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Elon Musk Talks About Self-Driving System, Mining & Reaching Mars

Elon Musk never ceases to surprise his fans with the way he tackles everything around Tesla and his life. Tesla came into existence about two decades ago but has grown into a substantial business in today’s date.

FC recently put the question in front of Musk while interviewing him at The Financial Times Car Summit in London. He asked Musk saying what he has to say about the people who died in self-drive system-related accidents of Tesla cars.

Elon Musk Talks About Self-Driving System, Mining & Reaching Mars

Musk responded by saying Tesla’s self-drive system does not mean not paying any human attention to the drive. The self-drive system requires consistent supervision while driving the Tesla cars. He also added that autopilot has also saved the lives of people, but not many are aware of this fact. He said,

“Well, it is important to note that and we’ve never said ever that the Tesla Autopilot does not require attention. We have always made that extremely clear repeatedly. We remind that the car can simply drive itself in the past and then not meeting those expectations that the car can simply drive itself in the past and then not meeting those expectations. That is completely untrue.”

The interview did give a deep insight into Elon Musk on his perspective related to various aspects of his professional life. From how he was convinced by the idea of electronic cars to building the SpaceX program, everything comes with a deeper understanding of his intelligence.

Autonomous Self-Driving System

Musk goes out of his way to prove the AI logic on the part of growing fully into autonomous self-driving vehicles in near future. Not to mention how US regulators feel about Tesla’s autonomous driving assist systems.

Tesla is doing a lot of research in the field of self-drive systems, and the progress is substantial. While Musk mentions how the autopilot self-drive system has saved many lives of people and still there would be many who would suffer injury or die. Moreover, the situation cannot be morally right for either scenario of self-drive system after-effects. Musk said,

“In the grand scheme of things, what is the morally right decision? I am a strong believer in the reality of good over the perception of good, and I have utter contempt for those who simply prefer the perception of good over the reality of it.”

Tesla’s full self-drive system or FSD is still in the beta phase, and Tesla engineers are working hard to improve the program with substantial progress.

Musk said, “Obviously, I could be wrong,” Musk added, “but I think we are actually quite close to achieving self-driving at a safety level that is better than humans, and my best guess is that we will get there this year.”

Mining Manufacturing Facility

Musk does not deny the possibility of buying a mining manufacturing to get hold of supplies. The plan is to sign long-term deals with mining firms globally to maintain a proper supply.

Musk said, “There’s no arbitrary limitations on what’s needed to accelerate. We’ll just tackle whatever set of things are needed to accelerate sustainable energy, and doing mining and refining or buying a mining company provided we think we can do it.”

Multi-Planetary Solution

Musk says expanding into other planets to become multi-planet species is crucial for the existence of mankind as the sun would eventually destroy the earth. Moreover, SpaceX’s mission is to serve the challenge of becoming a multi-planetary species.

SpaceX is going to launch attempt its starships in the upcoming months as the window for traveling to Mars is possible every 2 years. The mission to get a starship to mars might become a success in the coming three to five years.

What To Expect In Future?

The world is constantly evolving, and the growth is not significant if we are not growing with it to become better. Tesla’s self-drive system is based on the algorithm and AI. Therefore, the more data Tesla gets, the better the system would become in near future.

Musk intelligently puts in the fact that it is how crucial it is to practice small steps before jumping from the highest peak. Making a mistake on a small scale is a smarter way of saving capital and gradually building things from ground zero. The car industry is hyper-competitive and not monopolies, he said.

Elon Musk is quite confident about the future of his automotive company with the consistent growth in Tesla. SpaceX program, self-drive system, and a multitude of Elon Musk-owned businesses are growing exponentially.

Let’s wait and watch what new updates from Elon Musk would pour in amid the Twitter purchase. We are sure to see some magnificent work in tech and ai from Musk. Comment down below to share your thoughts with us.

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