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Tesla To Finally Bring $25,000 EV, Likely To Be A Scaled Down Model Y

The $25,000 Tesla is set to become a reality sooner than anticipated, as the design phase is reportedly progressing at an accelerated pace. According to a recent report by 36kr, the upcoming vehicle will be a “scaled down” version of the Tesla Model Y, with a more compact format and slightly lower autonomy.

Tesla’s got big plans for a smaller, next-gen platform that’s going to revolutionize the game. Apparently, they’re working on a way to produce EVs that are way cheaper than both the Model 3 and Model Y, which means they’ll be way more affordable to buy, too. And the best part? We won’t have to wait too long to see them on the road. The first of these next-gen EVs will be rolling out of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Mexico, which they’re aiming to build faster than you can say “electric dreams”.

For many years now, there have been talks of an affordable Tesla model that would be accessible to a wider range of consumers. CEO Elon Musk has hinted at a price point of around $25,000, and there has been much anticipation for this new vehicle since it was first mentioned in an interview with YouTuber MKBHD back in 2018. However, despite the excitement surrounding the prospect of a more affordable Tesla, it seems that we may still have to wait sometime before this model becomes a reality.

While there have been various reports and rumours about the car, there is still no firm release date or concrete information available about its specifications or pricing.

Tesla $25,000 EV

Tiny Tesla Model Y Rumors

During a conversation with Brownlee in 2018, Musk expressed the possibility of producing a car with a price point of around $25,000. He stated that achieving this goal would require considerable effort, but he believed it could be accomplished within three to four years.

A recent report out of China sheds light on some exciting details about Tesla’s upcoming model and platform. According to the report, Tesla is aiming to produce a staggering 4 million units of the small crossover per year. The report, published by 36 Krypton, reveals Tesla’s ambitious plans for the production of its upcoming model. While details about the new model are scarce, it’s clear that Tesla has big plans for the vehicle.

A new report has just come out revealing that the design phase of the long-awaited $25,000 Tesla is picking up speed. We now know that this new model will be a “scaled-down” version of the Tesla Model Y, which means it will inherit the same sleek design and futuristic features that we all know and love, but in a more compact format.

Of course, with this smaller size comes slightly lower autonomy, but we can’t make any definitive predictions just yet. After all, Tesla is known for constantly pushing the boundaries of battery technology and unveiling new, more efficient models each year. So, it’s safe to say that this new, more affordable Tesla will be just as impressive and innovative as its more expensive siblings.

Why Tesla Is Planning To Make More Affordable Vehicles?

The report’s translation from Chinese to English by Google Translate may not be perfect, but it’s clear that the news is generating a lot of excitement among Tesla fans and industry insiders alike. With Tesla’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, it’s no surprise that the company is aiming to produce such a large number of units of the upcoming small crossover. It will be fascinating to see what else Tesla has in store for this new model and how it will impact the electric vehicle market.

Tesla, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, is known for producing luxury electric vehicles that have made a significant impact on the automotive industry. Despite the success of its high-end models, Tesla has recognized the need to make more affordable electric vehicles to increase the adoption of sustainable transportation. This report will explore the reasons behind Tesla’s decision to make more affordable vehicles, specifically their plan to produce a $25,000 EV.

The high cost of electric vehicles has been a significant barrier to their widespread adoption. Traditional gasoline-powered cars are generally more affordable than electric vehicles, which has limited the market for EVs. This is particularly true for Tesla’s high-end models, such as the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, which have price tags that are out of reach for many consumers.

Increased Competition In The EV Market

Tesla’s dominance in the electric vehicle market has been challenged by other automakers who are now producing their own EVs. As the market becomes more competitive, it is increasingly important for Tesla to offer more affordable options to stay ahead of the competition.

The company’s decision to produce a $25,000 EV is a response to this increased competition, as well as a recognition of the need to make EVs more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

The combination of government incentives, and fluctuating prices for essentials like lithium and other battery materials are both big factors to support increased competition in the EV automobile segment. This trend is set to continue, with some mass-market models expected to reach price parity with internal combustion engine (ICE) cars as early as this year, and luxury vehicles already surpassing this milestone.

Tesla, General Motors, and Ford Motor, along with their battery suppliers, are investing in new factories to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs through mass production. This will be complemented by new offerings from companies like Volkswagen, Nissan, and Hyundai, which will further intensify competition in the EV market.

As a result, we can expect the trend of falling EV prices to continue, making electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to consumers than ever before.

What To Expect In The Future?

We all know how exciting it is to speculate about what the company has in store for us, but we have to remember that we won’t know for sure until the official announcement comes. That being said, a recent report has been making waves, citing multiple industry insiders who claim to have some juicy details about Tesla’s next-gen model.

According to these sources, the upcoming Tesla model will be a small crossover, which is sure to be exciting news for anyone who loves the convenience and versatility of SUV-style vehicles.

Just some months ago, it was all about long waiting times and spiked sticker prices but now things have changed for good. In fact, used electric vehicles were selling for more than new ones due to high demand. However, the electric vehicle market has since evolved, and the supply has caught up with the demand, making it easier for buyers to find and purchase both new and used models.

While some popular models may still have waiting lists, the average price of an electric vehicle has also decreased, making it more accessible for buyers who want to go green with their next vehicle purchase. According to Kelly Blue Book stats, the average price of EVs rose to $61,488 while traditional ICE vehicles stood at $49,507 for 2022.


So, for what seems like ages, we’ve been hearing rumours about a more affordable Tesla model that would be accessible to us mere mortals. Elon Musk himself even hinted at a price point of around $25,000, which sounds like a total bargain compared to the prices of other Tesla models. But let’s be real, it’s been almost five years since the idea was first mentioned in that now-famous interview with MKBHD.

While the specifics of the new model are not yet confirmed, it is expected to inherit the sleek design and advanced features that are hallmarks of Tesla’s vehicles.

And we’re still waiting. While we’ve seen plenty of reports and speculation about this elusive vehicle, there’s no concrete information yet about when it will actually become a reality. So, I guess we’ll just have to keep on waiting, dreaming, and maybe even saving up for that future purchase.

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  1. The $25,000 Tesla will “happen sooner” means 2028 or later based on the CyberTruck and Roadster 2.0 development schedule.


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