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CarMax Offers Only $76K for a $100K Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck has been the subject of a unique valuation experiment. A recent appraisal by CarMax, a well-known used car buyer and seller in the United States, has sparked discussions and raised eyebrows in the electric vehicle community. This story involves a Tesla Cybertruck, initially purchased for just over $100,000, being appraised by CarMax for a significantly lower offer of $76,000.

This valuation journey offers a glimpse into the current market dynamics surrounding one of the most talked-about vehicles in recent times.

Tesla Cybertruck CarMax

Tesla Cybertruck Valuation Experiment

The experiment was conducted by the YouTube channel “What’s Inside? Family,” known for their curiosity-driven content. The channel decided to take a Tesla Cybertruck to CarMax to find out how much the company would offer for the electric truck. This Cybertruck, wrapped in green and with around 3,000 miles on the odometer, is not owned by the channel but was used for the purpose of this experiment.

The intrigue around this appraisal was heightened by the fact that the Cybertruck is a rare and unusual electric vehicle, with less than 600 units believed to be in circulation at the time.

CarMax’s Offer

CarMax’s offer of $76,000 for a vehicle that cost just over $100,000 new has led to discussions about the depreciation of high-demand electric vehicles. This offer is particularly interesting given the Cybertruck’s rarity and the high interest in the secondary market. For instance, there have been reports of individuals willing to pay $125,000 or more for a Cybertruck, significantly over its MSRP, highlighting the discrepancy between CarMax’s appraisal and potential private sale values.

The valuation sheds light on the complex dynamics of the electric vehicle market, especially for models with high consumer interest but limited availability. The Cybertruck’s valuation by CarMax could be seen as a conservative approach in a fluctuating market, where the demand and novelty of electric vehicles like the Cybertruck can lead to varied perceptions of value. It also underscores the reality of vehicle depreciation, a factor that potential buyers must consider, regardless of the vehicle’s initial hype or exclusivity.

The reaction to CarMax’s appraisal has been mixed, with some expressing surprise at the low offer and others considering it a reflection of the realistic market value for a used electric vehicle, even one as coveted as the Cybertruck. This scenario also prompts speculation about the future resale value of electric vehicles as they become more common and as the initial hype fades.


The CarMax appraisal of the Tesla Cybertruck serves as a fascinating case study in the valuation of electric vehicles in today’s market. It highlights the challenges in determining the resale value of highly sought-after vehicles and reflects broader trends in the electric vehicle industry. As the market for electric vehicles continues to evolve, the resale values of these vehicles will be an interesting area to watch, especially for models like the Tesla Cybertruck that break the mold in terms of design and consumer expectation

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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