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Tesla Model S Plaid Breaks All the Barriers: 0-60 MPH in 1.99 Sec, 301KM in 15 Mins, 1020 HP Power & More

9 years after Tesla first delivered their premium sedan, the Model S, they have now begun deliveries for the latest version, the Plaid. And quite frankly, it is easily the best of the lot and one of the best production vehicles ever made. While a range of 390 miles (628 km) is very good for any electric sedan, that is not what Tesla focused on for this car. It is the speed and acceleration that makes this car one to beat. For the first time, a production vehicle will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) in less than 2 seconds. And as Elon puts it, you have to experience it to believe it, because it hasn’t been achieved yet.

Tesla Model S Plaid Elon Musk

Tesla Model S Plaid Breaks All the Barriers

Inside the Model S Plaid Powertrain

Of course, it has everything else that you would want in a Tesla car. Supercharging will add 187 miles (301 km) in just 15 minutes. Other major features include a 200 mph (322 kph) top speed, a record-breaking quarter-mile timing of 9.23 seconds, and peak power of 1020 hp. This power obviously comes from the tri-motor powertrain, which Tesla has developed under the Palladium project for around a year now.

Tesla Model S Plaid Powertrain

The new motors, with torque vectoring, also come with carbon-sleeved rotors inside them, which is a first. This makes the electromagnetic field very efficient too. The idea behind it is that for accelerating from 0 to 200 mph (322 kph) on a single transmission ratio, the range of motor speed is very high (around 20,000 RPM). So the centrifugal force that the coil exerts on the rotor is very high. The carbon wrapping on the rotor actually helps keep the rotors in place. The fact that you can pick up this motor which can accelerate a 2-ton vehicle from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) in less than 2 seconds speaks volumes about the efficiency.

Tesla Model S Plaid Drag Coefficient

Another factor contributing to this overall vehicular efficiency is the drag coefficient. Model S Plaid has the lowest drag coefficient on any production car, boasting a figure of 0.208. Elon also added that this is the practical figure of the drag coefficient, not the theoretical.

HVAC System

The new heat pump also helps with the efficiency of the Model S Plaid. It gives a 30% better cold-weather range and uses 50% less energy for heating the cabin in freezing conditions. It is a known fact that electric vehicles lose a lot of range in cold weather conditions because the battery has to operate outside its ideal conditions. However, Musk claims that there will be very little range reduction in cold weather conditions in the Plaid. The radiator is also almost twice as big, which helps to maintain the temperature of the powertrain within limits and allows back-to-back 0-60 runs without performance degradation.

Tesla Model S Plaid Thermals


The Plaid is engineered for 5-star safety, although it is yet to be tested by the government authorities. Musk claims that it can give the lowest probability of injury in any production car ever. This doesn’t seem far-fetched either. Of all the vehicles ever crash-tested, the top five vehicles with the lowest injury probability are Tesla cars.

5 Star Safety Tesla Model S Plaid


The orientation of the main touchscreen is changed from portrait to landscape mode, which gives a better viewing experience. There are ventilated front seats and the yoke steering wheel as well. The stalks on the steering wheel no longer exist either.

The second row has also been redesigned, which allows for extra legroom and headroom. Fast charging ports for mobile phones and laptops are also present. The system can connect with multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Tesla has used hidden vents for the air-conditioning and improved the overall efficiency of the air circulation as well. The 17″ touchscreen has wonderful video quality, perfect for watching movies as well as playing games. It also has a 60 FPS display and a new sound system with 22 speakers designed by Tesla Audio. The acoustic glass on the entire vehicle ensures very good noise isolation.

Our Opinion

The Model S Plaid is out for deliveries finally. After a lot of postponements and delays, one of the finest-performing electric vehicles will be out on the roads now. The fact that it can do so many multiple things at the same time is itself quite an accomplishment. A performance-oriented vehicle with crazy acceleration capabilities, but at the same time, it can do 390 miles (628 km). It can seat five people and will most probably have the best safety for protecting those five people. With the cancellation of the Model S Plaid+, this vehicle bridges the gap between the Model S Long Range and the upcoming Tesla Roadster. Of course, this doesn’t come at a very affordable price.

Due to the cancellation of the Model S Plaid+, Tesla has also increased the price of the Plaid version by a staggering $10,000. It now costs $129,990. It is still cheaper than some other high-performance electric sedans which are out in the market or coming soon. The Model S Plaid is the most expensive Tesla vehicle till now, but with this kind of product, not many people will be complaining.

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