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Tesla Unveils Glimpses of CyberCab in Shareholder Video Highlighting Design Features

In a surprising twist, Tesla came up with a bountiful of information related to the upcoming Robotaxi aka the Cybercab, and more in this press release video. While we don’t know for sure if these pictures indeed are of the Cybercab or not but these photos look quite promising.

Tesla is trying to get shareholder approval for Elon Musk’s huge $56 billion payout and moving from Delaware to Texas. The video first shared on the official Tesla handle on X was reshared by Elon to push the shareholder’s vote.

Here’s everything to know!

Tesla CyberCab

Tesla CyberCab Preview Shows Interior and New Features

The two-minute video is a rapid montage showing Tesla’s key developments and plans, along with some sneak peeks at the sleek designs of their vehicles. There are some persuasive quotes from Musk going in the back as well.

Among these quick sequences, eagle-eyed viewers could spot some possible images of the coveted self-driving taxi. The glimpses, though extremely brief and a bit vague do provide a tantalizing hint about the vehicle’s design and features.

Here are the key observations:

Two-Seat Coupe Design

One of the most striking photos from the video shows a compact two-seat coupe with a centrally mounted display. The minimalist design aligns with Tesla’s long-going minimalistic approach.

No Steering Wheel

Perhaps the most robust detail is the absence of a steering wheel from the design as Tesla going all autonomous. The image shows a two-seater vehicle with no steering wheel and has a center display like current Tesla cars.

Seating Layout Sketch

The seats look different from modern car seats. They are more like the seats you see on public transit, like in a train but molded in Tesla’s minimalistic design approach.

Exterior Sketches

Franz von Holzhausen and another stylist looked closely at the images of a car interior with no steering wheel or pedals in one of the snippets. A large central screen on the dashboard, and two lounge-style seats are evident.

Behind them, drawings of the car showed its exterior design, with ‘scissor’ doors like a Lamborghini, a shiny silver body, maybe covered rear wheels, and a possible hatchback style.

Cybertruck-Inspired Bumper

Another image reveals a bumper design that reminds you of the Cybertruck with a bold yet sleek sharp unconventional aesthetic.

Tesla Robotaxi Concept To Reality

The concept of a driverless Robotaxi was first brought to everyone’s attention after Walter Isaacson’s biography of Elon Musk. Isaacson mentioned details about the vehicle as Tesla’s most avant-garde innovation to date, with Musk himself foreseeing it as a futuristic spectacle.

“When one of these comes around a corner, people will think they are seeing something from the future,” Musk remarked.

His biography explains how Musk shook his head when told the vehicle could have small, removable wheels and pedals. But he went rogue and said, “No. No. NO … No mirrors, no pedals, no steering wheel. This is my decision.”

Musk made it clear, “This vehicle must be a true Robotaxi.”

He said that he is sure of taking that risk. He even went as far as saying that it would be his fault if it messed up. But he won’t do it half-heartedly and will go only all-in on autonomy. The same that he is making it clear with this video for shareholder’s vote.

Potential Name and Release Date

Elon hinted at naming the new autonomous vehicle “Cybercab,” which could seamlessly fit into the lineup of other “Cyber” branded products.  Just like the Cybertruck, CyberBeer, CyberQuad, CyberWhistle, or maybe many more Cybernames that are there in Elon’s Pipeline.

The potential unveiling date is set for August 8, as per the latest information and official statements. We recently covered more on this in our post. Read here.

Tesla’s Robotaxi Turns Reality with an August 8th Reveal in China Amidst Government-Supported Trials


Originally, Tesla’s Robotaxi project, codenamed NV93, was slated to follow the release of the cheaper Tesla Model 2. However, Tesla’s strategic priorities shifted, with the entry-level car being postponed to keep eyes on the autonomous vehicle. This shift primarily is to keep the interest of Tesla


Tesla has long promised full autonomy and Cybercab could just be the needed breakthrough for Elon as well as for other leading automakers. It could reposition Tesla to get back on the top of the EV pyramid.

The leaked images in the video are proof of Tesla’s unshaken vision to go fully autonomous. It would be amazing to see what Tesla brings with Cybercab or the Robotaxi release in August. What are your views on those design leaks?

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