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Here’s How a Woman’s Choice to Live in a Tesla Saved Her $2000 Monthly

Stephanie Virovec, a native of Canada, left her homeland of Alberta and moved to the US where she lived for a number of years with her ex-partner.

After they broke up, she chose to change her life completely. She left her job as a Costco shop assistant, gave up her condo, and moved in with her pets, cat Finley, and dog Snow in a 2020 long-range Tesla.

“I wanted to try the nomadic lifestyle because I realized that the life I had been living in my condo was not well-suited to me. I was struggling with my mental health, and especially, once COVID-19 began, I realized how short life was,” Stephanie shared. “I decided to go live while I could, instead of sitting in my condo afraid of everything!”

The content creator said, “My ex was very kind to gift me the Tesla, as a way for me to take a road trip home to Canada.”

Stephanie grabbed her animal pals and converted her electric 4-wheeler into the perfect living space. She wanted to see more of the city, and at the same time, saved some bucks along the way.

Women Live in Tesla

A Tesla Transformed into a Cozy Home

I’ve actually got tonnes of space, she stated in a video tour of her Tesla car, which she has named Roxanne.

The YouTuber showed her viewers an exclusive look into her life as a driver. Her Tesla setup includes a small bed, a litter box, and lots of miscellaneous storage space. She has a portable stove, cooking equipment, nonperishable food, and sweets in the second trunk, which is at the front of the car.

Her Tesla accommodates two trunks, the storage space houses a lawn chair, a solar panel to harness renewable energy, a convenient fold-down kennel for her pets, her figure skates for those impromptu ice-skating adventures, and an assortment of odds and ends, including her trusty winter coat.

Delving further into her Tesla, Stephanie masterfully showcased the interior of her fiery red 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range. The four seats remain in their intended positions, preserving the comfort and practicality of the vehicle. Impressively, even with the seats in place, the Tesla boasts an impressive 68 cubic feet of cargo volume, a testament to its versatile design.

For her personal resting area, Stephanie has ingeniously incorporated a twin mattress that she skillfully trimmed to perfectly fit the contours of her car. While she possesses a surplus of pillows, numbering around 7 to 8, she’s made a conscious choice to keep just one for her sleeping comfort. The other pillowcases find a dual purpose, serving as both storage units for her clothes and a means of maximizing space.

Living with Furry Companions

Stephanie not only embraces the nomadic lifestyle herself but also shares her journey with her beloved pets. Among her furry companions, her cat holds a special place. Positioned right next to her bed, Stephanie proudly asserts that the litter box’s placement is the epitome of feline convenience, a choice that perfectly caters to her pet’s needs.

She cleverly situates her shower bag within arm’s reach of her driver’s seat. This strategic placement empowers her to swiftly venture into a range of locations – from leisure centers to gyms, truck stops, friends’ homes, and even natural water bodies – ensuring a refreshing escape from her on-the-go lifestyle.

With an eye for practicality, Stephanie strategically allocates space for essential supplies. Cleaning materials and skincare products find their home in the front compartments of her car, a testament to her organized living style. Notably, the headrests of her passenger seat double as efficient hangers, accommodating her trash bag, dog harness, and laundry bag, optimizing her available space.

Stephanie’s pet-oriented attentiveness extends further. Positioned conveniently by the steering wheel, she keeps an array of items like hair ties, dog collars, and even her “emergency potty jug” filled with dog food and required medications for her pets. Her thoughtfulness becomes particularly apparent with her ingenious addition of 3D-printed window button coverings, a safeguard against her pets accidentally lowering the windows.

She has masterfully adapted to preparing meals wherever she finds herself. Armed with a portable battery bank to power her hot plate and an arsenal of cooking utensils always within reach, she ensures her meals remain a flavorful and fulfilling experience.

Stephanie’s approach to dishwashing involves a combination of paper towels and a food-safe all-purpose spray, ensuring efficient cleaning without excessive waste. Her dedication to efficient living is a testament to her thoughtful and sustainable lifestyle.

Savings and Financial Freedom

Stephanie acknowledged that she does own a condo in Canada, but she rents it out in order to make money so she can travel.

She traveled more than 38,000 miles (approximately 78,000km) and had 9 months of full-time living in the Tesla.

Stephanie gushed, “I love the Tesla because it has climate control, it’s a little stealthier, and I can charge [the car] for free a lot of the time.”

Stephanie stated that since deciding to live on the road as an unemployed person, she has been able to save $2,000 (P113,000) every month on rent and other expenses.

In contrast to the $3,500 per month she would spend if she were living in a condo, she now spends $1,500, with the majority of her spending going towards parking, campsite fees, food, and phone bills.

The Nomad Lifestyle Unveiled

For several years, Stephanie followed van lifers online. In March 2022, Stephanie left using what she had learnt. Fortunately, so far Model Y didn’t require any repairs.

“I haven’t formally renovated anything, at least not yet, Although I intend to remove the back seats and possibly install a lift kit, for the time being, I simply keep them folded down with my mattress directly on top”, she said.

There are several advantages for Stephanie to living in a car, but she claims the primary one is that “every day is truly different.”

She continued, “I also have a touch screen, which is great for watching Netflix or YouTube.”

“Dog mode on the vehicle enables me to leave the animals inside while also running the heat or air conditioning, locking the doors and windows, and showing the inside camera and temperature to my phone.”

“This provides the comfort I need so that I can go grocery shopping or take a shower knowing the pets are safe.”

Stephanie makes use of public facilities to her advantage when she’s cooking, cleaning up after herself, or taking a shower. I take showers at truck stops, gyms, campers, and homes that belong to friends and relatives.

Exploring the Open Road

She is currently travelling to British Columbia after previously visiting Montana, Washington, Idaho, Utah, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Arizona.

She added, “I spend money on the occasional parking spot, campsite fees, my phone bill, and food.”

“Instead, when I was living in the flat, I had to pay for the car on top of the mortgage and insurance.”

She spends her days taking her pets on walks, chilling out in coffee shops, working out, or enjoying the outdoors.

They either set up camp or park their vehicles on the side of the road to stay there.

Future Aspirations and Beyond

Stephanie is happy to simply keep traveling for the time being because she doesn’t have any “firm” plans for the future.

I believe that at some time in the future, I’ll be doing a road trip to the east coast of Canada and then across the eastern United States, she added.

“At the moment, I intend to reside in the Tesla until I find the ideal van or tiny house to move to next, whichever comes first!”


Stephanie’s journey encapsulates resilience, adaptability, and courage. Her nomadic life in a Tesla redefines possibilities, inspiring others to break free from norms and explore the unknown. Her story encourages embracing life’s twists and turns, finding extraordinary experiences in unexpected places.

Beyond the intangible rewards, Stephanie’s journey also exemplifies the power of financial prudence. With remarkable savings of $2,000 per month compared to her previous expenses, her story becomes a beacon for those seeking both adventurous living and sound financial choices.

It’s a reminder that the path less traveled is often the one that leads to the most profound discoveries, both within ourselves and in the world around us. Her story is a resounding affirmation that the journey is as significant as the destination and that embracing life’s uncertainties can lead to the most extraordinary experiences.

Yaajyaansh Bhardwaj
Yaajyaansh Bhardwaj
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