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Belgian Man’s Lawsuit Yields €158,600 Victory, Tesla Model S P100D Fully Refunded

For four long years, a determined man waged a battle against a renowned car manufacturer, tirelessly advocating for his rights as one defect after another plagued his vehicle.

But, looks like Tesla got a shocking jolt from the Antwerp Court of Appeal!

The electric car manufacturer has been slapped with an order to reimburse a Belgian man a hefty €158,600 for his faulty Model S P100D.

It seems this four-year legal battle finally reached a charged resolution, with the court shockingly ruling in the man’s favor. Looks like Tesla’s high-voltage reputation took a hit in this shocking courtroom showdown.

Let’s hope they’ll zap those quality issues and keep their electric dreams running smoothly in the future!

This story highlights the importance of consumer rights and the need to hold companies accountable, even when they try to impede the process. Here’s what we know!

Belgian Man's Lawsuit Yields €158,600 Victory, Tesla Model S P100D Fully Refunded
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What Happened?

In a recent development, a Belgian resident has won a cash settlement of 158,600 euros ($174,000) from Tesla. The settlement came after the individual experienced numerous quality issues with their Tesla Model S P100D, a car they bought four years ago.

The Tesla owner shared a harrowing account of the unfortunate events that unfolded with his new Tesla Model S right from day one. As defects continued to plague his vehicle, the frustrated owner reached an agreement with the garage that promised to take back the car if further issues arose. However, this agreement never materialized, leading the owner to take legal action in 2019.

The Antwerp Court of Appeal, as reported by Belgian media, confirmed the existence of significant problems that affected both the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

For a grueling four-year period, the Belgian man tirelessly fought against the famous car manufacturer due to a constant stream of issues with his Tesla.

Now, the Court of Appeal in Antwerp has agreed with him, stating that there are significant problems with the car’s comfort and safety. Moreover, the court found evidence that the company obstructed the investigation.

Tesla Lawsuit On Autopilot & OTA Updates

This is not the first time something of this sort has happened with Tesla or Elon Musk for that matter. Tesla is always in the limelight for all the good as well as bad reasons.

If you look back at this still-young automaker company’s legal battles, the sheer amount of cases is enough to explain Tesla’s popularity.

Upon conducting a thorough investigation, experts investigating the lawsuit discovered multiple flaws in the car’s sensors, rendering the automatic parking function useless.

The tailgate experienced difficulties in locking properly, and the car would unexpectedly brake without any apparent reason. Additionally, the display would intermittently malfunction, and the charging port would refuse to open.

According to reliable sources, the appeals court expressed deep concern over Tesla’s lack of cooperation during the investigation process. The court revealed that the company had withheld crucial data about the car from the appointed expert. Also, log files provided by Tesla from the United States contained alternative information, suggesting a possible attempt to conceal errors.

In a separate incident, a group of Model S and Model X owners took a significant step by filing a proposed class-action lawsuit against Tesla in California. The owners claim that over-the-air software updates, intended to enhance the vehicles’ functionality, have instead resulted in a decrease in their vehicles’ range.

Even more concerning, some owners allege that these updates have led to complete battery failures. This lawsuit highlights the growing frustration among Tesla owners who expected software updates to improve their driving experience, only to encounter unexpected and detrimental consequences.

The outcome of such legal actions could have far-reaching implications for Tesla and its responsibility toward its customers’ vehicle performance and satisfaction.

What To Expect In The Future?

As Tesla approached the beginning of 2023, it appeared to be confronted by a series of formidable challenges. The company faced a wave of layoffs, a loss of momentum in the crucial Chinese market, increased scrutiny surrounding its Autopilot driver assistance software, and CEO Elon Musk’s controversial use of Twitter resulting in both financial losses and reputational damage.

The much-anticipated releases of Tesla’s Cybertruck and Roadster models seemed to be perpetually delayed, leaving customers and investors in anticipation.

While Tesla has demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity over the years, these recent lawsuits and ongoing problems are likely to present additional hurdles for the company to overcome.

Despite its remarkable journey from a disruptive startup to the world’s most valuable car company, Tesla finds itself grappling with a set of challenges that may require careful navigation and resolution.

The unfolding events have raised serious questions regarding Tesla’s transparency and accountability. This blog post delves into the Tesla owner’s journey, shedding light on the defects he encountered and the subsequent legal battle, while emphasizing the significance of a company’s willingness to cooperate and ensure customer satisfaction and safety.


In conclusion, the recent lawsuits and quality issues surrounding Tesla underscore the importance of consumer rights and holding companies accountable for their products. The case of the Belgian resident winning a cash settlement highlights the perseverance and determination of individuals seeking justice.

The allegations regarding over-the-air software updates causing range decreases and battery failures reveal the potential consequences of technological advancements. This is why we always say, Tesla should be doing at least something on its PR front. (Which is still absent)

As Tesla faces a multitude of challenges, including layoffs, market setbacks, and delayed EV releases, the company must prioritize transparency, cooperation, and resolving customer concerns. Moving forward, Tesla’s ability to navigate these obstacles and maintain its position as a leading automaker will depend on its responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction and safety.

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