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Watch First Close-up Look At GM’s Electric Hummer SUV: A Big & Powerful Electric SUV

Yesterday, we reported that GMC unveiled the new electric Hummer SUV, which will be their second electric vehicle after the pick-up truck. The pick-up truck is coming to the market this fall, while the SUV will first appear in early 2023. This article will talk about some of the finer details of this Hummer SUV.

Differences Between The SUV and the Pick-up Truck

GMC has based the pick-up truck and SUV on the same platform. Both use the General Motors’ new Ultium battery, and have similar torque ratings. Of course, being an SUV, Hummer’s second vehicle will have certain changes in the overall design.

First off, the wheelbase of the SUV is 9 inches (228.6 mm) shorter than the pick-up truck. The rear bed is also considerably shorter. This means that the overhang beyond the rear axle is less for the SUV, which will help in maneuverability. The SUV also offers a spare tire mounted on the rear gate of the car.

Other features such as the Crabwalk mode and Extract mode are common for both vehicles.

Other Features

First off, there is a charging port which can charge other electric vehicles. The vehicle-to-vehicle charging feature isn’t seen in all electric vehicles, which makes this an interesting bit in the Hummer. This charging port gives out 6 KW of power directly from the battery.

There are 17 different cameras, all around the vehicle body, on the top and at low level too. The rear gate opens up using a button below the spare tire or through the key as well. If you drop the rear row flat, you get close to 6.5 feet (198 cm) of space along the length of the car. This amounts to 2322 litres of storage space.

You can also wade through water bodies in this Hummer, just as the old Hummers would. The difference is the allowable depth of water through which you can drive. For the combustion version, it was as high as the lower edge of the window. In the electric vehicle, however, it can be just more than the height of the tires. That is a little more than 80 cm from ground level. Off-road capabilities are also combined with swappable underbody panels, which means you can go through different kinds of terrains and the damaged parts could be replaced.

The interior is also spacious, as you would expect it to be. A six-foot tall person can easily sit, with adequate headroom and legroom in both rows of the vehicle.

You can see more details about the Hummer SUV in the following video, along with a tour of GM’s battery testing facility:

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