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Super Long Range Version of Tesla Model Y Coming Soon

Tesla Model Y is one of the least selling Tesla vehicles. The Model Y comes in three range limits with a maximum range limit of 326 miles on a single charge called the long range version. The short range versions with a range of only 250 miles sold only in Hong Kong due to the relatively short travel distances in the city. Range anxiety has led to many people deferring to buy electric cars. The latest Model Y will alleviate this range anxiety by offering a range of 397 miles (640km) in a single charge.

Super long range Model Y

Super Long Range Version of Tesla Model Y Coming Soon

Tesla is calling this newer Model Y, the ‘Super Long Range Model Y’. According to a report by The Driven, Tesla has filed for permits for a Model Y with these new range ratings. Chinese regulators have changed the requirements for their subsidy program for electric vehicles which has increased research and development in the electric vehicle industry. The policy states that if the electric vehicle has a range between 300 miles to 400 miles, it is eligible for a subsidy of CNY 16,200. For a range of 400 miles or more, a vehicle is eligible for a subsidy of CNY 22,500.

These strict regulations have prompted companies like Tesla to launch the Longer range version of the Tesla Model Y in the Chinese market. A range of 400 miles is sufficient for a vehicle which is travelling for longer distances as well. Elon Musk has stated that it is very rare for a person to travel more than 400 miles without a break eating or a washroom break.

The 397 miles (640 km) will likely translate to 342 miles [550 km-NEDC(China & Australia); 565km-EPA(USA); 584 km-WLTP(Europe)] in real world driving conditions. This is also substantial for an electric crossover and makes Tesla Model Y the leader in its segment. The vehicle range is calculated using NEDC which is in use in China and Australia. Model Y is not yet available in Australia but it will be soon. Three right hand drive Model Y’s were shipped to Australia most likely for testing and certification. Tesla Model Y deliveries have just begun in Europe in Germany, Norway and the Netherlands.

Tesla’s New Battey Pack

Tesla has likely employed new and improved battery chemistries for increasing the vehicle range. In China, Tesla mainly uses the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells in its battery packs due to the huge production capacity of such cells in China. In September 2020, Tesla introduced a newer cell which is bigger and contactless called 4680 tabless cells meaning they have a diameter of 46mm and a height of 80mm with no positive and negative terminals. This cell is said to have more energy density than the Panasonic cells that Tesla used in earlier versions of its cars. The new Model Y has 15% more range than its predecessor; this coincides with the percentage told by the Tesla team at battery day.

In GigaFactories in Berlin, Fremont and Texas Model 3 and Model Y are still being produced using the older cell geometry of 2170 that is cell diameter 21mm and cell height is 70mm instead of the newer 4680 geometry. It is unclear how Tesla managed to get near a 400 mile range but many speculations are made. The price of the newer Model Y is speculated to be around $100,000 in accordance with the Long Range Tesla Model S which costs around $ 110,900.

Model Y China Version

The new Tesla Model Y with 397 miles of range is currently only registered in China. Recently, Tesla’s Shanghai plant reached a capacity of producing 1000 Model Y’s daily. A huge number of these cars are made for the international market, not the local one. The number of Model Y’s produced per day significantly superseded the number of Model 3’s. In the catalogue issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 4 versions of the Model Y are listed namely Standard Range (only sold in Hong Kong), Standard Range Plus, Long Range and performance.

The Model Y has climbed its way into the longest range electric vehicles on the planet consisting mostly of Teslas. The Tesla Model S Long range tops the list at a range of 405 miles. These longer range models are luring potential customers and profits have already started increasing for Tesla. Last month Tesla’s quarterly profit surpassed USD 1 billion. Tesla is pioneering the advancements in the Electric Vehicle Industry and pushing other automobile giants to do better. Tesla Model Y is at the top of the list of Electric Vehicle crossovers.

Battery Capacity of Tesla Model Y

The new near 400 mile range Tesla Model Y is a dual motor drive vehicle. It consists of two motors; one 137 KW motor on the front axle of the car and another motor of 184 KW on the rear axle of the car. This combination of motors can give a maximum torque of 559 Nm. This type of drive increases the power consumption of the car. The capacity of the battery for the new Model Y is unknown. For comparison, the Tesla Model S Long Range outputs a range of 405 miles in a single charge using a 104KWh battery. Model S weighs more than the old Model Y with a range of 326 miles which has a usable battery capacity of 76 KWh. The newer Model Y will presumably have more battery capacity for the proposed range.

Our Thoughts

To increase the rate of deployment of electric mobility solutions, many countries are taking action by granting tax breaks and subsidies while buying new electric vehicles. At the same time regulations like the ones in China are motivating companies like Tesla to make their technology better by providing Long range vehicles in the largest automobile market on the planet- China. 

The near 400 mile Super Long Range Tesla Model Y with dual motor drive will likely boost Tesla sales and provide healthy competition in the automobile sector. Tesla is setting new milestones for Electric Vehicles and helping the world achieve net zero emissions.

Raajas Joshi
Raajas Joshi
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