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Jaguar I-Pace vs Mercedes Benz EQC- EVs Battle

Mercedes unveiled their first all-electric SUV and it looks like Mercedes has a good shot at making a legit electric vehicle that a lot of people want to buy.

The CEO of Mercedes Benz says,

we’re going all in. It’s starting right now.

It’s actually starting at the end of 2019 and 2020 in the US market, 2020. During the Mercedes EQC unveiling event they talked for an hour about the history of Sweden and somehow, that’s related to the electric car that they’re trying to unveil. They didn’t even announce the specs, features, availability and price. There are some things which is really important while buying an electric car such as Range, Charging Network and the functionality of it. According to The Verge, the Mercedes EQC has 402-horsepower engine and battery with over 200 miles of range. The Production will start in Germany in 2019 and it will eventually spread to China. The Price is also very important thing because using that we can define this car comes under which category. Pretty much all other Mercedes are pretty premium cars and they’re well made, they deserve that premium price.

Jaguar I-Pace vs Mercedes Benz EQC

In this post, we have compared the Mercedes EQC with the Jaguar I-PACE which is a fair competitor. No one doesn’t really know the price, range, there is a lot that they didn’t unveil. Let’s just look at specs that are rumoured and see how they stack up.

Jaguar I-Pace vs Mercedes Benz EQC

Top Speed

Next when you’re looking at top speed which is arguably a less important feature for some people but one that still people like to look at, The Mercedes Benz EQC is reported to camp out at 112 miles per hour, which is extremely low considering this kind of high performance vehicle and what we’re used to from high-end electric cars whereas The Jaguar I-PACE can go 124 miles per hour so the Mercedes Benz EQC falling well behind here. Mercedes Benz EQC doesn’t officially have an estimated range yet but according to some sources, it will be around 200 miles whereas The Jaguar I-PACE has the battery range of 240 miles. Next, you have the 0-60 time, so a lot of people use this in terms of acceleration, the quickness. The Mercedes Benz EQC is reported to go 4.9 seconds 0-60, The Jaguar I-PACE can go 0-60 in just 4.5 sec giving the nod here to the Jaguar I-PACE yet again. Of course, they did that 0-60 test, that little drag race (Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-PACE drag race), and it won although it was kind of unclear.


Next, we have weight and this is an interesting category, some people may think the lighter vehicle has better performance based on the weight to horsepower ratio and that’s true in terms of performance. Now we don’t know what will be the weight of Mercedes Benz EQC. The Jaguar I-PACE is around 5,886 pounds, this is the gross vehicle weight and in the United States, there is a specific tax benefit for vehicles over 6000 pounds. It doesn’t apply for the Jaguar I-PACE but it may apply for the Mercedes EQC if its weight is above 6000 pounds but again it varies from country to country.


This is another one that people really like to look at, it doesn’t exactly translate to acceleration or quickness, but it often is essentially a measure of how performative the vehicle is. The Mercedes Benz EQC comes in at 402 HP which is pretty good, the Jaguar I-PACE comes in at 394, which because of the lighter overall weight, gives it that 0-60 time beating out the Mercedes EQC.


Next, we have the battery and this is important because the size of the battery tends to speak to the longevity of the battery as well as how well it can hold a charge, those kinds of things. The Mercedes Benz EQC is reported to have around 80 kilowatt-hours and the Jaguar I-PACE has 90 kilowatt-hours battery again giving the nod to the Jaguar I-PACE.


Availability is also something that you should consider while buying a vehicle. the Jaguar I-PACE is coming and you can go order one today. However, it looks like the second half of 2018 or possibly early 2019 is when you’ll get it. We’ll see how their production ramp up goes compared to how Tesla’s done it. It’s odd that the Jaguar I-PACE is taking so long and also this Mercedes Benz EQC is reported to be available late 2019 for European markets and then early 2020 for the US market.


Another important factor is the price of the vehicle, the Mercedes has not announced the price of EQC yet so we don’t have any clue about it but it’s a Mercedes and this is a premium car, it’s may going to be priced higher.

Both Mercedes and Jaguar have great reputations getting into this space, wish they really would kind of push that bar forward. You can also see our other articles related Jaguar I-PACE comparison where we compared I-PACE with Tesla Model 3 and Model X.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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