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Watch This: Tesla Model 3 Slips on Snow and Does Surprising 360 Degree Spin

In a spectacular video uploaded on Youtube, a Tesla Model 3 slides on snow and then completes a 360-degree spin. The car was traveling on a highway when the incident occurred. The video shows the car losing grip due to the snow but then it proceeds to complete a full spin. The occupants of the car did not suffer any problems at all.

A Tesla Model 3 was recently captured on camera as it slipped on snow and completed a wild spin.

How does it happen?

In a surprising turn of events, the car that is traveling in a straight line loses grip and then completes a 360-degree spin. While this is not something that happened due to Tesla’s Autopilot system, the traction control system in the car helps to a large extent. The main credit goes to the driver, whose excellent awareness and control over the car are on full display. The moment the car starts sliding, the driver immediately applies enough counter-steer to ensure that the car doesn’t veer off the road. The car is going a bit quicker than ideal for those conditions. But the save in itself is rather good and makes for some heartstopping viewing. It is hard to point out exactly what saves the car. Whether it is purely the driver’s skill or is it any system in the car as well.

How to avoid such incidents

Such an incident could occur with anybody. Drivers must take extra precautions while driving on such roads. The chance of something like this happening can be mitigated by using snow tires. These tires offer extra grip on such surfaces and can be lifesavers. Drivers should stick to a slower speed than usual on such a surface, particularly if they are not using snow tires. It is also advisable to always be aware of the condition of the road that you are traveling on. Overall, necessary precautions will help you in avoiding such a scary incident.

Rutwik Tasgaonkar
Rutwik Tasgaonkar
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