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Tesla Added New Design Accent and Heated Steering Wheel to Model 3

Tesla Model 3 has received an interesting amount of updates in recent times. While Tesla introduced the 2021 Model 3 with a design refresh in October 2020, this design update is still ongoing. And Tesla has continued the trend of launching the updates in China, before bringing them in the USA. This time, they have added a heated steering wheel, along with an interior accent from the Model Y.

New Design Accent and Heated Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3 in China

At the time of its initial launch, the refreshed Model 3 came with changes that were based on the design of the Model Y. With the Model Y design based on the same foundation as the Model 3, some of these initial changes were expected. And now, following some minor recent changes to the Model Y, Tesla has decided to make these changes for the Model 3 as well.

Tesla Added New Design Accent and Heated Steering Wheel to Model 3

The 2021 Model 3 Design Refresh

When Tesla officially launched the 2021 Model 3, they brought in a host of changes. A chrome delete was inspired from the Model Y, while the overall interior look became more luxurious with the leather finish around the centre console. Tesla also introduced a powered trunk, and the addition of the heat pump led to a smaller frunk.

Apart from this, they also gave all three variants a new battery pack. This resulted in a range boost of 13, 16 and 30 miles (21, 26 and 48 km) for the Standard Range, Performance and Long Range Plus respectively. The acceleration timings from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) also improved for all three variants.

It seems, however, that this design refresh is still an ongoing process. Tesla will continue to make minor changes to the Model 3, keeping it in touch with the Model Y. Last year’s market surge was largely due to these two vehicles, and Tesla would want to keep them updated as much as possible.

Making Changes in China

Tesla has continued its trend of bringing these changes to its vehicles in China first. Once they start distributing the cars with these new updates, it is expected that they will bring them to the USA as well.

Last week, Tesla announced certain changes to the design of Model Y. At that time, they introduced a new wooden panel in the front door. They also decreased the price of the vehicle in China, reducing it by almost $17,000, thanks to the assembly of the Model Y starting in the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Now, they have also added this wooden panel to the Model 3. It seems like a cat-and-mouse game of sorts between two of their own cars. The Model Y was updated to match the features of the Model 3, and also got some new features of its own. Now, they matched features in the Model 3 with those new additions.

This new wooden panel is a part of the premium interior version, which is available for Model 3 Performance buyers. This premium interior also includes the heated steering wheel, which is a long-awaited option. However, with Tesla not differentiating between the variants from a hardware point-of-view, it is expected that the heated steering wheel will be standard. Buyers of the other variants might get the heated steering wheel option through a software update.

Our Opinion

This is an interesting gameplan that Tesla is following. They know that Model 3 and Y are their most popular cars right now. Be it the newer designs or the cheaper prices, these two vehicles are bringing in a lot of sales. Hence, they keep introducing small updates in either of these cars. And then they match the same updates in the other.

What this does is keep the audience engaged, and that is keeping the two vehicles in the news all the time. It also helps to keep the designs relevant in an ever-evolving market. And having introduced these changes in China, it won’t be long before they are seen in Fremont.

Mihir Tasgaonkar
Mihir Tasgaonkar
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