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Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Outclasses Dodge Challenger Even With A Delayed Start In Quarter-Mile

We’ve been hearing news about how insanely quick the Model S Plaid is for quite some time now. First, we were hearing it through Tesla’s claims, but now that deliveries have started, we are hearing it from customers too. Videos have been coming up, magazines are reviewing the vehicle and customers are testing it on tracks. Now, we have a new video that pretty easily diminishes any doubts about how quick Plaid is.

Tesla Model S Plaid Vs Dodge Challenger

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Dodge Challenger Quarter-Mile

Model S Plaid owner Emmet Peppers recently went to the SMI Sonoma Raceway to try out his new car on the track. And how better to test it out than running some quarter-mile runs? He had quite a challenge too (pun intended). A Dodge Challenger was up against Emmet.

But in recent times, electric vehicles have proven to be too hot to handle in quarter-mile drag races against combustion vehicles. And so, Emmet decided to have some fun. He gave the Dodge a head start and still managed to easily win. Keep in mind that Peppers is not a professional driver. And just to tell you how quick the Plaid is, Peppers actually had to brake towards the end for fear he may be kicked off the track. Yes, the Plaid might just be too fast.

The official timing on the clock for Emmet’s Model S Plaid was 9.71 seconds. That’s quite impressive for a delayed start and braked finish. The speed trap was 149.12 mph (240 kph).

Watching further videos of this race shows that Peppers was very clearly taking it easy. He let his challengers have an easy head-start. He then chased them down, passed them and then braked hard. This sent the car a bit off-course, and he still managed to recover and win.

NHRA Regulations

There has also been a lot of talk about National Hot Rod Association regulations for the Plaid. Some tracks may not allow people to race the Model S Plaid, as it does not have the appropriate safety features for a highly accelerating car. The NHRA has special regulations for 9-second cars and cars with a trap speed of greater than 150 mph.

Maybe, we could see Plaid vehicles with aftermarket roll cages and parachutes coming to the tracks. It may seem a little ridiculous to try and do that. But the Plaid is definitely made for ridiculous levels of performance. So if people want to race the Plaid to its fullest capability, and NHRA won’t allow them to do so without the threat of disqualification, then they may make the necessary safety modifications.

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Mihir Tasgaonkar
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