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New EV Record! Tesla Model S Performance Vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S: Drag Race

The Tesla Model S has had a tough competition ever since Porsche launched the Taycan Turbo S. While Tesla’s premium sedan does trump out the Porsche on the range and cost significantly, it is the track performance which makes for an interesting contest. Porsche is yet to deliver from the range point-of-view, it does have impressive acceleration. And now, for the first time, the two premium 4-door sedans go up against each other in a quarter-mile.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S Performance: Drag Race

The Contest

YouTube channel ‘DragTimes’ got the opportunity to pit the Tesla Model S Performance against the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. They rented out a track for this very purpose, and decided to make it a fair competition. To ensure a fair contest, both vehicles were towed out to the starting line with the battery charged to 100%. Both cars also have the latest software updates the companies offer. For the launch of the vehicle, the Sport+ mode was engaged in the Taycan, along with launch control. Tesla Model S was using the Ludicrous+ “Cheetah” mode. For racing purposes, they decided to conduct a ‘best two out of three’ contest.

The Actual Race

The first race saw the Model S get away slowly off the starting line with a slower reaction time. The Taycan got the lead and kept it till the end, finishing the quarter-mile in 10.378 seconds, as compared to the 10.493 seconds for the Model S.

The second run saw the Model S jumping the red light, with a reaction time of -0.285 seconds. This affected the result of the race, as the Model S completed the quarter-mile in 10.563 seconds, while the Taycan did it in 10.398 seconds. The real difference in performance was seen in this run, which is elaborated later on.

The final run saw both vehicles get an impressive reaction time, which meant that it was the actual on-track timing that was calculated. The Model S scored 10.515 seconds here, as compared to Taycan’s 10.383 seconds.

Performance Analysis

When the Taycan Turbo S was introduced, it had a 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) timing of 2.8 seconds. At this point, the Model S Performance was already clocking acceleration timings of 2.4 seconds. This meant that the Porsche wasn’t really expected to challenge Tesla. When it was launched, however, it turned out that the Porsche was much faster. In these runs too, the Taycan managed an acceleration timing of 2.35 seconds. That was crazy fast, but still not faster than Tesla. The Model S had a timing of 2.34 seconds.

While both cars have almost identical acceleration timings, it is the latter stage where the Porsche really pulls away from the Model S. This is due to the two-speed transmission setup, which gives better high-speed acceleration. The result is a distance of almost one car length between the two cars at the end.

Our Opinion

Of course, you may beat Tesla in a quarter-mile, but it will cost you $215,000. The Model S Performance, on the other hand, costs just $110,000. You will also get a better ‘fit and finish’ inside the cabin of the Taycan, but it just doesn’t seem worth all the extra money. Tesla also its Autopilot system, something that is missing in the Porsche. Maybe if they get that in there, they will get better sales for the Taycan.

Mihir Tasgaonkar
Mihir Tasgaonkar
A mechanical engineer who loves reading and writing about new technologies in the automobile industry.


  1. Also much poorer range and no charging network and no passenger room in the Porsche at twice the price. The Plaid will fix the acceleration “problem” but Porsche has no fixes for their shortcomings.

  2. Porsche looks better, way better quality and will hold better value over time. If you can afford one why would you even consider a Tesla.

  3. Porsche looks better, way better quality and will hold better value over time. If you can afford one why would you even consider a Tesla ?


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