging times and locations. Moreover, set limits determine how much charge is allowed to be drawn from a solar system. By doing this, owners can take advantage of available energy resources and avoid wasting excess energy.

Tesla App Latest Update Features

With the new Tesla feature, owners are able to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by taking advantage of renewable solar energy. This allows them to charge their cars using an eco-friendly, sustainable source of energy – from start to finish – transforming the entire charging and driving experience.

Think of it as an automatic way to charge your EVs in the greenest way possible. The latest update to the app promises a brand new feature – the ability to charge your vehicle at home with solar energy! No release date for the feature has been announced yet, but it is consistent with the automaker’s recent commitment to green and sustainable power sources.

Here are the likely highlights of the feature:

  • Powerwall charging integration.
  • Option to set time and location to charge on excess solar only.
  • Subscription model for non-Tesla owners.
  • Membership at $12.99, with no premium charges.

The new Tesla app update introduces the “Drive on Sunshine” feature, plus a subscription offer for non-Tesla EV owners. For just $12.99 a month, these drivers can now access the same charging rates as Tesla owners at the Supercharger stations. The membership cost will allow non-Tesla EV owners to enjoy magic dock supercharging at Tesla Superchargers with no premium charges included.

Moreover, Tesla recently released their Powerwall battery storage system for purchase separately from a solar array, providing customers with further clean charging alternatives.

Tesla’s Drive on Sunshine feature is a major milestone in their mission to make EV ownership as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. This new update further demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating a brighter, greener future for all.

What To Expect In The Future?

Tesla has always been at the forefront of innovation in electric vehicle production and now they’re taking it one step further with their newest addition, Drive on Sunshine. This revolutionary feature allows for an unprecedented connection between solar energy and EVs, making the process of charging up your car easier than ever before.

Using the Tesla app, drivers can now charge their electric vehicles with any excess energy generated from their own solar panels. This means that never again will you have to worry about running out of battery power – clean and efficient, just like the sun!

Tesla’s Powerwall has several advantages for those interested in renewable energy sources. The battery is equipped with a powerful storage capacity, enabling it to store energy from solar panels and other sources until needed at night or when the grid is operating on non-renewable energy. This helps ensure that power consumption remains green and sustainable.

Powerwall is also compact and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, making it easy and convenient to set up in most locations. Moreover, the Powerwall offers an efficient way for people to reduce their electricity costs by using stored energy whenever possible.

Tesla is embracing eco-friendly solutions and recently made their Powerwall available as a standalone product. Customers now have the option of purchasing the battery storage system without needing to buy a solar array.

Similarly, Apple now offers its customers the option to set their iPhones to “Clean Energy Charging,” a setting that ensures renewable energy is used to charge their phones. With these two initiatives, Tesla and Apple are both taking steps toward a greener future.


Drive on Sunshine offers a range of benefits to Tesla owners. It’s a convenient way for drivers to charge their cars as it eliminates the need for tedious trips to a charging station or waiting around for hours at home while your vehicle slowly recharges.

As well as convenience, utilizing Drive on Sunshine is also far more environmentally friendly than traditional methods of charging – only using clean, renewable energy sources. It also provides cost savings compared to other options since you are using your own power rather than purchasing electricity from a third-party supplier.

Tesla is furthering its commitment to sustainability by introducing a feature that allows owners of electric vehicles to charge their cars with energy generated from sources such as solar panels. Using the Powerwall, any excess energy produced can be stored in the battery and used to charge the vehicle, removing the need for fossil fuels or related projects. This allows electric vehicle owners to stay 100% green while they drive and power their homes.

Tesla’s Drive on Sunshine is set to revolutionize how we use solar energy and electric cars; creating a convenient and eco-friendly solution for powering up your vehicle. Please share your views on what you think is going to make Tesla greener, and be sure to keep an eye out for this new suite of features on the Tesla app to see the new solar charging feature!

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