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Maserati Launches Levante Hybrid, Uses 330-HP Hybrid Powertrain From Ghibli Sedan

Maserati launched the Levante Hybrid today in a digital world premiere. The vehicle shares its powertrain with the Ghibli sedan, as expected. Maserati’s Head of Product Development Francesco Tonon said that a plug-in hybrid would have added too much weight. Instead, with a little electrical assistance to the engine, Maserati managed to reduce weight as compared to the V6 petrol setup. And with the small battery pack mounted in the rear half, the weight distribution has improved as well.

Powertrain Details

The Maserati Levante Hybrid has a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Maserati combines this with an integrated starter-generator. This recovers energy during braking and deceleration, which in turns charges the battery pack. This battery powers the eBooster 48V electric motor which provides slightly more power during acceleration and also at low engine speeds. There is an eight-speed automatic transmission too.

The hybrid powertrain not only helps the weight distribution but also cuts emissions by 18%. The result is a 325-hp output, along with a 450 N-m torque. The major difference between the Ghibli and Levante is that the SUV gets a four-wheel-drive setup. 100% of the torque can be sent to the rear wheels, with 50% available for the front wheels when required. And the all-wheel-drive setup and extra load of being an SUV compared to Ghibli are evident in the acceleration timing. The Ghibli sedan can go from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) in 5.7 seconds. The Levante is slightly slower with a 6.0-second timing. It also gets a 240-kph (149-mph) top speed.


Maserati has brought a mild facelift to the previous Levante design. This includes a new grille, new boomerang rear lights and a new infotainment system with an 8.4-inch display. There’s also a new GT trim with plenty of chrome for the front bumper and grille, bespoke badging and range-topping interior materials. The hybrid models will get blue accents and stitching. The blue detailing also highlights the side air vents, brake callipers and side logo.

Interior features include driver-assist on highways, which uses a radar and camera setup. It helps keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane. An intelligent assistant offers an innovative and personalized user experience. The infotainment system has a curved glass display. The air quality sensor calculates external pollution levels and ensures the air quality inside is comfortable for the passengers. The four-zone climate control allows a different climate setting for almost every passenger. And finally, a premium Harman Kardon sound system with Bowers and Wilkins surround sound system helps enrich your overall experience.

Maserati’s Future Plans

People have been waiting for an electric Maserati, but that will take time. Of course, the hybrid models are first on Maserati’s mind, with the Grecale SUV coming later this year. That SUV will also be a hybrid. If you want a fully electric Maserati, you’ll have to wait till next year. The Maserati Gran Turismo is coming in electric form and it is expected to be really good. There will also be two more electric vehicles later next year. The Gran Cabrio will hit first, and of course, it will challenge the electric luxury sedans in the market. There is also the MC20 electric supercar coming.

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