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2022 Tesla Model 3 Vs Honda Accord Hybrid: 5-Year Ownership Cost

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars available globally and the best-selling model in the Tesla fleet. Keeping and maintaining an electric car requires some effort and money. However, not as much as traditional engine cars or even hybrid vehicles for that matter.

Safe to say, owning an electric car is cheaper than owning any other type of car. But how cheaper still stays a question with many.

A YouTuber with the name Cleanerwatt helps answer the question with a five-year ownership detail on his latest review video. The video is about maintaining Tesla Model 3 and Honda Accord Hybrid for five years and clocking 75,000 miles on them. Let’s break down the math on both model’s cost of ownership.

Model 3 And Honda Accord Hybrid Cost Of Ownership

Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla car one can purchase. Here the comparison is done between the standard range trim and all-wheel drive of the Model 3. Accord Hybrid EX-L and Touring variant are the closest to Model 3 in terms of performance and features.

2022 Tesla Model 3 vs Honda Accord Hybrid: Ownership Cost

Price of Purchase

Clearly, we cannot relate to the older prices of the purchases of these cars. A lot has changed as global supply challenges and rising gas prices are constantly affecting the current prices. Tesla has increased the prices of its cars significantly.

Tesla is charging almost as much as $46,990 for the lowest model of the Model 3. However, the cost to purchase one was as much as $10,000 cheaper than what it is today.

Honda Accord EX-L starts at $38,432, and the other trim Touring costs about $41,500. Moreover, Tesla Model 3 all-wheel-drive costs as much as $55,690.

Tesla Model 3 said costs are without any other inclusions like taxes and fees. You decide to put a new color on your Tesla or do any upgrades would set you back with few another thousand dollars. Delivery cost alone would add about $1,200 to the purchase price.

Charging/Gasoline Cost

Cleanerwatt compares the cost of various factors of maintenance of these cars by calculating yearly costs. So, the per-year cost accounts for 15,000 miles on the respective variant from Tesla and Honda.

As per the available data on energy charging costs, the per annum charging would cost about $550 per year to a Model 3 owner. Honda Accord Hybrid would need about $1,350 to $1,500, as per the current cost of per gallon gasoline.

Tesla Model 3 Vs Accord Hybrid Gas vs Supercharging

Model 3 does a lot better on the per-year cost of energy consumed by both the vehicles have substantial differences.

To explain this further, John in the video turns to the trip planner to calculate the real costs of both variants. Lax to Phoenix is 374 miles, paying about 28 cents every kilowatt-hour charging on Model 3 is way better than 42 cents on Hybrid.

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance cost varies for everyone based on where you take your car for service or if you do most of the things yourself, etcetera. Cleanerwatt uses the data from admins.com for Hybrid five years maintenance cost. He accounts for both cars at $1,200 for a five-year maintenance cost to cover any repairs and incidents.

Tesla Model 3 wiper blades replacements, tire rotation, cabin filter, and service appointments are covered in this cost. However, most of the repairs and incidents would be covered by a comprehensive warranty of Tesla.


Calculating depreciation is probably the most crucial yet complicated factor to calculate between the two makes. According to KellyBlueBook.com, 2017 Tesla Model 3 clocking 75,000 miles would lose about 35 percent of its value. Whereas the 2017 Touring trim would now be worth about 42 percent less in 2022.

The depreciation stats show how promising owning an electric car is in today’s date. Model 3 from Tesla has seen around $10,000 rise in its sticker price. The world is shifting towards energy-efficient and sustainable options. Internal combustion engine or ICE vehicles depreciation value can drastically increase in coming times.


Tesla offers a comprehensive 4-year, 50,000 miles general warranty, and Honda offers a 3-year r 36,000 miles general warranty.

Tesla Model 3 Vs Accord Hybrid Warranty

Total Ownership Cost of Tesla Model 3 and Honda Accord

Model 3 is a very popular and successful EV from Tesla, and Honda too is doing well with the long-going success with Hybrid variants of Accord. If you see the comparison of both makes, comes down to some integral factors.

The cost of owning a Tesla Model 3 RWD is about $10,000 more than the Accord Hybrid EX-L. Moreover, the AWD trim of Model 3 would require you to spend about $14,000 over the Touring variant of the Accord Hybrid. Model 3 still makes up for a lot of the extra thousands spend with other deciding factors.

Charging and gasoline prices are also very important factors as the price of gas is soaring high every year. Tesla Model 3 fairs on the energy consumption cost part. Moreover, if one installs some solar panels too that can help save a way lot more and potentially charge the EV for free.

Following is the total cost of owning these cars based on 75,000 miles run and excluding the initial purchase price of all the models:

  • Model 3 RWD is $38,016 or $0.51 cost per mile.
  • Model 3 AWD is $42,990 of $0.57 cost per mile.
  • Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L is $40,246 or costs $0.54 per mile.
  • Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is $42,772 or $0.57 per mile.

Final Verdict

The final rundown of the cost of owning both cars conclude on the Model 3 to be better among both. Calculating the total cost for Model 3 RWD accounts for $38,016, and AWD trim would cost $42,990 for five-year ownership.

Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L totals up for $40,246, and the Touring trim costs $42,772. Model AWD and Touring still share the total cost for five-year ownership. However, the RWD trim of Model 3 does a lot better than the EX-L variant.

Tesla Model 3 might look like a costly feat upfront but owning one is cheaper than owning Honda Accord Hybrid. Including incentives and state, benefits could definitely add in the favor of Tesla 3.

Comment down below to share your views on both the cars from Tesla and Honda. Which one do you think does better, Model 3 or Honda Accord Hybrid?

Purnima Rathi
Purnima Rathi
Purnima has a strong love for EVs. Whether it's classic cars or modern performance vehicles, she likes to write about anything with four wheels, especially if there's a cool story behind it.


  1. My 2022 Tesla model 3 RWD ownership cost are significantly lower. We pay between 9.5 cents and 14.5 cents per kWh for home charging. We received $750 from California, deducted from our price at delivery. We also received a $500 rebate from our local utility to pay the full cost of our level two home charger. There are huge federal tax credits available when you purchase many other brands. Bottom line, buying an EV is very practical if you pick the right vehicle and have a place to park and charge at home utility rates. If you’re depending on superchargers for all your charging, I would not recommend an EV, at least yet.

    One last point; owning an EV is not just about being practical. They are really enjoyable vehicles to drive and own. We love our Tesla model 3, look for excuses to drive it. You will too, test drive one when you have a chance.

    • My sister just spent $0.48 per kWh at a Supercharger on the way to San Diego. The equation is steadily muddying with Elon’s greed.

      • That is actually more to do with the electric company and time of day! Even at home in So Cal I get ripped off! I pay 42 cents per kWh if get 4 and 9.

    • You are correct and I cannot tell how much it cost to drive a car I love . I have saved so much money and headaches from gas cars dealers fleecing your pockets . I drive my Tesla for pleasure work and it has never failed I did notice charging time on vacation 30 minutes 50 miles left to 350 full tank .
      I hope to buy another soon Tesla is it for me and my wife !

  2. Purnima seems like a Tesla hater or just understands the effectiveness of click bait. At the bottom of this article is “another Tesla on fire”, “how to hack a Tesla” and “person kicks wondow out of burning Tesla” all by the same author.

    • If is the base model tesla they compare to. Then compare it to the base model Honda accord 26k. Otherwise compare the 38k Honda with all suit up model 3 which is 77k

  3. The 22 Tesla 3 is $47k. The Honda EX L is $35k No way the Tesla is cheaper to own over 5 years. Insurance, taxes registration $12K, is a lot of gasoline.

    I like the Tesla and other variants but inflation has jacked EV ownership up. Look for cars with 7.5k federal rebate

    • This is what I am struggling with. Out the door cost for the model 3 right now is closer to 50K, including taxes, shipping, charger, tag title etc. Very difficult to justify that up front now that they’re is no major rebate, and you can get a decent 40-50mpg hybrid for 32-36 (minus some sort of tax rebate). Would love to drive a Tesla though…will keep crunching the numbers

    • That’s ok. The current administration is working on the continued hyperinflation of fuel and food and whatever else they can destroy, in order to push you in the direction of their agenda.

      Gee! gas is $12 a gallon I guess it makes sense to buy an electric.

      But don’t worry you’re manufactured fear of destroying the planet will push you even further.

  4. I know a lot about nothing but everyone I know who owns a Tesla says the insurance is horrific. That said, all these articles that compare EVs to ICEs or Hybrids, they never factor in or consider cost or insurance.

  5. Very interesting read, thanks.
    We now drive 2 EVs, my Kia Niro SUV leased 8/31/2021 and wife’s Tesla Long Range Dual motors in April. The Kia with only 6500 miles is perfect for local driving mostly, averaging 4.3+ miles per kw or range of 275 miles, spec is 4.0 or 256. Highway at 70 mph still averages 4.0.
    My cost at 75,000 approx $2442 at $.14 kw, installed 2 level charger in garage at $1200 less PA $750 and Peco $50, nets $400/ $6 month over 5 yrs. Car has been terrific value, negotiated lease on $46,000 car less $7500 Fed rebate, can get in lease if dealer passes on, plus $2500 dealer incentive, net around $36,000 at $399 for 48 months ZERO down.
    EV has great acceleration, quiet, handles well for SUV, fully equipped, extremely pleased.
    Wife’s Tesla still new to compare costs wise but ordered in Dec, 2022 arrived April, beat the price increase but just under $60k with red and bright wheels added, makes it a very sporty 4door Pleasure to drive, accelerates And handles like a sports car, very comfortable seats and fold down rear offers good storage. With adapter provided, uses same charger so no additional expense. Tesla service…. Wife misjudges curb in early drive, damages tire and some scrape if wheels. Tesla responded within an hour advised car to be picked up at house in 45 minutes, and was returned 2nd morning, new tire, advised of contact to fix scrape if desired, or body shop expense.
    Almost unnoticeable, ALERT, car backs into wife in parking lot, very minor wheel well bump she thinks, passes on insurance offered thinking $100 job, finds out only authorized shops can work on, comes to $5000 claim with $500 our deductible. Our insurance rates increased maybe 10% is all, in suburb of Philadelphia., State Farm.

    The pleasure of driving these vehicles and knowing you are minimizing to a degree, the carbon output versus gas is worth an economic benefit to all.
    PS there is a 100,000 mile cost breakdown on Tesla 3 on line shows much lower overall costs than your assumptions. Will try to locate if you can’t find it.
    Thanks again for forum, hopes this helps others. My sticker “I Pass Gas”. says it all.

  6. No mention of tires? My previous tesla ran through tires at 3 times the rate of my ICE cars. I was paying more for tires alone than all the maintenance of my ICE cars. The EV tires are more expensive also. If you are putting 15000 miles a year on an EV, you are using the more expensive supercharger rates for electricity also. With all the tire rotations, tire replacements, annual brake maintenance, and AC maintenance, it was in the shop way more, and cost alot more than ICE, I had to go back to my gas car. EV’s are not for everyone. Please tell it like it is.

    • “annual brake maintenance”? What’s this? It’s been third year I own an EV and I haven’t even changed brake pads. My previous X5 needed new pads like every season. And new disks every year.

      • I know right, I had my EV for 2 years I paid 35 buck for battery check and tire rotation and 39 for the same service the second year. Tires still good at 22K. So yea, no issues and I paid .18 cent a kwh at home with the electric company EV Rate. So full charge at 10 to 12 bucks a week. So way cheaper than my Acura TLX. Every 6 month I was paying like $120 for oil change and tire rotation and they always try to sneak in other services.. yea EV all the way for me

  7. Our ’18 Accord LX, which was about $26,000, gets 39 mpg in mixed city and highway driving. It’s range on the highway is six hundred miles. Anyone can service it.
    We spent zero installing a level 2 charger in our garage. It’s still on its first set of tires, although they have close to 40 thousand miles on them. How is a Tesla cheaper than this?

    • Do you do the recommended maintenance to maintain your warranty? Did you have your cabin air filter changed? Doesn’t your state require smog tests? You act like there is no cost to owning an ICE vehicle, my MBZ maintenance was quite expensive when I had them. My gas costs were $145/month. After 4 years and 34k miles, my fuel costs have averaged less than $45/month. The only maintenance I had was changing the in cabin air filter. I did replace my tires, but I made a claim with Michelin because they didn’t last the 30k miles that they were rate, so my set of 4 pilot sport summer tires tires ended up costing me $250 (instead of the $1100 retail. It is a long story that I won’t bore you with). No “30k service” like my MBZ had, no brake job, no tune ups, no smog checks, no weekly gas station stops. And I get to leave my house every day with a 270 mile range (and that’s charging to 90%). Plus the Model 3 is a whole lot more fun to drive than a Honda accord hybrid. Plus if my cars been parked in the sun for hours, I can turn on the a/c before I go to backcto the car so it’s not a sauna. The only downside is initial cost, but since I was used to MBZ costs, it wasn’t exorbitant.

  8. So much bull shit on EV cost. I own 2 and most articles don’t tell the truth. Not to mention the model 3 is fun to drive full of tech that others only dream about. Most of my charging is free or off peak at .062 KWH. More bias Bull Shit

  9. As a lover of both of these vehicles these comparisons are always flawed.

    The single biggest part is that neglect insurance which is much more expensive on the Tesla. Next theg tend to use MSRP for a top of the line hybrid Accord. In reality the Accord hybrid is really somewhere around 5-10k cheaper than quoted. Finally they also ignore the time value of the money. You are spending a huge amount up front for the Tesla hoping to make it back over the long term. You can do a lot with the money saved from buying the Accord in the short term.

    Just being real here. The Accord hybrid is cheaper, period. However… The Tesla provides you ALOT more car, and as an overall value proposition still likely comes out ahead. It’s faster, smoother, better for the environment, etc.

  10. First of all, the comparison of a mid-size Accord cannot be compared to a compact Model 3. You also don’t get leather in the Model 3. Much better comfort in the Accord for that trip from LAX to Phoenix. A fair comparison for the Tesla is the Honda Insight EX hybrid which gets over 55 mpg and costs less than $30,000.

    • I totally agree. I have the exact same combo. IMO below I gave the exact reason, from EMI to practical convenience to savings, model 3 failed big time. Also after reading about the research apers my Son & team was doing at his mechanical & aerospace engineering, good lord, we will be filling the earth with fine rubber dust very soon if all the cars on road are EV rubbing the tires like model 3 does. Literally 3x expensive tire & it get’s 1/3rd the life ! It is a total criminal waste & rubber dust pollution that I feel no article is covering it properly or is it they want to cover up ? I don’t know. After careful comparison between Model 3 & Insights for pretty much the same years of ownership, model 3 is going out soon. Fit & Finish as well. Insight is leap & bound better & it didn’t rattle a bit while I get lot of rattling noise. I was very happy initially with model 3 in city driving but when I took it for long & as years passed, it is simply not worth it. If there was no 7,500 fed credit, then the purchase was deemed even bad. that credit offsets a bit still for the price / convenience / environment, these dead weight EVs rubbing tires crazy needs a drawing board to start from there again I guess.

    • I disagree with your idea that the Model 3 is uncomfortable. I find it among the most comfortable car I’ve driven. In fact, it is much more comfortable than my Honda Ridgeline. Driving from SF to Yosemite in the Ridgeline makes my back hurt. I drove to Was state in the Model 3 and had no pain. And the Supercharger cost to Was and back was less than the Yosemite trip in the Ridgeline. Most of us in the US don’t take long drives that often so and EV is very worthwhile. And most of us EV owners charge up at home so the costs (even in the expensive SF Bay Area) are much lower than gas (in 2018, when gas was in the low to mid $2/gal range, I was averaging $145/month in gas. When I switched to the Model 3 my electricity went up by $44/month, for a $100/ month savings. And I only averaged 800 miles a month (the E550 and 350SLK didn’t get the best mileage)).

  11. A fair comparison of these two models might be comparing total cost at 150,000 miles and after you have to replace the battery pack on your EV at a $15,000 cost. Well-maintained Honda engines will go 200,000 miles easy. I love watching the evolution of these EVs The Innovation is fantastic. EVs need another 5 to 8 years of R&D to make them more practical.

    • Battery packs don’t need replacement. I know several Tesla owners with +250 miles on their original battery.

    • Agreed. What is the total cost after 10-15 years, after factoring in cost of battery replacement. Yes, EV’s do eventually need battery replacement.

      • And gas cars need transmission and engine replacements, especially once your hitting the 200k mark. Ive seen articles discussing battery range reduction over 200k miles (10-15% worse case so far) but none discussing battery replacements (on teslas) after “wearing out” the battery because its simply not an issue.

        Some place on the east coast is using them for a taxi service and is supercharging them constantly and they are holding up amazingly.

        I know change is hard and scary. But that’s life. Just looking at EV investments by all the major car companies should clue us all in on where this is going. In a decade EVs will be well past the 50% mark of new cars sold, probably higher. In 2 decades they will account for the majority of *passenger* vehicles on the roads.

  12. I do have a model 3 & Honda insights. both of them about 45k & 38k . model 3 is on the second set of tire which needs another set by this yr safety inspection! All these comparison articles seem to be either lack of information to stupidity at best. they just speak about fuel & maintenance but the worst maintenance is the tire. model 3 tires are high heat rated tires for us weight that costs $1500+ per set while the Honda insights tires is still having almost half tread at 38k miles. when I need to replace it I’ll spend about $600 on a set! when I equated the yearly price model 3 actually seems very exp from downpayment to EMI to hidden maintenance like tires. it is quiet at slow rides but makes whining noise at high speed. after four years we are about to sell model 3. mostly the range anxiety & waste of time for eg my son’s college is 300 mile away. I’ll have to add recharge time before I reach otherwise I’m searching for charging station there instead of spending time with him. the other trip I took insight & I just went to his place & he showed his labs & cars he was working on & had a great time without worrying about recharging & all for the entire day & started back at my convenience & no time waste in less than 4 hr I was back in home. also I don’t remember how many times I left my garage open forgetting that I left the model 3 in charge lol. for these hidden exp & inconvenience model 3 didn’t fit our needs & it’s going out soon.

    • You can drive 300 miles in 4 hours? And without a stop? Must be nice not having highway patrol where you drive.

      • 75mph is not a crazy speed. Avg hwy speed limit in US is 70mph. There are many interstates with 75 or 80 mph speed limits. 300 miles in 4 hours is 75 miles driven per hour.

    • Why would you be surprised? If you are native then land of america belongs to you. Rest of Americans are just immigrants.

  13. What happens when you have to pay $10,000 to replace the battery and then throw the old battery in a landfill? Also the electricity EVs use is exactly clean, often coming from nuclear or coal fired plants. I agree we will get there some day but the cost and convenience is not there yet.

      • Making the battery is also a polluting process and recycling is the worst of it. Also, only 40% of the dead battery can be recycled and the remaining are landfill only. Please look at the battery recycle process to see how they have to cut them, separate the metals out & shred/burn/melt & recycle to make a fresh battery. Gartner reports how much polluting that is. No one ever talks about those pollution from end to end. Like I said after reading the research papers these engineering kids did at my Son’s college, EV is not what we think as clean. Also it costs more than $20k for a model 3 battery. One of my friend who bought the model 3 with me got his car totaled for the fact his battery door rubbed the gravel rough road in the camp ground & the car stopped. After investigation, the insurance company totaled it saying 60% of the car price is battery. So it is not worth fixing a $55k car with $33k battery and they totaled it. Then I realized plenty of Tesla’s are on insurance lot for auction that are damaged this way.

      • Actually the impact is high on recycled lithium. Go look up the process, the “green” factor of this recycling is anything but. It is done for feel good factor and that the lithium mines only produce so much product.

    • Battery packs don’t need replacement. I know several Tesla owners with +250 miles on their original battery

  14. My Model 3 is even cheaper than the Honda because I charge at home. Also, there was no mention of the cost of the time spent at the dealership for oil changes, breaks and all the other services an ICE vehicle needs. And did I mention, I can sell my model 3 for $10,000 – $15,000 more than I paid for it!! Go Tesla. All the auto manufacturers wouldn’t be copying them if they weren’t so good.

    • Good for you. My experience is the other way. one fine day my model 3 refused to respond. Service call, tech showed up & figured out it to be a wiring connector meltdown. He took 3 weeks to fix that! after about 7 months, I was pulled over for the left tail light not working & no warning on the display that it is malfunctioning! Service call & guess what? they took another 4 weeks to fix it. My Honda Insight oil change was once every 7k miles abt 10 min appointment each. done it thrice a yr on the way back home. Regarding brake pads/rotors both model 3 & Honda needs similar fix and in fact Tesla app & wait time sucks to be honest. With respect to resale, all cars are up over the purchase price but the model 3 holds a bit more value for the fact not many on road and not many are for resale. Other auto makers are forced to make EV by Govt policy. There is a clause that states other competing auto makers have to make competing vehicles with respect to pollution or they have to pay penalty in the name of regulatory credits. Tesla used no tail pipe clause and other auto makers have to pay Tesla. Instead of wasting money, they all started making EV one or two models until they get their own fuel cells ready for prime time. This way Tesla showed profit in yr 2020 & 2021 and not by selling their own cars.

  15. I’m someone that loves the sound of an engine, that likes tuning a vehicle, I currently own an Elantra N, and sure a Tesla is faster, but the silence kills me, nothing sounds more beautiful that the roar coming from the exhaust!

  16. Didn’t seem to be a comparison of apples to apples!!
    Also gas is now around $4.35 which is still high. But really $5 Gas is ficticious as Joe Biden caused that eith his”WAR ON FOSSIL FUEL” !!!
    THIS WILL INCREASE YOUR FUEL USE AND thenpeople who brought up tire replacement, which wasnypt figured in to the equation????
    Saw 2 comparisons of a Volvo and a Hyundi. Noth were same models but one was EV other ICE.
    If i wanted to drive my wife’s VACUUM CLEANER WE WOULD OF BOUGHT A BIGGER MODEL…
    JUST MY TAKE ON EV’S….••••••

  17. I’ll take a Honda any day. I wouldn’t invest in a fully electric vehicle this early in their arrival. Need to be proven. Plus the electrical grid is already overloaded!

  18. Use of the Accords Regen paddles increased my avg to 57.2mpg and I can achieve 61mpg on a tank around town.
    I drive from Tampa to Charlotte or Atlanta or New Orleans for work non-stop. EV recharge would be at least 4 stops at $.55 not $.14.
    Two new sets of Bridgestones in 16 months at 40% more and a Tesla would be double the cost of ownership for me.

    • So you drive 500 miles each way daily? Sounds like a horrible life. EVs are not for everybody. But most Americans average less than 50 miles a day, which is fine for the vast majority of EVs on the road.

  19. Insurance is 30% lower for the Model 3. Furthermore the Honda Accord has a number of quality issues. Dirt in the paint is a big one, followed by instrument panel gremlins, and rear stability. The Marysville, Ohio assembly plant is very old and looks like a factory from the 1980’s, because it is. Good people there, but the Accord is no longer the top vehicle in the segment.

  20. No love or hate EVs. Just to mention insurance should be a big part of the cost but not included in this analysis. Normally it costs lots of more for EVs.

  21. When I switched my insurance went down. Now I did go from a MBZ which costs more than a Honda. And we all know that insurance is based on the value of the vehicle. But you also shouldn’t be comparing a Model 3 to a Honda, they aren’t comparable cars. Most seem to like comparing them to a performance vehicle as a comparable value. To use an insight or accord hybrid isn’t right. I never see anyone compare a MBZ E class or BMW to an Accord, so why is it that the Model 3 is compared to that? If you want a fair comparison the the insight or Accord, try the Prius.

  22. So much fluffing on Tesla side.This is 5years ownership and they took price of cars from 5 years ago. But decided to calculate fuel economy based on today’s high $5+ gas prices.

    Gas prices include taxes, but for EV they are included in annual registrations, no mention of that.

    Insurance is hit or miss, but generally still higher on Tesla.
    Tesla goes through pricey tires like crazy, yet it is considered low maintenance cost. Overall any repair is pricier with Tesla.

    The list goes on

  23. If we take your numbers at face value and work with them, just add the purchase price to the cost of ownership on the Touring Honda vs Tesla Dual. You will find out that after 5 years 75k miles, you’re still ahead $14,408 on the Honda deal. That last, all telling calculation seems to be missing from your presentation, why? …and, we’re not thinking of the scores of hard-working Americans that could possibly afford the Honda with some hardship but could definitely not afford the Tesla…
    It seems EV-s are still having to cover some extra ground to catch up to the ICE-s.
    And when they do and take over we’ll have a different environmental nightmare: dead batteries filling up our landfills, unless we find ways to recycle those components, which we didn’t so far.

  24. Teslas generally don’t require a battery replacement (to get to or beyond the typical lifetime distance for an ICE car). You are thinking the Nissan Leaf, where that was true. There is a slight gradual reduction in range (like 10-15 percent over 200k miles) but nothing that isn’t comparable to the performance decline or an ICE car.

  25. For all those talking about the price of insurance, in March of 2019, I traded in a 2017 Honda Ridgeline for my 2019 Tesla Model 3 LR. There was no difference in insurance premiums. I’m insured in Virginia.

  26. Why do you guys compare a model 3 with an accord? For the interior space (not cargo space), it’s close to a civic, isn’t it?

    Also, people who buy EVs plan to charge at home. I pay 11 cents per kW (let’s assume 15 cents after all the taxes, fees etc), and my ioniq 5 gives more than 3 miles per kW. Meaning, 5 cents per mile.

    If I have to charge at electrify america, it’s 43 cents per kW regular price and 34 cents per kW if I take their $4 per month membership. Also, I got 2 years of free charging with EA.

    Also, for someone who mentioned “how much you got paid for by Tesla for this post”, this post looks more like paid by Exxon or shell.

    I’m blocking this website from my feed. How stupid are these articles.

  27. One factor not considered here is all the commercial office buildings and apartments that provide free charging for tenants. I get 6 hours a day at my office and my husband gets 5 hours a day at his. We used to get free unlimited charging at our old apartment tower here in LA. We saved so much we just bought a condo. Never the less, over the past 3 years we’ve spent less $500 in total charging costs and only visited gas stations for bottled water and wiper fluid. Hopefully, if this new compromise bill passes the Senate, you’ll be able to get $7,500 in Federal subsidies at the point of sale on a new Tesla, starting January 1st.

    And btw, Accord drivers, just stop. You have no chance of getting in front of me. Even the slowest Tesla RWD model accelerates faster than a motorcycle. Just save your gas and your dignity get behind me. It’s embarrassing, really.

  28. Lets talk about the 40% more energy used to create a Tesla over the Honda so which one is really better for the enviroment.

  29. A few items missing from this TCO.
    1) Charging time, to apples to apples the honda wild have to park at the gas station for around 10hrs a week.
    2)Insurance without aftermarket parts for repairs drives very high Insurance prices. Even minor accidents require factory parts (assuming you can even get them)
    3) Convenience, how many chargers? Where are they?
    4) The model 3 after 5 years has what 75% battery range? The Civics gas tank hasn’t shrunk
    5) Repairs, just where do you get it fixed? There are 6. Honda dealers within 15 miles of my home, and if I am on a road trip, almost ANY mechanic can work on it and order parts. Tesla? Where do they go… to a hotel that’s where and call a flatbed to tow your EV 150 to 400 miles.
    6) Tires, all the EVs use lower rolling effort, less tred tires. Replacement from EV owners is in the 25k max range.
    7) Resale now is high because of the limited number of EV options available. That dynamic is quickly changing. Expect similar or More capital loss in the future.
    8)For City Commuters that have access to home chargers or at work, or very low use daily drivers maybe they make sense, the rest of us out here, not so much

  30. “The cost of owning a Tesla Model 3 RWD is about $10,000 more than the Accord Hybrid EX-L”

    I think this is a typo, right? I think you guys meant a tesla COSTS more to buy? Otherwise this whole article flawed.


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