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Tesla Model Y Unveil Event- Model Y Starting at $47,000 with Range Up-to 300 Miles

Tesla Model Y Unveil Event

The transcription of the above video-

Everyone, welcome to the Tesla design studio where we’ve helped many parts and railings before. I hope you guys will have a really great time tonight. I think I’ve never seen so many cameras in my entire life, the camera is everywhere so we’re gonna start off by just talking about how did we get here. Do you know what are the things that we have led to this day? what are the cars like how did Tesla start out? how did we? you know where were we 10-11 years ago? what has happened over that intervening time?

Tesla Model Y Unveil Event

Tesla’s History and Revolution of Electric Vehicles

It occurred to me that a lot of people they only heard about Tesla maybe a year or two ago and electric cars are kind of like taken for granted but there was a time when electric cars seemed very stupid and it wasn’t that long ago. That time creating a car company was stupid of course and then making an electric car company was like stupidity squared and so let’s take a look at the first car we ever made that there Tesla Roadster. “Entry of Tesla Roadster” All right it’s a bit (Original Roadster) small, it’s great. It’s a crazy thing is if you go back 11 years today Tesla had made one car, that’s serial number one of Tesla so that’s my car actually. On February 2008, we’d literally only made one car that car and didn’t really work very well I have to say. that it broke down the line and it took us another three months just to make the second car. Now we’ve made about 550,000 cars. Essentially what happened with roaster is where I said okay we want to make a car we want to really break the mold about how do people think about electric cars. They think about electric cars being slow and ugly and poor performance so we wanted to have a sports car, a car that is fast looks well sexy. The Roadster we did is sports car cause we wanted to create a car that would break the mold for electric vehicles and that would be yeah sexy and fast, long-range and that’s why we did the Roadster. If people appeal so that well you won’t be able to make a car with those specifications and if you do nobody will buy it so we have to prove those two things wrong and then. After you made the Roadster they said okay sure you can make some toy sports car but you can’t make a sedan, you can’t there’s no way you could compete with the luxury sedans of there are gasoline because they’re the best and you could use nowhere you can make an electric car like that, so we did Model S (Tesla Model S enters) exactly so noisy, we’re all the fuel, where’s the exhaust pipe, what do you put the gasoline (Elon pulling the legs of gasoline car makers). So we actually started designing that car in the rocket Factory that time we didn’t have us a design studio, we took a little corner of the rocket Factory and we just with a tiny crew in a corner of the rocket Factory we designed that car. I think this that that car is really important because it was competing against the best of the gasoline cars. If you can make an electric car that can beat the best gasoline cars that’s just a very powerful statement to prove that you can go electric.

How Elon got the Tesla Cars Names

So then working from the Model S which by the way in terms of where the name comes from? actually, we’re I like calling things what they are, so the roast is called roadster because it’s a Roadster. There is no good word for a sedan so we can call it the sedan there one word, there just like literally no word so the Model S stands for a sedan. I actually didn’t realize at the time that Model S also means models and then I had like a one part of a license plate that said Model S-2 because it was like the second production Model S. I was like then and as those walk away from my car so wow what a jerk he’s license plate has models – yeah like okay but not have that license plate so but then going from the Model S we said okay, we want to make the best SUV in the world, we want to do something carried away actually with the Model X which is like let’s have we practically every technology and whiz-bang thing we could possibly think of and the Model X is like as a car. it’s like a Faberge egg meets the spaceship, it’s like it was insanely difficult but it is an amazing vehicle. let’s bring it out (Tesla Model X enters). you can see a certain position forming maybe, so the model X really feels like a Faberge egg spaceship and it’s extra crossover SUV. after we had the Model S and Model X, I thought it’d be pretty funny if We had the Model E and then and then but then like Ford threatened to sue us and Ford killed sex. but I said what if we called the model 3 because that’s completely different for me that’s the best fine so let’s bring up model 3. (Model 3 enters). a smart summing with a person so we made the original roadster the Model S, the Model X, the model 3 and then we also then made the new generation Roadster which will bring in maybe, it’s over there go it’s coming (Tesla Roadster came with Tesla Semi) the original Roadster is good and then the the semi [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that actually the Tesla semi drove here non-stop all the way from the Bay Area so that Tesla semi a 500-mile range, electric semi learn to actually only after naming the thing that so semi heck. it has two meanings this is semi sexy so yes we’re really excited about bringing those products to market and so that’s sort of talking about our products but then the the factories are as much are as much the part if not more than then vehicles themselves, in fact, I really think that the difficulty and value of manufacturing is underappreciated. it’s insanely easy to make a prototype and extremely difficult to mass manufacture that prototype. That’s manufacturer vehicle reliably and at scale but even for Rockets I’d say it’s probably a factor of 10 harder to design the manufacturing system for a rocket then to design the rocket. for cars, I’d say it’s maybe a hundred times harder to design the manufacturing system than to design the vehicle itself. I don’t mean to have it in black and white, it’s like it’s not so long ago they didn’t even have color cameras back then in 2010 but it was very bleak.

Elon Musk on Tesla’s Gigafactory and Production

It’s like essentially the you know when we acquired the the Fremont factory which used to be called new me people sort of thought oh you’ve got a car factory. if you have a car that they sort of think if you have a car factory you just make any car. it’s like you know that’s like saying you’ve got a box, that box can have anything you want in it. no only if you make the thing in the box so although we did get but we had a get a very good deal on the new factory Toyota and General Motors actually took all of the good equipment out and anything that had what that was like so useless it wasn’t even worth the scrap was left that said it literally looked like that but in color. it took in a enormous amount of effort by a very talented team to actually turn they essentially what looked like a derelict warehouse into a working car factory. so in fact like today the the Fremont factory which is an enormous building I think it’s like the second or third biggest building in the world back footprint is so dense so densely packed with with people and robots by those pictures like robots but there’s 20,000 people that work in the in the Fremont factory across four or five shifts. it’s really a massive amount of people and robots so it’s like this giant cybernetic collective so that wasn’t way harder than making the car by far and is worth noting like, the last times at least in in the US the last time any car company achieved mass manufacturing was about a hundred years ago. that is the last time it and then Tesla it’s literally that crazy, like the issue is definitely not coming up with a car design, it is absolutely all about bullying the production system. that you want to have a good product to build but that’s basically the easy part then the factories the hard part but then then the challenge is like okay if we if we create a car factory where the heck of the batteries and and electric motors and power electronics gonna come from? and that’s where we need to said okay we’re better build something that’s capable of 50 gigawatt hours at least of cell output which at the time when we proposed the Gigafactory, I believe like total global output for of silica of lithium-ion batteries for all purposes phones, laptops, cars anything was about 30 gigawatt hours so we’re like okay well just do the basic math. we need something else we need 50 gigawatt hours so we better have a real big factory or there’s no way so and we would have we were gonna build it in California but like able to take interiors just to get the permits so we built the gigafactory in amount of time it would have taken to get the permits in California. that’s what the gigafactory looked like the in 2010 (Elon shows the photo of Gigafactory in 2010). It was basically rocks and bushes and now this is what it looks like (Current photo). It’s only about a 1/3 complete so the this weren’t complete I think it’s about four or five times the size of the pentagon. it’s kind of difficult to appreciate scale but that that they although it’sreally quite tall it’s like 70 feet tall so the volume of it is just mind-blowing. it takes two hours just to walk around it so you know again, it’s a tremendously talented team working like crazy like tens of thousands of people to produce this Factory. today it produces more lithium-ion than the rest of the world combined so now that we’re also building a factory and in China which I’m really excited about. as you can see it’s very impressive very a large puddle so that. when I was there in January that’s what it looked like, when we did the groundbreaking ceremony and this is what it looks like now three months later but this is what it will look like at the end of the year. things are moving fast and the this will actually be once it’s complete the equivalent of our Fremont car Factory + our Nevada battery Giga factory combined so integrating the tube which kind of makes sense. so yeah so really excited about this a great team in China and this going to be really important for making affordable versions of the model 3 and Model Y for the greater China market.

Tesla’s Other Products- Solar Roof and PowerWall

Besides this, we have some other things so the solar roof and power wall so this is definitely gonna be the year of the solar roof and power wall. because of like extreme challenges with the model 3 production, we have to basically allocate all resources to model 3 production because otherwise we’re gonna die and so basically it was pretty tight. I have to say yeah that was a hard one I have to say like like 2018 is probably felt like aging five years in one honestly it was really intense. I think thank you for supporting Tesla through this difficult period thank you, wait now that model 3 production is going pretty well, we’re finally allocating engineering attention to the solar roof as well as the solar retrofit. I’m pretty excited about both the solar tower roof and the Solar retrofit and PowerWall like apart the reason we can also connect parallels we could make enough cells so it you allocate cells to the car or to the power1 was like we’re going to make the cars so then power will get cell star. basically but 2019 so we are now going to ramp it up and then power pack so power pack is can like our industrial strength battery storage system and we did the biggest battery storage system in the world in Australia. That was a really super cool and then we were doing one that’s a roughly a gigawatt hour scale in California so just in Southern California right nearby we’re building a gigawatt hour scale power pack and so expect this to ultimately be really critical fo transition the world to sustainable energy obviously. I have to sustainable energy production and sustainable energy consumption so the state sustainable energy production needs the solar panels plus the battery because the Sun doesn’t shine at night and then those electric cars, the electric vehicles in general yeah. I mean the really exciting thing is if you have with Solar + battery plus electric vehicles we have a fully sustainable future. this is a future you can feel really excited and optimistic about.

Tesla Supercharger Network Capacity

I think it really matters and then supercharging, in 2010 we had zero superchargers so there was no you can really drive long distances with an electric car in 2010 so it was like okay we better we have some high power charges otherwise it’s gonna be extremely inconvenient to drive long distances. built into the Model S that was a high voltage DC bypass directly to the pack so you can just sort of mainline power right into the pack and then we still get there. nobody was building high-power charge just like okay we better build these high-power charges because nobody’s building them. so we went from zero superchargers to building a global network of superchargers. it’s pretty nutty, each one of those is a supercharging site so supercharging teams have done an incredible job building a global network of supercharges that allow you to travel to a massive section of the world basically anywhere in North America. almost anywhere in Europe, most places in China not the Gobi Desert yet but most places. will cover the Gobi Desert we’ll get there, I swear to god there it is I’ve specifically asked about the supercharger, I haven’t told it is under construction. absolutely I’ve asked about it like twice, it’s I’m told it’s gonna be completed soon and then you will actually be able to drive across Canada. actually, we have some great supporters in Kazakhstan you think we probably we should have we will build superchargers in Kazakhstan they cut it right here.

Tesla’s New V3 Supercharging

We’re gonna build a lot more superchargers and we have actually have version 3 of the supercharger that we just unveiled and in fact. the superchargers actually started out only at about 75 kilowatts and now they’re at version 3, 250 kilowatts probably can even go a little higher than that and so if you’ve got a long-range model 3 it’s capable of charging at about a thousand miles an hour or 1,600 kilometers an hour so and we have one working in the Bay Area and then the one here at the design studio is also working as of tonight. So we’re rolling out the version 3 supercharger throughout the world just gradually upgrading the existing sites as well as adding new sites so we did we just slow down the supercharger well out a little bit because we wanted them to be version 3 instead of version 2 but now that we have version 3 running and we’ll we’re going to spool up production and so you’re gonna have like a radical improvement in supercharging worldwide by sometime next year yeah. In terms of where we are today, we got obviously the S, 3, X we’ve made I think 550 thousand vehicles something like that the 12 months from now we will have made about a million vehicles. it’s pretty wild to think that 11 years ago today we had made literally one car and a year from now we will have made a million. I mean that this is a testament to the incredible talent and an effort of the people of Tesla to say thank you to people Tesla you guys are incredible. four million tons of co2 saved in fact with the 4 million ton It just ticked over like a like an hour ago, so the four million clicked over tonight. What are the thoughts back to back then what were some of the comments would say the Internet is forever if this is me like taste, it was like I said it was electric cars were considered extremely impossible and stupid and in various forms, you know you’re a fraud like okay this is you can drive that fraud okay and then now things have changed. the goal of Tesla was literally this is like to what degree. in fact Minh we created were like okay the fundamental historic good of Tesla what should be measured by the degree to which should we accelerate the advancement sustainable a sustainable energy and transport and our goal all along has been to try to get the rest of the car industry to go electric we did a joint venture thing with Toyota and with Mercedes we open sourced our patents, three or four years ago. made are freely available and so it’s extremely rewarding to see that the rest of the industry is going electric. I was just wondering like if we’re will where wilt has to be in ten years you know, Mars. we will be driving at Tesla and Mars I think we could I think we actually could, Tesla will be on Mars in ten years I think well anyway so after that’s extended history or a history lesson.

Tesla Model Y Unveiling- Specs, Price, Battery Range, 7-Seats

Tesla Model Y Unveil Event

What about the actual reason you came, there is a missing car, it’s saucer the Y answer the Y and that’s Y in the middle, prepare out the model Y (Model Y Unveiled). the model Y, so like the 3, it will be extremely safe so that you may know the model 3 has the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested by the US government. the Model Y, we expect will have a similar result five stars never kept every category with the battery pack alone low in the flow, it’s gonna have a very low center of gravity so this will it has the functionality of an SUV but will it will ride like a sports car. this thing will be really tight in corners and we expect it will be this the safest midsize SUV in the world by far. at Tesla, we actually always designed with safety as the number one goal. it’s like like cable people think okay performance sure but safety first this is actually by far the most important thing but it’s also gonna be having an incredible performance so expect to have like a 3.5 second 0 to 60 and very low center of gravity so great handling. It’s testing out at a 0.23 drag coefficient which is extremely good for an SUV and in terms of range fair miles yeah so we expect to have an EPA range of an actual true usable range of 300 miles. throwing it for an interior standpoint, it has a panoramic glass roof and by the way after I’m done here you guys will be able to come up and like check out the car so it’s like so it’s gonna have a panoramic glass roof I’d like really feels like just like the Model 3. if you’re in the car it just feels like you’re you can see the sky. seat 766 cubic feet obviously autopilot since you know all that and as I’ve said publicly we expect to be feature complete with what self-driving sometime later this year and then as we prove out the safety with billions of miles and kilometers, we will from our standpoint feel it’s like safe enough to not pay attention and then get the regulatory approvals sometime thereafter. the cool thing is feature complete like, it’ll be able to do basically anything just with software upgrades which are pretty cool, so let’s see the model Y line up. The basically long range one we expect to be about $47,000 and then sometime in 2021 we’ll have the sort of standard version, which will have a $39,000 dollar price point so yeah. now the seventh seats are optional, do you mean the liftgate? yes I mean you never know we might be better than this but it should be at least as good. I think it’s gonna be very like really compelling I’m confident that it’ll be the of any midsize SUV it’ll be the one you want and yeah I think it’ll probably sell I think we’ll probably do more model Y than S3X three combined most likely yeah so there you have the sexy presentation so all right so thank you all for coming I thought those of you here and those who here watching thank you very much for your support over the years it’s been you know hell of a ride and I love you too, I love you too we are bringing sexy back quite literally all right thank you.

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