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Tesla to Integrate Wireless Charging in Both New and Existing Cybertrucks

Tesla Cybertruck is already turning heads with its sci-fi inspired design. But this electric pickup could have another futuristic trick up its sleeve – wireless charging. This revelation is from Cybertruck’s service manual which mentions an “Inductive Charging Header,” hints that Tesla vehicles could charge without physical connectors.

If Tesla integrates wireless charging then it would be a huge step forward in convenience for EV owners. imagine – be able to simply park your Cybertruck over a charging pad and have the battery refill itself without any cables or adapters needed. No more fiddling with charge ports or accidentally unplugging halfway through. You’d just drive on and off the charging pad, unburdened.

Cybertruck Wireless Charging

Tesla Cybertruck Wireless Charging Technology

Tesla’s secret initiative named “Project Garfield” aims to make cumbersome charging cables a thing of the past.

Tesla Project Garfield

At the heart of Project Garfield is Tesla’s acquisition of a small wireless charging company called Wiferion. By bringing this specialized expertise in-house, Tesla is doubling down on developing inductive charging technology that can wirelessly power up even their hungriest vehicles like the upcoming Cybertruck.

Tesla’s Chief Designer – Franz von Holzhausen revealed in an interview that the company’s work on developing an inductive charging system that would allow EVs, including the anticipated Cybertruck, to charge by simply parking over a pad. This technology facilitates electricity transfer through magnetic coils without the need for cables.


Tesla’s ambitions for a wirelessly charged future were subtly hinted at during an Investor Day presentation, showcasing a wireless induction charger under a Model S parked in a residential garage. This sneak peek into what could become a standard feature in future Tesla models, including the Cybertruck, underscores the company’s forward-thinking approach to EV technology and infrastructure.

The inclusion of an “Inductive Charging Header” in the Cybertruck’s service manual is more than a technical detail; it’s a declaration of Tesla’s vision for the future of automotive technology. Wireless charging could not only simplify the charging process but also significantly enhance the user experience, offering a glimpse into a future where EV charging is as effortless as parking your vehicle.

Saurav Revankar
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