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Tesla Is All Set to Release Track Mode for Its Non-performance Cars

Have you ever wished your Tesla had a little more edge on the track?

Track Mode allows drivers to customize their vehicle’s handling and performance for optimal use on racetracks.

With this mode activated, the car’s battery, and power distribution is optimized for track driving and the suspension settings can be adjusted for maximum agility.

But wait, there’s more!

Track Mode also allows drivers to manually adjust the amount of regenerative braking, giving them greater control over their braking and acceleration.

Sounds exciting, right?

Imagine all the adrenaline rush and more with complementing visualization that enhances the all-over experience.

Earlier the Track Mode was available only to Performance or Plaid.

Track Mode can give Tesla owners their own NASCAR moment because Tesla’s Track Mode is here to add some extra spice to the Non-Performance models driving experience.

Let’s find out more!

Track Mode in Non-performance Model

Tesla launched Track Mode in Tesla Model 3 exclusively to create well-deserved hype in 2018. Since then the love and attention to Track Mode got only grown bigger.

The Model 3 Performance got sharper on track circuits with the OTA update of Track Mode to make it more track-ready. Lesser corner rotation, traction, and stability control on Model 3 Performance all the while dynamically getting better.

Tesla Track Mode

Tesla’s track mode version 2 or V2 is an upgraded version of track mode for Tesla vehicles that allows for maximum performance on the racetrack. It allows drivers to customize various preset settings such as traction control and suspension stiffness, giving them more control over their driving experience

Tesla offered track mode V2 with an update of Track Mode for Model S Plaid at the beginning of the year with updates rolling out over time, including improved cooling for the battery and powertrain.

This feature, is now available on select Model S Plaid and Model 3 Performance vehicles, allowing drivers to push their cars to their limits on the track with an enhanced performance experience.

However, Tesla soon might change those dynamics!

Tesla initially offered Track Mode only to Model 3 Performance but the update rollout for Model S Plaid gives hope to Model Y.

Elon Musk too replied “OK” to a user on Twitter when he asked if Model3/Y owners could get Track Mode with Acceleration Boost upgrade.

Track Mode for Tesla Model Y Performance was announced in 2020 but still no sign of it. But the recent software rollout for Plaid and Musk’s response gives hope for non-performance models to get Track Mode soon.

Moreover, we think there is the possibility of Track Mode availability to models other than Acceleration Boost in some capacity if not full-package.

How hard it would be for Tesla to launch significant OTA updates? Right?

What Is Track Mode?

Tesla’s Track Mode allows for enhanced vehicle performance on the track, thanks to its dynamic power distribution and improved cornering abilities. Not only does it provide a thrilling driving experience, but it also showcases the impressive technological capabilities of Tesla’s electric vehicles.

It’s clear that with Track Mode, Tesla is paving the way for the future of high-performance driving.

Although Tesla is always releasing some or other updates on the air. (They are famous for it!) They are definitely good at introducing new features that make significant additions to their amazing cars.

But it’s not just for professional racers, Tesla has made this feature accessible to all by including the option.

So whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, you can now unleash your inner speed star with Tesla Track Mode.

Track Mode Features

If you’re a Tesla owner, you’ve no doubt heard about the cool features of Track Mode available on select vehicles. But do you know exactly what it does and how it can improve your driving experience?

Track Mode takes advantage of the dual motors found in Tesla’s Performance models to actively manage torque to each wheel. This allows for improved handling, cornering, and overall control on the track.

But Track Mode isn’t just for professional racers – it can also be used by any driver looking to enhance their skills and push their car to its limits in a safe and controlled environment.

Here are some incredible features of Tesla Track Mode:

  • Optimized Powertrain Cooling System: The cooling system automatically adjusts while in Track Mode to ensure optimal temperature for performance.
  • Dynamic Power Allocation: Power is dynamically allocated between the front and rear motors for maximum control and handling.
  • Real-Time Energy Display: See how your driving style affects energy usage with the real-time display feature in Track Mode.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Controls: Take manual control of the center of gravity and regenerative braking for a truly customized driving experience. Track Mode allows drivers to control regenerative braking, giving them the option to choose between maximum stopping power or maximizing energy regeneration for longer track sessions.
  • Lateral Torque Vectoring: The torque is actively managed at each wheel for improved cornering and overall control on the track.
  • Adjustable Vehicle Dynamics: Adjustable dampeners and suspension provide the ultimate customization for your track experience. The ability to manually adjust the vehicle’s center of gravity allows for even more precise handling.
  • Adaptive Suspension Damping: Track Mode automatically adjusts the suspension for improved handling and response.
  • Performance UI: A new user interface in the touchscreen display allows for easy access and control of all Track Mode features.

Which Tesla Model Has Track Mode?

The Tesla Model S and Model 3 both have a Track Mode feature. This mode allows the driver to customize their performance settings for an optimal track experience.

The vehicle’s battery, suspension, and traction control are all adjusted to enhance handling and speed on the track.

There is yet to come to any official news for a rollout for other(Read Non Performance)Tesla models.

With Track Mode, drivers can use software settings to have more control over their Tesla’s performance. This allows them tunings so that the vehicle performs like a race car ready for the tracks.

Though it is important to be aware of the weaknesses that come with these updates, and not all models support this function.

Track Mode Drawbacks

The primary drawback of using Track Mode is that the drivers would lose certain features of their Teslas making it less secure while driving.

While some drivers may enjoy the preset options, others might want to fine-tune or customize their performance on the track even more.

Moreover, Track Mode can only be used on certain Tesla models, leaving out owners of other non-performance models of Tesla.

What To Expect In the Future?

Elon Musk has promised several things only to come back and re-promise them over again. However, this is not entirely true.

Does that mean Track Mode is coming to other variants as well?

Well, most probably. There are still chances for the software update rollout to go south as every Tesla model is built differently and requires specialized attention to detail.

Track mode could be a game changer for all Tesla owners who want to take their vehicles to the next level on the racetrack. With Track Mode activated, drivers can truly push their Teslas to the limit and enjoy an exhilarating track experience.

Tesla Performance & Plaid owners already have that feature; it would be great to see more of it in near future!

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