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Tesla Begins Global Media Invitations for Model 3 Ludicrous Test Drive

Tesla is gearing up for the grand unveiling of its highly anticipated Model 3 Ludicrous edition. The electric car company has begun sending out invitations to media outlets around the world for an exclusive test drive event. This move suggests that Tesla is finally ready to showcase the supercharged version of its popular Model 3 sedan to the public.

The Model 3 Ludicrous has been the subject of intense speculation and curiosity among electric vehicle enthusiasts and industry insiders. With the test drive event on the horizon, the automotive world eagerly awaits the opportunity to experience firsthand the capabilities of Tesla’s latest high-performance offering.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Global Media Invitations
Picture Credit: Reddit/User: ChaddoSan

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Media Invitations for Test Drive

The Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous was recently spotted completely uncovered for the first time in the United States. But it wasn’t just parked anywhere – photographers managed to catch it at the iconic Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Uncovered Sighting in the US

This location is known for its historical launches into space and it seems like the perfect place to tease a vehicle that’s promising to reach new heights of electric performance. After all, this is where some of the most powerful rockets have blasted off into space over the decades.

While Tesla hasn’t officially confirmed details yet, it’s hard not to connect this sighting to an elaborately planned publicity shoot for the Model 3 Ludicrous. By letting it be photographed in such a symbolic location, the company is surely giving fans a sneak peek at the insane speed they can expect from this turbo-charged electric beast.

Notable Features Spotted

The spy shots also gave a peek at some of the performance upgrades Tesla has been cooking up for Model 3 Ludicrous.

  • A sporty front bumper complete with a splitter, hinting at enhanced aerodynamic capabilities.
  • The presence of 20” Warp wheels, notably without aero inserts, suggesting a design choice focused on performance aesthetics.

Global Media Test Drive

Tesla’s invitation to global media for a test driving the Ludicrous model could be a strategic move to drum up excitement and coverage ahead of the official launch. This approach allows Tesla to showcase the Model 3 Ludicrous’s driving dynamics, technological advancements, and unique features in a controlled environment, ensuring that the narrative remains focused on the vehicle’s innovations and performance capabilities.


The recent uncovered sighting of Model 3 Ludicrous combined with Tesla sending out invites for media test drives, points to the automaker being ready to officially take the wraps off its newest speed machine.

By letting press get behind the wheel for early drives, Tesla is signaling that the Model 3 Ludicrous is going to blow away expectations. The company seems to want the world’s motoring journalists to experience the blistering performance first-hand before sharing all the juicy details with the public.

With its aggressive aerodynamics, stripped-down racy styling, and promises of mind-bending acceleration, the Model 3 Ludicrous is poised to reset the bar for electric performance cars.

The countdown is officially on. Tesla looks primed to pull the curtain back on the Model 3 Ludicrous at any moment now. Brace yourself for what could be the most bonkers production EV yet.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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