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Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pro Is “Crazy Affordable” Electric Work Truck For $32,474

Brand new F-150 Lightning EV is sure to please the masses with the incredible features and even attractive price sticker. Not to mention how Ford has stopped taking the orders for the truck as they have already sold out for this year’s production in the US. Ford F-150 Lightning does put more value on every dollar buyers are going to spend on it. Moreover, the top variants are obviously shining bright with incredible features. The base trim of the EV truck F-150 Lightning Pro packs more punch than any other competitor in the market below the $40,000 price range.

Sofyan Bey, Editor in Chief of Redline Reviews recently, added a lightning review of the base trim of the Ford Electric truck. He termed the pickup as a crazy affordable electric work truck calling the pro to be designed more for contractors as there is so much to the base model.

The Pro trim of the Lightning Electric Truck model starts as low as $39,974, which is just a few bucks shy of $40,000. However, a significant $7,500 amount of federal tax credit can get the effective price to be even lower to $32,474, making it an affordable yet powerful electric truck on the market.

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck At A Glance

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck is designed with the highest thought to features and is going to appeal more to contractors or those needing a work vehicle. Ford F-150 does wonderfully on the looks. However, the front grill is different than the one on Platinum or Lariat variants.

Base variant Pro is still full-on equipment like the full LED headlights and a large touchscreen and mega power frunk that has an onboard 120v outlet for never stopping exportable power. The base model of Lightning still offers 452 bhp output thanks to the 98 kWh battery. These power-packed features make the Lightning Pro electric truck better than the F-150 Raptor gasoline variant costing as much as double its price.


Lightning Pro grills do look like made of cheaper plastic, but the anti-matter dark blue gives it a very distinct design and color. The mega frunk in the front leaves you in awe of the sheer size and space inside.

The Ford Mega Frunk offers 14.1 cubic feet of space, roughly sums up to 400 liters. Throwing in two big roller bags in here won’t be much of a problem on any trip.

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pro

18-inch tires are attractive and give character to the electric truck. The rims are wrapped in 275/65 all-season tires that are high on performance as well.

The tailgate looks unique as instead of two tailgate lights Ford F-150 Lightning only has a single unit that wraps the tailgate beautifully. The tailgate also has the Lightning badge on the back, which has an American flag with it as these are built in Michigan.

The rear has huge space, and buyers have an option to add 9.6 kW charging ports. However, the ports would require buyers to shell out another $1,000 bucks for this addition.

After folding the rear seats, one can even fit in a bike or anything big in size. The back door panels do not look exceptional and have no armrest like higher variants.

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Back Seat


F-150 Lightning offers stunning features, even being the base-level truck of its fleet. The electric truck can recharge its batteries at a speed of 150 kW. Dual electric motors are powerful and offer a range of up to 230 miles on a standard charge.

There is so much space in its frunk meant for the people needing power on the go. However, the 232-inch long floor bed of Lightning beats Rivian R1, standing 15 inches longer.

Interiors are classy too as there are many features designed to enhance the driving experience. The chrome alloy rim on the Flow-Through console with vinyl floor coverings adds to its flair.

Front bucket seats are vinyl-covered, and the rear seats have a 60/40 split feature. Back seats are full-on space too and offer ample legroom specifically for a pickup truck. Having two USB ports all the way in the back adds convenience.

All-terrain tires with incredible pocket design in 18-inch size look remarkably better than the Lariat variant’s rims. Michelin’s total performance tires are of good quality and offer decent noise suppression while driving.

Following are some of the significant features of the F-150 Lightning:

  • Front tow hooks.
  • Pro Power onboard with an option of upgrading to 9.6 kW.
  • Emergency escape button.
  • Roll Stability Control system.
  • Vinyl seats and floor coverings.
  • 12-inch digital screen with access to various on-screen controls and features.
  • Crew cab configuration design cabin.
  • Pre-collision assists emergency braking and post-collision braking system.
  • All-season 18-inch tires with TPMS fit for an all-terrain drive.


Pro variant buyers mostly would be willing to compromise on the performance part but will keenly be expecting more features like towing capacity. F-150 Lightning Pro would give a payload capacity of a maximum of 2,000lbs, and with a Max Tow pack can pull up to 7,700 lbs.

452 horsepower adds in a power-packed punch for all-terrain performance. 775 lb. per ft. torque and 0 to 60 in only mid-4 seconds sound awesome for an electric truck.

What To Expect More In The The Future?

Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck is incredible in a true sense. The lightning badge on the side of the truck, with blue backlit letters, is an apt representation of the model. They even have added a lightning bolt to the letter T, Thunder Lightning, an intelligent move.

Talking of the things Ford needs to improve are those bulky old-school FM radio antennas, among other things. The addition of another charging port(for the show) on the other side to improve symmetry is not functional.

To sum everything up, the Redline Reviews find the truck to be an incredible and compelling purchase. Sofyan Bey says,

“In summary, Redline Reviews found the Lightning Pro to be a very compelling all-around package. Never before has a truck offered this much power and capability for such a low price – and that’s before you factor in the long-term savings associated with driving an EV.”

Ford’s leap in the electric truck with the F-150 Lightning makes much more sense for new-age buyers. Ford has done a remarkable job on both looks and power with such an affordable sticker price is awesome. We expect even more power and features in upcoming models of the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck.

Let us know what are your thoughts on the brand new kid on the electric truck’s block, Ford F-150 Lightning.

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