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Bentley Unveils 1400-HP Electric Vehicle with Jaw-Dropping 0-60mph in 1.5 Seconds

Bentley, the renowned British luxury carmaker, has announced the development of an all-electric car that boasts a staggering 1,400 horsepower and a 0-60mph time of just 1.5 seconds. The announcement of this high-performance electric vehicle marks a significant shift for the brand, as they embrace the future of sustainable mobility.

Bentley’s upcoming EV will offer a range of 350 to 450 miles on a single charge and take less than 20 minutes to replenish the battery pack from 10 to 80 percent. The new EVs will feature two battery specifications, with sporty Speed-badged models benefiting from “the W12 of batteries.”

Here’s what we know so far!

1400-HP Bentley EV

1400 HP Bentley EV

Bentley’s new electric car will be powered by an advanced electric powertrain, capable of producing a remarkable 1,400 horsepower, which will be transferred to the wheels via an advanced four-wheel drive system. The car’s electric powertrain has been developed in-house by Bentley, who have worked tirelessly to ensure the car delivers both the power and the range expected of a premium electric vehicle.

The new electric car will feature advanced battery technology, with a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge. This range will be achieved through the use of advanced regenerative braking technology, which will help to recapture energy lost during braking and deceleration.

In addition to its impressive performance and range, the Bentley electric car will also feature a cutting-edge design, with a sleek and aerodynamic body, complemented by luxurious interior finishes and advanced technology features.


When it comes to electric cars, range anxiety can be a real concern. But fear not because Bentley’s got your back. The company’s CEO has promised that their upcoming EVs will be able to go the distance, with a range of 350 to 450 miles on a single charge. That’s plenty of time to cruise around town or take a road trip without having to constantly worry about finding a charging station.

And if you do need to top up, don’t fret – the battery pack can go from 10 to 80 percent in under 20 minutes. So you can grab a quick coffee break and be back on the road in no time. With a range and charging time like this, you’ll be able to enjoy the open road without any of the usual EV headaches.


According to Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark, the design of the upcoming all-electric vehicle will be updated from the current look of the Bentley lineup. He also mentioned that the design won’t be following any trend in the EV market. He said that the company won’t be making them look like typical electric cars. Hallmark’s statement indicates that Bentley is aiming for a unique design that still captures the company’s luxurious style without trying to fit into a pre-existing mould in the EV market. The specific body style of the new EV has not yet been revealed.


the upcoming EV variants will have a price tag of over €250,000 ($262,250). This puts it in the same range as the now-discontinued Mulsanne, which was the brand’s flagship sedan. However, Hallmark clarified that the new EV won’t be a sedan, hinting at the possibility of a grand tourer design.

He also emphasized that the brand will not try to make their EVs look like other electric cars and that the design will be updated from their current look without following any specific EV trend.


Bentley is not holding back when it comes to the power of its upcoming electric vehicles. In fact, the company’s CEO has promised that the sporty Speed-badged models will have access to a special battery that he’s calling “the W12 of batteries.” That means these EVs will be packing some serious power, with electric motors that can deliver anywhere from 50 to 100 percent more power than traditional combustion engines.

CEO Adrian Hallmark has hinted that the company is already working on an electric vehicle that could deliver a mind-boggling 1,400 hp and a blistering 0 to 60 mph time of just 1.5 seconds. If the company can deliver on this promise, it will truly be a game-changer for the world of high-performance electric vehicles.

With these kinds of specs, Bentley is clearly not compromising on performance, even as they transition to electric power. So get ready for a whole new era of high-performance luxury cars – the electric revolution is coming, and Bentley is leading the way.

Official End Of W12 Production

Bentley, the uber-fancy carmaker, is making big changes to its cars in the coming times. They’re going to stop making some engines in 2030, including the W12, V6, and V8. Instead, they’ll make only electric cars. Their first electric car will come out probably in 2025 or 2026.

The CEO, Adrian Hallmark, talked about the new cars in an interview with Autocar magazine. He shared some cool details about the electric cars they’re making.

Bentley recently declared that it will discontinue making its famous W12 engine next year. The final 12-cylinder Bentley vehicle will be produced in April 2024. However, the company will still offer hybrid and V8 options. The W12 engine was first introduced in 2003, and Bentley has manufactured over 100,000 units since then.

What Do We Know So Far?

The announcement of the new Bentley electric car is a significant step for the brand, as it demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future and its desire to embrace the latest technological advancements in the automotive industry.

Bentley’s CEO, Adrian Hallmark, has spilled the beans that the car is expected to be available for purchase in the coming years and is sure to be a highly sought-after addition to the growing market of premium electric vehicles.

Here are the highlights:

  • Bentley has decided to finally dip its toes into the pool of electrification.
  • The company is shelling out a whopping £2.5 billion ($2.64 billion) to convert its entire lineup to electric vehicles over the next ten years.
  • Their debut EV is set to hit the market in 2025, and it’s rumoured to be a fancy luxury coupe, inspired by the EXP 100 GT concept.
  • The electric ride will deliver a mammoth 1,400 horsepower and a lightning-fast 0-60 mph time of 1.5 seconds.

What To Expect In The Future?

According to Bentley’s CEO, Adrian Hallmark, the electric coupe will be a luxurious, high-end vehicle that comes with a hefty price tag. He stated that the car will start at “over €250,000 ($263,840)” which is a significant amount of money. This high price point means that the electric coupe will sit at the very top of Bentley’s lineup, making it an exclusive and elite option for those with deep pockets. With its impressive performance, advanced technology features, and sleek design, it’s clear that Bentley is aiming to position their electric car as a top-tier offering in the luxury electric vehicle market.

Bentley is gearing up for a big push towards electrification, with ambitious plans for the future. After the launch of its first EV in 2025, the company plans on introducing four more electric models between 2026 and 2030.

This is part of Bentley’s “Five in Five” plan, which aims to have their entire lineup electrified within five years. To support this transition, the automaker is building a brand new factory in Crewe, England. This facility will be dedicated to the production of electric vehicles and will allow Bentley to ramp up production to meet the growing demand for sustainable luxury cars. With these bold moves, Bentley is poised to make a significant impact on the future of the automotive industry.

Bentley is getting ready to make some major changes to the way they manufacture their luxury vehicles. Their brand new “dream factory” will be a state-of-the-art facility that employs over 4,000 people, and will be dedicated exclusively to the production of electric cars.

What’s more, this carbon-neutral factory will use only renewable energy sources to power its operations, making it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice. The new factory is set to be fully operational by 2030, which means that in just a few short years, Bentley will be producing high-end electric cars on a massive scale.

With these exciting developments, Bentley is proving that they’re committed to leading the way in sustainable luxury transportation.


In conclusion, Bentley is taking significant strides towards electrification by investing £2.5 billion or $3.4 billion to convert its lineup to electric over the next decade. The company’s first all-electric car is set to release in 2025, with four more electric models to follow between 2026 and 2030. The dream Bentley factory in Crewe, Manchester England, will have over 4,000 employees and exclusively produce EVs, with the carbon-neutral facility using only renewable energy.

This is definitely a step towards the future of sustainable driving and a bold move for a company that’s known for its gas-guzzling beasts.

Let’s wait for more details to uncurl on this one as Bentley sure stays in the limelight for all the good reasons. It would be fascinating to see the luxury car maker run bottle-necks with EV market dominants like Tesla. What are your views on the upcoming speedy Electric Bentley Beast?

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