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Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-PACE Comparison: Which is Better?

There are a lot of Tesla killers being announced these days and while a lot of them are concept cars, The Jaguar seems like, it might have a shot and a good thing about it is that you can actually order it. A lot of the other companies are just showing off their ideas and the concept models. it’s great that companies are taking this somewhat seriously or at least they’re putting effort into making these cars. The Jaguar I-PACE is the only one that really stood up to be a viable competitor to Tesla. However, there are some areas in which the I-PACE falls short.

Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-PACE Comparison

Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-PACE Comparison


The first challenge with the Jaguar I-PACE is charging. It currently supports 50 kilowatts of DC fast charging, which gives you 80% of a full charge at 240 miles total, in 85 minutes. Comparing that to what the Model X is able to do using Tesla supercharger, you can see how it quickly becomes very inconvenient for long-distance travel at all, really. They did say that in the future, it’ll support faster rates but as of now, it’s a question. Due to the shorter range of Jaguar I-PACE, some people might not go with the I-PACE.

Heavy Duty Tax Benefits

This issue could be a big one and that is the weight of the vehicle, the Jaguar I-PACE is a bit lighter. It’s below 6,000 pounds in gross vehicle weight which means in the US, you don’t qualify for the heavy-duty tax credit that you get with the Model X. That deduction isn’t something you should ignore. If we take a look at the Jaguar I-PACE, it starts out at $69,500 whereas the Model X starts out at $79,500 so the difference in cost is of $10,000. The Jaguar I-PACE, as well as Tesla Model X, would qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit in the United States. When you look at the deduction, this is where things get interesting. The I-PACE is under 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, the tax deduction you can take is $18,000. Now if you multiply that times a likely 32% tax rate, you are essentially saving $5,760 in taxes. However, because the Model X is over 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, you’re able to deduct 100% of the vehicle’s cost, so if we’re just looking at these estimates here, that comes out to just over $25,000 in taxes. This brings the total cost for these two cars to surprisingly different than what it started at. In the end, you could get Jaguar I-PACE at $56,240.

Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-PACE Comparison

Obviously, there’s taxes and fees and other kinds of things you add on, but the Model X comes out at $47,000. So that is almost $10,000 cheaper after you take away that deduction. This cost deduction is only if you’re using it for business, but a lot of people have freelance businesses and other ways where you can write this off.

Storage Capacity

The third problem with the Jaguar I-PACE is storage. The I-PACE only boasts 23.53 cubic feet of storage. The Tesla Model X, even with the seats folded up, has above 60 cubic feet and if you fold the seats down, has 88 cubic feet of storage.

Tesla model x boot space


Now there is a drag race that was done by Jaguar on a racetrack with some professional drivers, So according to them (Jaguar), they had the car beating the Model X in zero to 60 two times, but they had a bunch of cutaways. Jaguar I-PACE is a very fast vehicle and it performs exceptionally well.

Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-PACE Comparison

The torque comes in at 512 pound/feet, and the horsepower at 394. In the Tesla Model X, it’s hard to get these numbers because Tesla doesn’t actually publish them. The torque comes in at anywhere between 387 and 713 pound/feet of torque, and the horsepower is between 518 and 532. The Model X appears on paper to be faster and more performant but the 0 to 60 miles/hr speed for the I-PACE is listed at 4.5sec, whereas the Model X on the lower end is 4.9sec. The higher end “P100D”, the $140,000 version is 2.9sec.


Another great thing about the Jaguar I-PACE is the price. Looking at the website, you can price it out between $69,500 and $85,900. If you compare that to the Model X, it is between $79,500 and $140,000. That’s even before some of the additional options that you can purchase on top of it.


Both of these cars are incredibly fast, the Jaguar I-PACE delivers on performance. So, at a cheaper price with a decent amount of range and an overall very competitive design, we believe that the tech in here is pretty awesome. A lot of the other vehicles that are coming out right now just look like concept vehicles. It still doesn’t appear that a lot of these companies are taking the electric vehicles seriously. The Jaguar is doing it because they have a very reputable brand that a lot of people love. for those folks that love the luxury vehicles obviously, this is going to be something that you like. Delivery for the Jaguar I-PACE is set to happen in later of 2018, the second half of 2018. So obviously that’s longer than if you wanted a Model X, you could get one right now in a couple months.

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